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Week 8

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Week 8 Chick’s Picks NFL 2019

Week 8
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Welcome back to another week of Chick’s Picks! Last week, I went 9-5 for the week. Not bad, but we can do better. I look to finally go perfect this week with some easy picks in week 8. Let’s get into it!

Redskins @ Vikings

The Washington Redskins (1-6) are being hosted by the Minnesota Vikings (5-2) in the week 8 Thursday Night Football game. It’s a shame that they are showing a blowout on the Thursday night game. The Washington Redskins are bad, there is just no other way to put it. Other than the bright spot that is Terry McLaurin, that team really has nothing else to show for. Compared to the talent that the Vikings have in Dalvin Cook and Stefon Diggs (Adam Thielen is out this week, the Redskins cannot compare. The Vikings go 6-2 in the short week and enjoy the extra days off the easy win.

Final Prediction: Minnesota Vikings 31, Washington Redskins 6

Broncos @ Colts

The Indianapolis Colts (4-2) are hosting the Denver Broncos (2-5) this week. Just when you thought Denver had it all figured out after winning two straight games against the Chargers and the Titans, you’d figured they would come out with some intensity against the Chiefs. NOPE, they gave up, they said two wins was enough and quit. Joe Flacco is nowhere close to what Denver fans thought he would be. They traded Emmanuel Sanders to the 49ers this week and probably will be selling a lot more at the deadline. The Broncos are in tank mode. The Indianapolis Colts are silently very good. Yes, their two losses are against the Raiders and the Chargers. BUT their wins are more impressive which include the Texans and the Chiefs in back to back weeks. This team shouldn’t be taken lightly but they’ll probably blowout the Broncos in this one.

Final Prediction: Indianapolis Colts 30, Denver Broncos 10

Buccaneers @ Titans

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4) are traveling to Tennessee to take on the Titans (3-4) in this matchup. This has contention to be the *yawn* Snooze…ZzZzZzZzZz…fest of the week. Technically it is since our Monday Night Football game is worse but still showing so. Want my honest opinion? Well obviously if you’re reading this. I don’t know who’s winning this one. These teams are so incredibly inconsistent it just infuriates me because I want to be right in my picks and I never get theirs right. Mariota is benched and Tannehill is starting, Derrick Henry has been running well but Tampa Bay does well against RBs. Winston has the WRs to do well in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin’s, but he’s as much as a bust as Mariota. Sigh, fuck it, let’s just go with the Buccaneers but I wouldn’t bet on this game if my life depended on it, just shoot me if that happens.

Final Prediction: Tampa Buccaneers 23, Tennessee Titans 20 I GUESS

Cardinals @ Saints

The Arizona Cardinals (3-3-1) are being hosted by the New Orleans Saints (6-1) in this week 8 NFC matchup. Sigh, another week where I want to pick the Saints but Dan Louis doesn’t want me to since I am seemingly their good luck charm. The Cardinals are playing better and their future is bright. David Johnson is surprisingly be used less, while Chase Edmonds (WHO?!) is taking over for him. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, they play the juggernaut that is the Saints. Not only has Teddy Bridgewater exceeded expectations of everyone in the league, but he’s what 5-0 so far? That is crazy. I think the Saints would win this with Teddy Bridgewater, but it just so happens that Drew Brees may come back this week. Either way, the Saints should handle this easily, BUT per request, I will choose the Cardinals and sacrifice a win once again.

Final Prediction: Arizona Cardinals 24, New Orleans Saints 23

Bengals @ Rams

The Los Angeles Rams (4-3) are hosting the Cincinnati Bengals (0-7) this week. As you can tell, there’s a trend of not too many good games this week in terms of competitiveness. Andy Dalton has been one of the few bright spots surprisingly on the Bengals and isn’t scared of anyone. Their defense is atrocious and there is still a missing person report on Joe Mixon. They’ve been competitive in 5 games this season despite their 7 losses. But being competitive doesn’t win games, and they won’t win this game. The Rams should handle this easily by having Todd Gurley, their trio of WRs in Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, and Brandin Cooks. While also taking away their best WR by putting Jalen Ramsey on him. The Bengals don’t have the talent to be relevant in this one.

Final Prediction: Los Angeles Rams 34, Cincinnati Bengals 17

Jets @ Jaguars

The New York Jets (1-5) are traveling to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars (3-4) in this week’s matchup. Don’t let the records fool you, this is going to be a great game. Sam Darnold is back and makes the Jets 100x better. I don’t care what you saw on Monday night, Sam Darnold is way better than you think. The Jets have no weapons other than Le’Veon Bell, but that was enough to beat the Cowboys. The Jaguars aren’t bad, they’re just not that good. Minshew Mania has run out for now and it saddens me is that he is an iconic player. The Jaguars offense seems to be doing better when Fournette wants to play, but it’s entirely up to him. This game will be a close one, I want to take the Jets, but I will be safe picking the Jaguars.

Final Prediction: Jacksonville Jaguars 26, New York Jets 20

Giants @ Lions

The Detroit Lions (2-3-1) are hosting the New York Giants (2-5) in this week 8 AFC game. New York has had the potential to be good and has been some games, then they just don’t play well. That was the case last week. Daniel “Danny Dimes” Jones is proving that he is a capable NFL QB lately as a rookie. I thought he would be better with generational talent like Saquon Barkley coming back, but that didn’t seem to be the case. Meanwhile, the Lions have had a couple rough games lately. They got robbed against the Packers and had bad night against the Vikings. I think this is their game to bounce back with their passing attack led by Matt Stafford. They can throw all over this defense and is their game to lose.

Final Prediction: Detroit Lions 27, New York Giants 20

Chargers @ Bears

The Los Angeles Chargers (2-5) are being hosted by the Chicago Bears (3-3) in this matchup. The Los Angeles Chargers have been dealing with injuries all year to many key players on their team. BUT, that doesn’t excuse the lack of production on offense they have had. For crying out loud, they have Melvin Gordon, Austin Ekeler, and Keenan Allen, while getting back Hunter Henry. THERE’S NO EXCUSE. This team should be able to score on anyone and they just haven’t. If they haven’t figured it out by now, I doubt they will against the great defense that is the Chicago Bears. Like the Chargers, the Bears offense stinks, mostly because of Mitch Trubisky. The guy is just terrible and shouldn’t even be starting. He single-handily ruins the Bears offense. I’m just going to take the Charges in this one and hope they can just score enough points to win, I have no faith in Trubisky.

Final Prediction: Los Angeles Chargers 17, Chicago Bears 16

Eagles @ Bills

The Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) are traveling to Buffalo to take on the Bills (5-1) in this matchup. The Eagles were embarrassing last week, I’ll say it. The worst of it all was their secondary, God, I’m not sure they could guard High Schoolers at this point. Luckily for them, Josh Allen is just average at best at QB and the only relevant WR the Bills have is John Brown. The Eagles front 7 is solid. If the front 7 does their job and they can handle John Brown, they have a good shot of winning defensively. The Bills defense is solid too though. Carson Wentz needs help, I’ve never heard of a good QB without at lease some help on offense. I mean other than Ertz, no one is really dependable for the Eagles offense, not even Miles Sanders. Carson Wentz will have his hands full with the Bills defense. If the Eagles want to have a good shot winning, their defense needs to pull its head out of its ass and do something. Wentz can do the rest.

Final Prediction: Philadelphia Eagles 24, Buffalo Bills 20

Seahawks @ Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons (1-6) are hosting the Seattle Seahawks (5-2) in this matchup. The Falcons are bad, there is no other way around it. They just traded their WR Mohammed Sanu to the Patriots, ultimately admitted defeat for the year. The defense is really the issue, it couldn’t guard a middle school team at the moment. Dan Quinn needs to be fired if that isn’t evident already. Until that happens, the defense doesn’t get better, which in turn, the Falcons do not get better. The Seahawks didn’t look good last week against the Ravens. More specifically, the defense. Russell Wilson is an MVP candidate and you know what he brings to the table every game, the defense just needs to do their part. The Falcons are going to pass this entire game, if the Seahawks can handle that, it should be an easy win.

Final Prediction: Seattle Seahawks 30, Atlanta Falcons 21

Panthers @ 49ers

The Carolina Panthers (4-2) are being hosted by the San Francisco 49ers (6-0) in this week 8 NFC matchup. The Panthers simply look better with Kyle Allen at QB than Cam Newton. This isn’t a knock on Cam, it is just facts. Christian McCaffrey, an MVP candidate, brings his talent and versatility to every game. He is almost completely unguardable and the best you can do is limit him. The 49ers are looking great obviously, given that they are 6-0. Their defense is what is most impressive. The 49ers just traded for Emmanuel Sanders to have a true number 1 WR for Jimmy Garoppolo. This game will be a doozy, and as good as the 49ers are, they’ll have to lose one sooner or later. Given that the Panthers are coming off a bye and haven’t had to deal with a problem like CMC, I’m going to pick them in this upset. Prove me wrong 49ers.

Final Prediction: Carolina Panthers 24, San Francisco 21

Browns @ Patriots

The Cleveland Browns (2-4) are traveling to New England to take on the Patriots (7-0) in this matchup. The Browns make it impossible to root for, after years of sucking, their roster makes it seems like they’ll have a good year and to root for. BUT NOOOOOOO, the Browns just have to suck again. I don’t know why either, I am sure there are a plethora of reasons, but it all annoys me. You have the talent to get it done, do it. Speaking of getting it done, that hasn’t been a problem for the Patriots and their suspiciously easy schedule. (Seriously, look at their entire schedule, WTF right?). They’ve handled every team convincingly so far, this game shouldn’t be a problem for them as their defense is one of the best in the league, one that makes you see ghosts, and their offense has way too many weapons to defend. God, it would be the most Browns thing ever if they somehow beat the Patriots, but it won’t happen. Could you imagine though?

Final Prediction: New England Patriots 28, Cleveland Browns 17

Raiders @ Texans

The Houston Texans (4-3) are hosting the Oakland Raiders (3-3) in this week 8 AFC matchup. Sigh Raiders, we already knew that Aaron Rodgers was good, you didn’t need to make him out to look like a God. The Raiders secondary is bad, but it looked so much worse when Aaron Rodgers was practically throwing in his sleep. Deshaun Watson will be looking to have that kind of game against this porous secondary. Look for DeAndre Hopkins to have himself a GAME. The Raiders offense has been and will continue to run through Josh Jacobs and Darren Waller. Darren Waller, if you don’t know who he is, is the best TE you’ve never heard of. He’s having a career year with the Raiders in Jon Gruden’s offense. Essentially, if the Texans, or any other team for that matter, shut them down, the Raiders offense is hopeless. Defense wins games, and the Raiders don’t have won, I think the Texans win this one.

Final Prediction: Houston Texans 31, Oakland Raiders 24

Packers @ Chiefs

The Green Bay Packers (6-1) are being hosted by the Kansas City Chiefs (5-2) in our week 8 Sunday Night Football game. This had so much potential to be the game of the year before Patrick Mahomes got injured last week. An Aaron Rodgers vs Patrick Mahomes matchup would be to die for. But alas, Mahomes, one of the most talented QBs in the NFL, is injured and we will have to wait for another opportunity like this. The Packers might be the luckiest team in the NFL after the refs gave them the game against the Lions and now Patrick Mahomes is out? How convenient. The Packers are going to shred this offense up, while the Chiefs are putting their faith in Matt Moore. Despite the weapons on the Chiefs offense, you just can’t expect Matt Moore to get the job done against the Packers.

Final Prediction: Green Bay Packers 30, Kansas City Chiefs 20

Dolphins @ Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4) are hosting the Miami Dolphins (0-6) in our week 8 Monday Night Football matchup. God, I hate this game for primetime, it’s not necessarily the Steelers, just the dolphins, they’re just so bad and cringe to watch. The Steelers’ defense has been playing better and will continue to do that against the Dolphins. Their offense is still finding their groove but it gets better every week, but I don’t think Mason Rudolph is the long-term answer. They should build on that confidence with the Dolphins. My analysis on the Dolphins: they suck and they are not worth my typing. That’s my analysis. Seriously though, Pelicans and Warriors, and Hornets & Clippers are on NBA TV Monday night if you have it. It might be better than watching this.

Final Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Miami Dolphins 6

Teams on Bye

The Dallas Cowboys head into the bye in week 8 at (4-3) with their dicks out and cigars in mouth after thrashing the Eagles Sunday Night. They feel pretty good about themselves and face the New York Giants next week. They should be able to take it easy and prepare to be 5-3 after they win next week.

The Baltimore Ravens head into the bye in week 8 at 5-2 and in the clear lead for the AFC North title. They beat the Seahawks pretty convincingly last week, but they can’t rest as they have to face the Patriots next week. The more they prepare the better. They can afford to lose a couple of games and still win the AFC North title so no worries for them.


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