Jameis Winston
(Tim Heitman/USA TODAY Sports)

Picture it. 2015. In little old Midland, Texas. I’m in my dorm room with another of Vendetta’s own, Garrett Burroughs. It’s a fall semester, Garrett and I just finished our dinner at the chow hall. When we get to the dorm, we go to our normal conversations about sports and I tell him, “Write this down, on September 3rd, 2015, I said Jameis Winston will be a bust. Book it.” 4 years later, it turns out I’m right.

Don’t get it twisted, Jameis is actually extremely physically talented. Meaning that he can make any throw you need him to make, no doubt. Unfortunately, to play QB in the NFL, you need to have the smarts for it. That is something that Winston has never had, and I saw that at FSU. Hell, he threw 4 INTs against Florida AND STILL won, not because of Winston, but because FSU was talented. After watching that game, I knew he wouldn’t be shit in the NFL.

Jameis Winston’s Stats

Jameis Winston’s stats are less than stellar for being as physically talented as he is. He’s had two 4,000 yards seasons, and those were his first two seasons. He also had 22 TDs his rookie year and 28 TDs his second year. He went 6-10 as a rookie and 9-7 in his second year. At that point, he seemed like he was capable to be at least a starting QB in the NFL, fearing that my prediction might have been wrong and that I would own up to it. However, in the next two seasons I learned I was right after all. In 13 games in his third season, he had 3500 yards and 19 TDs. Uh, Alex? That’s pretty good. Is it though? Boasting a 3-10 record in those 13 games isn’t good. Then last year, Winston got suspended 3 games…which is how he lost the starting job to Ryan Fitzpatrick (FitzMagic), well sort of. They alternated starts whenever the other had a bad game. It was weird, but that looks terrible on Winston’s part. Your QB competition is Fitzpatrick and you were losing??? Nah man, at that point it was set in stone for me. Not to mention that his career record as of right now is 22-34. YIKES.

Once again, I want to reiterate that I think Jameis Winston is a physically talented QB, but to play QB you need the smarts. He just doesn’t have it. I will give Winston some slack though. From a dysfunctional franchise to another, I understand what it means to not have the best talent around you. Vendetta’s Don, Trey Daubert, still has hope for Winston, with Arians coaching, that Winston’s career can turn around. But even then, I’m not sure anything changes. Jameis Winston is done. The Buccanneers are only delaying the inevitable.