Patrick Mahomes
(David Eulitt/Getty Images)

If you’re still denying it now, you’re delusional. Patrick Mahomes is the most talented QB in the NFL. Notice I didn’t say he’s the best QB but the most talented. Peyton Manning wasn’t all that talented of a QB, he wasn’t agile, lacked supreme arm strength, BUT he was the smartest QB ever which makes him one of the best. The Kansas City Chiefs are incredibly lucky to have him and if you don’t believe me that Mahomes is the most talented, allow me to explain further.

Patrick Mahomes Stats

Stats are always going to be a vital part of any argument involving talent. Last season, as you should know, He had 5,097 yards, FIFTY TDs, and only 12 INTs. This includes 2,500 air yards, yards made by Mahomes himself by the throw, not including the yards after the catch. That’s crazy impressive. As if last season wasn’t enough, he already has an impressive start to what should be, another stupendous season. He already has 800 yards and 7 TDs with no INTs thus far. At this rate, Mahomes would surpass 6,000 yards easy and have 56 TDs. If he ever passes 6,000 passing yards in a season, a feat that NO QB has ever done, then it isn’t even an argument anymore. He’s going to go down as one of the best QBs of all -time, it’s not even a question.

I will be fair though, Mahomes wouldn’t be as successful as he is without the offensive genius that is Andy Reid. Nor without his impressive receiving talents such as Travis Kelce and speed like Desean Jackson, in Tyreek Hill. But to say because he has these options makes him not the most talented is idiotic. Mahomes has the opportunity to become the greatest QB of all-time. YEAH, I SAID WHAT I SAID. Patrick Mahomes is the most talented QB I’ve ever seen, and more than likely that is the case for you too. Don’t deny it anymore, jump on the Mahomes train now. Put some RESPECT on my man’s name.