Dan Quinn
#InBrotherHood Dan Quinn gotta go. The Falcons can’t move forward as a franchise until they send his ass packing (Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Can we just be honest about something? Dan Quinn is the most overrated coach in the NFL. Tell me what he does? Quinn is living off a trip to the Super Bowl that was orchestrated by the offense. A side of the ball that he has basically nothing to do with. How many more years are the Falcons going to trot out Dan Quinn before admitting that he’s a lame duck coach? Dan Quinn gotta go.

Quinn has been the Falcons head coach since 2015. He also took over defensive coordinator duties a year ago. Quinn has a career record of 37-30. On the surface, that doesn’t seem too bad. However, if you remove the years Kyle Shanahan ran the offense, Quinn is just 18-17 since 2017. That’s with a pretty talented roster. Let’s be honest. The Falcons 2019 season is already over. Dirk Koetter has tanked the offense which means Atlanta has no shot. Quinn is living off a trip to the Super Bowl that he largely had nothing to do with. Quinn gotta go.

Quinn at his core is a defensive mind by trade. He runs the Pete Carroll defense. That’s fine. The problem is his defense always stinks. Check out how the Falcons have ranked on defense since he’s been the coach.

  • 2015: 16th yards, 14th points
  • 2016: 25th yards, 27th points
  • 2017: 9th yards, 8th points
  • 2018: 28th yards, 25th points
  • 2019 (Short sample size): 7th yards, 21st points

Quinn has been the coach for 5 years. He will have a top 10 defense once as a defensive head coach? No, something has to be missing? This is a defense with some good players. Deion Jones, Grady Jarrett, Vic Beasley, etc. We already know what the answer is. Dan Quinn just sucks. Dan Quinn gotta go. He brings nothing to the table and the Falcons can’t move forward as a franchise until he’s sent packing.