(Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press)

Yesterday on Sunday, September 15th, 2019 the Saints and Rams kicked off for what myself and many other Saints fans called “The Revenge Game” everybody knows how the last meeting between these two teams went, there’s no need to get into all of that. The big story from yesterdays afternoon game happened in the first quarter when Drew Brees attempted a pass and collided hands with defensive lineman Aaron Donald. This would cause a three and out and Brees cruised off the field looking at what would be his throwing hand. Little did I or many other fans watching around the world know that what looked like a jammed thumb would turn into surgery and Brees having to be sidelined for six weeks.

This turned into back up quarterback Teddy Bridgewater having to play three and a half quarters for a New Orleans Saints team that is built around an offense for Drew Brees. As assumed the game wasn’t pretty. A 27-9 loss for the Saints which arguably stung worse than last years NFC Championship game. But Saints fans DO NOT PANIC, Teddy Bridgewater is a “Semi” experienced quarterback and has earned his credentials. In 2015, Bridgewater was selected to the Pro Bowl in addition to being named First-Team All-Pro as well that same year playing his one and only playoff football game in the NFL where threw for 146 yards against a pretty serious Seattle Seahawks defense. Ironically Teddy Bridgewater’s first game as an NFL starter since signing to New Orleans will come against the Seattle Seahawks. He will have his first full week of preparation as being the starter in New Orleans and I expect Teddy Ballgame to come out prepared, ready to go and prove that he isn’t just a “back-up” quarterback. Remember, the Miami Dolphins offered this guy more money to be the starter in Miami but he chose to back up Drew Brees. But then again, it is Miami.