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Vendetta Sports Media was founded in February 2018 by Trey Daubert. As a former wrestler with a screw loose, there wasn’t a media outlet that represented that personality. Vendetta was created to fill to void in the sports media realm. Welcome to sports media content with an unfiltered edge. We pride ourselves on being smarter, funnier, and edgier than the rest of the competition.

Vendetta represents the niche of intelligent but edgy sports content that doesn’t exist in this sphere. Are you tired of watching hot take artists debate each other over the same nonsense sports topics? Vendetta is for you? Are you looking for the weirdest brains on the internet? Vendetta is for you. Are you looking for people that aren’t afraid to tell it like it is? Vendetta is for you.

Here at Vendetta, we are building an army of contributors who are angry to prove they belong. We have the eye of the tiger to bring you the best content that’s out there. You won’t find content like this anywhere else on the internet

IMMEDIATE HIRE! Vendetta is currently hiring right away for Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Social Media, Marketing, and Audio Producer.


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3 reasons to intern with Vendetta Sports Media

Full-time Employment Opportunity

At VSM we always looking for new employees to help build our network. If we see you got the right dedication, skills sets, and willingness to learn and improve, then we just might hire you full-time! Please note schedule will change when hired to either Full-time or Part-time positions.

Agency Exposure

You’ll be exposed to real client work, and we’ll count on you to be an important, contributing part of our team while you learn. No Time fillers. No redundant assignments. No BS. You’ll be working directly with our team and view your work live on our site! Our company immerses you in the real world work agency experience that goes beyond the walls of Critical Mass.


We’re your biggest cheerleaders, and your mentors too. From day one, you’ll be paired with an experienced mentor to help you grow throughout your time here at Vendetta Sports Media and beyond. You’ll also be surrounded by people who want to see you succeed while they challenge you to perform your best.