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Mitch Trubisky Deshaun Watson

(David J Phillip/AP)

The Bears Are Paying The Consequences For Drafting Mitch Trubisky Over Deshaun Watson

Mitch Trubisky Deshaun Watson
It was at this moment when you knew Deshaun Watson was coming for that ass. The Bears are paying the consequences for drafting Mitch Trubisky over Deshaun Watson. (David J Phillip/AP)

The Chicago Bears are being mocked by the rest of the NFL for drafting Mitch Trubisky over Deshaun Watson. If you have been following me for while, then you already know what my predraft rankings were in 2017. Deshaun Watson was the top quarterback on my board. I had Mitch Trubisky was graded out as a 6th round prospect. Yes, a 6th round prospect. It was tough to find anything to like about him. Just watching him throw the ball at the combine was painful.

The Chicago Bears are wasting the best defense in football because Mitch Trubisky isn’t just worse than Deshaun Watson. Mitch Trubisky is a total bust (just like I thought he would be) and likely will be out of the league before you know it. Ryan Pace should lose his job for drafting Trubisky with the 2nd overall pick in the 2017. It was an egregious decision at the time and still looks like a horrendous decision now.

Deshaun Watson is the man. Dabo Sweeney called him Michael Jordan at Clemson. You were a fool if you didn’t listen. I’m not the only one that told you that Mitch Trubisky was far inferior compared to Deshaun Watson. The former Clemson signal caller had a very interesting quote that needs to be revisited. It’s clear, the Bears are living with the consequences of passing on Deshaun Watson.

Watson had these comments prior to the 2017 NFL Draft:

“You’re gonna have to live with the consequences that come with it. That’s how I see it,” Watson said. “I try to stay in my lane. I try not to take the path. I respect Mitch and what he’s done and all the hype he’s getting, but at the same time, my result speaks for itself. I feel like I’ve accomplished everything that I could. I guess if that’s who they’re gonna roll with, so be it.”

This was so easy. Deshaun Watson went 28-2 his last two years at Clemson. He went to two national championships. Won one and lost one. Watson was a winner in every sense of the word. He also had 38 collegiate starts and proved he was a bonafide stud. Mitch Trubisky had 13 career starts. He was never considered a great passer. He couldn’t even beat out Marquise Williams at UNC who never got drafted in the NFL. The fact that Trubisky was drafted this high never made any sense.

The Chicago Bears franchise is suffering those consequences. With Deshaun Watson and this defense, the Bears are a Super Bowl team. Instead, they’re a team that’s totally lost. They have no quarterback, and not first round pick because of the Khalil Mack trade to go pick another one. Trubisky can’t even throw the ball. He’s averaging the fewest yards per completion in the NFL. Chicago can’t pick up first downs. The defense is starting to quit because of the ineptness of the offense. The Chicago Bears are totally screwed. Oh, and they traded up to take Trubisky too. What a Joke!

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