Dalvin Cook
Dalvin Cook will lead the league in rushing yards this season (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

What’s the smell? Boy, the predictions are getting cooking. Don Chach likes the Jags to make the playoffs. I actually agree with his take too. That got me thinking. What are my bold predictions for the upcoming season? I like the Bears, Rams, and Cowboys to miss the playoffs. I like San Francisco to win the NFC West. The Jets sneak into the playoffs. Baltimore falls apart. Jameis Winston leads the league in passing yards. Those are just some. The prediction I feel most confident in is Vikings running back, Dalvin Cook. There’s no better cook in the kitchen than Dalvin. He’s going to lead the league in rushing yards.

I already put some cheddar on this one at 15-1 odds. I love my chances. First, let’s narrow the competition. Although Ezekiel Elliott did get paid, I think maybe they limit his touches early in the season because of how much camp he missed. Saquon Barkley likes running backwards too much. He will never win a rushing title. Especially in that god awful offense. I love Nick Chubb but what happens to his volume when Kareem Hunt returns? Todd Gurley has major knee issues. James Conner is a stud but Pittsburgh seems more willing to go with a committee after drafting Benny Snell and Jaylen Samuels in back to back years. Kerryon Johnson plays for the Lions. They will be trailing in too many games. Come talk to me when Leonard Fournette actually averages 4 yards a carry.

Just like that, we whipped out the major competition. All of those guys have major questions. Dalvin Cook has one question mark… health. That’s it. I’m going to bet that Cook doesn’t get hurt for a third year in a row. Hey, maybe it’s crazy. I just like the odds. Two years ago, Cook tore his ACL. Last year he struggled rehabbing it. 2019 is the year of Dalvin Cook. He’s ready to take names and eat ass. Cook, 24, is in his prime and ready to carry this team ion his back.

Cook has a lot working for him this year. Minnesota upgraded the offensive line with Garrett Bradbury in the first round. The playcallers are new. Kevin Stefanski now has the aid of Gary Kubiak who has been a wizard for running backs in the past. If Kubiak can make Steve Slaton a Pro Bowler, imagine what he can do with a guy that actually has talent. The zone running scheme that Kubiak has never not helped someone. The plan in Minnesota is clearly runoriented. They want to take pressure off Kirk Cousins. This is also a legit defense. They’re going to be competitive in every game. Talent plus opportunity plus great environments creates success.

Did I mention that Cook is really fucking good at football. He doesn’t need much help. Now he has it. Cook averaged 4.8 yards per carry as a rookie. Flat out absurd number. He then averaged 4.6 yards per carry in a season where he clearly wasn’t 100 percent. That might be more amazing. The talent is off the charts. He might be the most talented running back in the league. I’m not joking.

Dalvin Cook is going to lead the league in rushing… IF he stays healthy. Give me all the Dalvin Cook stock. A star running back in a Kubiak offense is enough to make me faint. It’s going to be a fun fantasy football season.