Joe Flacco
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

We all remember back in 2012 when The Sheriff, Peyton Manning took his talents to the Mile High City, if you will. Expectations were sky-high, and the Denver Broncos did not disappoint. In the 4 years Peyton Manning was in Denver, the Broncos reached two Super Bowls, winning Super Bowl 50 in an impressive performance against the Carolina Panthers. Since Manning retired in 2016, the Broncos have been searching far and wide for his predecessor, to no avail. But the word around Denver, (Denver native here) is that Joe Flacco will be that same lightning in a bottle that they had with Manning. But I am here to burst your bubble, Bronco fans. Joe Flacco will not be Peyton Manning.

I can hear you already Broncos fans, “No one will ever be Peyton Manning, we aren’t expecting him to be.” To that I say you’re right, no one will ever be Peyton Manning. His ability to make changes at the line, his mind for the game and his accuracy with the ball are second to none. But if you are sitting there not expecting Joe Flacco to take you to the same heights Manning did, you’re full of it. The story has lined up the same: solid run game, scary defense and a coach with the potential to do great things. All parallels to the stretch from 2012-2016. Going into camp this summer, the belief around Denver on all the sports radio is that Flacco is the second coming of Christ himself, and that this Broncos team will not only contend for the division, but if the cards fall right they can make a lengthy playoff run. How do you expect that, when he lost his starting job in Baltimore to a rookie?

Save your breath. I know he was hurt, and that is what placed now second-year man Lamar Jackson into the starting role and he has never looked back. But lets breakdown Joe Flacco’s first 9 games before injury. He was 4-5 in a fairly open AFC North behind the Pittsburgh Steelers, completing 61.2% of passes and throwing for a mere 12 touchdowns. I do realize that this is the same quarterback that led the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl win back in 2013, but old age, a bad line, and deteriorating arm strength has led to his demise. You can not expect greatness from a man who couldn’t win his job back from a running style quarterback who didn’t even fit the system. I’m sorry to break it to you, Broncos fans. But Joe Flacco will not be Peyton Manning.

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