Carson Wentz
The Eagles are failing Carson Wentz. (Brace Hemmelgarn/USA TODAY Sports)

In the NFL, the fan with a very small brain tends to blame or praise the quarterback for everything. Bad offensive line? Quarterback’s fault. Bad slot corner? Quarterback’s fault. Put up 6 points in win? He’s the best! Put up 35 points and lose? Boooo, you stink! It’s elementary and is a stereotype that needs to stop. So what do you make of the Eagles and Carson Wentz? There’s only one answer.

Enter the Philadelphia Eagles and Carson Wentz. The Eagles are fresh off a 37-10 ass beating. Sit there and blame Carson Wentz all you want. The truth of the matter is that it’s not his fault. Wentz isn’t reason 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. The Philadelphia Eagles are failing Wentz.

Let’s start with the defensive side of the ball. The front is a total mess. Malik Jackson, Timmy Jernigan, and Hassan Ridgeway have been placed on IR. That’s 3 starting defensive tackles. Albert Huggins from Clemson who didn’t get drafted is now the new starter. He didn’t make the Texans roster out of camp. Fletcher Cox can only do so much. Especially when all the focus goes to him now. What used to be a strength is now just average. The Eagles in the past used to provide so much interior pressure on opposing offenses. Now great rushing attacks like Zeke and the Cowboys can torch them on the ground.

The sad part is this is the only slightly acceptable unit on the defense. These linebackers are awful. The heart of the defense doesn’t have a soul. This team is desperate for Jordan Hicks to come back. Too bad he signed with the Cardinals. Nigel Bradham can only do so much. He isn’t the fastest guy in the world. With Zach Brown cut, can you even name the linebackers on this team? Good question. It’s Nathan Gerry, a converted safety who is learning the position and undrafted TJ Edwards. This defense is getting torched and the linebackers can’t make plays.

Don’t even get me started on this secondary. When Jalen Mills needs to be the savior, you have serious issues. 37 points allowed to Dallas and 38 points allowed to Minnesota in back to back weeks is UGLY. Philadelphia has the 6th worst passing defense in the league. The teams behind them? The usual suspects. Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Detroit, Houston, and Oakland. Yeah, not great. Sidney Jones has no confidence. Rasul Douglas gets his ass toast every week. It’s not good.

Philly also has a problem learning when to shut up. Back to back weeks, the Eagles lost before the game ever started. First, it was Zach Brown talking shit on Kirk Cousins. Dude, you’re a nobody. Kirk Cousins might suck but this Eagles secondary is worse. Why would you ever give the Vikings at home bulletin board material? The Eagles lost that game before it ever started.

Then against Dallas, tough guy Doug Pederson runs his mouth. He basically guarantees a win in Dallas and then walks it back. Game was over right there. So which one is it? Is it you’re going to win or are you not sure? That Eagles team had no fight in them against the Cowboys. It was another week where they lost before the game started. It was 14-0 in a blink of an eye. Maybe it’s time to recognize that Doug Pederson isn’t as smart as we all thought he was. Maybe Frank Reich had more to do with the Eagles Super Bowl run than we realize? Have you seen the Colts this year with Jacoby Brissett? Are we sure Reich isn’t the smart one?

Let’s now finally move to the offense. I hate this rushing attack. I don’t know if it’s because of the playcalling or the actual personnel. Jordan Howard is averaging 4.5 yards per carry and has only gotten 15 carries in a game once. That seems like a problem. Maybe try to run the ball more? The problem is he’s not much of a pass catcher and teams are loading up the box when he’s in the game. Not ideal, either. Miles Sanders just flat out isn’t good. He’s averaging 3.5 yards per carry. I wasn’t a fan of him in college. Number one reason why is he fumbled all the time at Penn State. Well, that’s exactly what he’s doing in Philadelphia. Fumbling all the damn time. Ball security is job security. Howard needs to be more involved.

The receivers just don’t get open. Alshon Jeffery is increasingly becoming a jump ball guy. It’s getting more and more rare that he wins a route. Zach Ertz is being doubled on every snap. Then we have bums like Nelson Agholor that don’t even try to catch. I guess it’s not like he could catch in the first place.

This is embarrassing. Agholor has been a total bust since being drafted out of USC. He dropped what would have been the game winning touchdown against the Falcons too. Philadelphia leads the NFL in dropped passes. That’s right. NOBODY has dropped more passes than Philly. Is Carson Wentz supposed to catch the ball too? Even the offensive line is taking significant steps back. Wentz was pressured in over 50 percent of drop backs against the Cowboys. With Jason Peters out, more pressure has been put on Lane Johnson. He has not responded well.

The fact of the matter is, this offense misses DeSean Jackson. A lot… Carson Wentz and Russell Wilson are the only quarterbacks to throw a touchdown in every game this year. If his guys could catch, Philadelphia is 5-2 right now. Wentz ranks 5th in touchdowns thrown and 3rd in third down passer rating. Since entering the NFL, Wentz is 3rd in the NFL in passer rating behind Russell Wilson and Drew Brees. Imagine what this offense would look like even when Torrey Smith was in there. He kept the defenses honest. Right now this receiver core flat out stinks. JJ Arcega Whiteside ain’t it either. The pick never made sense.

The Eagles are in big trouble and none of it has to do with Carson Wentz. The Eagles are failing Carson Wentz. The list of problems in Philadelphia seem to be growing. The only one who is playing well is their quarterback. The Eagles are not out of it but drastic changes need to be made.