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2021 NFL Mock Draft 1st Round: Chick’s Picks Edition

2021 NFL Mock Draft

(Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports)

2021 NFL Mock Draft
(Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports)

2021 NFL Mock Draft 1st Round: Chick’s Picks Edition

We’re back with another mock draft from the legend, the myth, Daddy Chick. Okay enough arrogance, I am back with another edition of Chick’s Picks, however. This is my 2nd time doing a mock draft in back-to-back years. Like last year, this is my one and only written 2021 NFL Mock Draft. I say written because I have a video edition of a mock draft with another Vendetta writer Garrett Burroughs. My mock will be similar to that one that I said with some changes here and there. This will be a mixture of what I think will happen and what I think should happen. This one should be completely different from the Vendetta Mock Draft one that we did recently, though. Full disclosure, this is the mock I will be using as a guide for my now annual tradition where I take a shot for every pick I get wrong on the draft. Anyway, let’s get to my picks!

#1 The Jacksonville Jaguars Select QB Trevor Lawrence

I don’t think there’s any doubt that this happens anymore. This has been written in the stars since Trevor Lawrence became eligible. It wasn’t a question on who was going 1st off the draft board, only which team was getting him.

#2 The New York Jets Select QB Zach Wilson

This is where my mock draft goes to what I think will happen. I don’t think that Zach Wilson is the next best QB off the board, however, I think the Jets are in love with the guy. I don’t think there’s any doubt at this point that Zach Wilson is their guy. Some think he is even better than Justin Fields. Bad news for Wilson because he goes to a very dysfunctional franchise. Not necessarily bad news for the Jets though. Wilson will be a good QB.

#3 San Francisco 49ers Select QB Mac Jones

Once again, not necessarily the QB I would have gone with here. But when there is smoke there is fire, the 49ers have been smoking a lot with Mac Jones. Mac Jones and the 49ers have been very flirtatious but Justin Fields would be a better pick. However, Mac Jones is still one of the 5 QBs you want to draft this year. Mac Jones might be the worst one, he might be the 2nd best, I just don’t know. Some labeled him as a future star, there’s just no telling at this moment. I think any shortcomings from Mac Jones will be shadowed by the talented roster the 49ers have. If these shortcomings persist, they will become more prevalent later on in his career.

#4 Atlanta Falcons Select TE Kyle Pitts

I forgot to mention that this is a no-trade 2021 NFL Mock Draft. If it was one that allowed drafts, Atlanta might be looking to trade down here. They could get a massive haul for someone looking to draft Justin Fields here after he wasn’t picked in the top 3. However, I’ll stick with the Falcons here and they select Kyle Pitts. Too many people are looking TOO far ahead. I get it, get a future franchise QB and start preparing for that. Why are we acting like Matt Ryan can’t play? Dude is still a top 15, top 10 QB in the league. Sure, he is 35 and it might be time to start looking elsewhere, or we can ride him out a few more years and get a QB in the upcoming years. Kyle Pitts is the best player in the draft, why don’t the Falcons go with him here and have a scary-ass trio in Calvin Ridley, Julio Jones, and now Kyle Pitts?

#5 Cincinnati Bengals Select OT Penei Sewell

The first 5 picks in this 2021 NFL Mock Draft end with the Bengals taking Sewell. I don’t understand some football fans. Do people know that QBs need time to throw to WRs? Drafting the best WR here would make very little sense if Joe Burrow has no time to throw to him. On top of that, Joe Burrow got injured because of the lack of time. You need to protect your QB here and Penei Sewell is the best option for that. I don’t think the Bengals WR options are even bad, they just don’t have a #1 WR. But shit, just keeping your QB safe would be a great start for the Bengals.

#6 Miami Dolphins Select WR Ja’Marr Chase

Tua gets some help this year. I was big on DeVante Parker last year, but that never came to fruition. Now, the Dolphins get the best WR in this class in Ja’Marr Chase. Yes, I said BEST WR in this class. Devonta Smith is awesome but with Ja’Marr Chase opting out, everyone forgot that he is a beast. Don’t worry, you’ll see it and realize that we somehow forgot how good Chase actually is.

#7 Detroit Lions Select WR Devonta Smith

If you thought the 2nd best WR was going to the Dolphins, I will say that you were close. I think the Lions choose a WR here. There’s some debate on whether it is Jaylen Waddle or Devonta Smith. Flip a coin, my coin landed on Devonta Smith. They need a WR regardless after losing Kenny Golladay to the Giants this year. Plus, Jared Goff needs all the help he can to mask how bad he actually is. The Rams won that trade and you can’t convince me otherwise.

#8 Carolina Panthers Select OL Rashawn Slater

The Panthers acquired a shiny new QB in Sam Darnold. Sam Darnold is a baller and some people will be proven wrong this year about Darnold. Dude can play and now that he is out of that shit show that is New York, we’re about to see it here. However, to ensure that Sam Darnold doesn’t have PTSD, the Panthers select the versatile Rashawn Slater. They can put him anywhere they need on the line and he can play that position no problem. Watch Sam Darnold GO OFF this year.

#9 Denver Broncos Select QB Justin Fields

I hope you didn’t forget about Justin Fields. This is where he drops no longer. I don’t think John Elway can help himself when it comes to QBs. I haven’t given up on Drew Lock but I think Elway has. Justin Fields might be the 2nd best QB in this class, At least he is for me. The Broncos could go defense here, but getting Fields at 9 would be a still in its own right.

#10 Dallas Cowboys Select CB Patrick Surtain II

The top 10 picks in this 2021 NFL Mock Draft end with the Cowboys taking the best CB off the board. It’s no secret that the Dallas Cowboys need help in the secondary. Their defense was God Damn awful last year. Getting the best defensive player off the board will help with that. The Cowboys should have no excuse not to win the NFC East this year but somehow someway they might fuck it up.

#11 New York Giants Select OT Christian Darrisaw

The Giants line is getting better. However, let’s try to get this line even better and have competition and depth for New York. If you watched the video version of me and Garrett’s mock, you’d know that I chose some type of EDGE rusher here. However, it’s becoming clear to me that really no EDGE is deserving of going 11 overall. What is clear is that Darrisaw is worthy of that and can provide much needed help and depth if needed for the Giants. With Saquon Barkley coming back, this line will be even better this year with Darrisaw there.

#12 Philadelphia Eagles Select WR Jaylen Waddle

There’s really no way for the Eagles to fuck this up…right? I don’t know, when Howie Roseman is in charger, there’s always a possibility, but if he fucks up this pick, he should be fired as soon as he turns in the card. This one is plain and simple, whether it is Jaylen Waddle or Devonta Smith (or even Ja’Marr Chase if somehow he falls) that is the only 3 picks that are acceptable for the Eagles. WR, WR, or WR. Don’t fuck this up, you don’t even have to try.

#13 Los Angeles Chargers Select Jaycee Horn

Originally, I had Christian Darrisaw going here, but with him now going to the Giants in this NFL mock draft, the Chargers are left with a lot of questions on who to go with here. I think they have to go with some secondary help here. Sure, they have some talent there with Chris Harris Jr., but with Gus Bradley gone for secondary help and Brandon Staley as the new HC, they should add some more depth. Jaycee Horn is the second-best corner in the class and will grow and flourish with the Chargers. The talent at EDGE is just not good enough to be a top 15 pick, Jaycee Horn is though.

#14 Minnesota Vikings Select OG Alijah Vera-Tucker

It’s no secret that the Vikings need some help on the interior OL. There’s not much 1st round talent in that aspect. However, I think that AVT would be the best option for the position in the draft. With Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen, Justin Jefferson doing wonders for them, the Vikings make a boring but much-needed pick for the Guard position.

#15 New England Patriots Select QB Trey Lance

Not all picks can be fun like this one. The poor Vikings chose a lame lineman, while the Patriots get to make a fun pick at 15. The Patriots get the last QB that’s a 1st round talent here. I think the fit here is perfect, the Patriots have really no future at QB, Cam Newton is a band-aid solution, and if you’re thinking “WELL, they have Jarrett Stidham!” Please don’t reproduce, good God. Trey Lance will do wonders for the Patriots as soon as they can get some great WRs. No-brainer pick here.

#16 Arizona Cardinals Select CB Caleb Farley

Halfway through this 2021 NFL Mock Draft, we have the Cardinals taking a CB off the board. Patrick Surtain II and Jaycee Horn are the top two CBs in this draft, after that, it is a toss-up for 3rd. For me right now it is Caleb Farley. The Cardinals go with secondary help here that is for sure. It could be Farley, it could be Greg Newsome II, or even Asante Samuel Jr. Either way, expect the Cardinals to go with a CB here. I think it will be Farely.

#17 The Las Vegas Raiders Select LB Micah Parsons

Am I being biased? Yes. Do I still think that this is a real possibility? Also, yes. Micah Parsons dropping to 17 could happen. I don’t think it is far-fetched. What will be far-fetched is my ability to keep living if Parsons is available and the Raiders don’t take him. Still, if the Raiders don’t have Parsons here or erroneously don’t take him, LB is the way to go. There’s plenty of late first-round or early second-round talent at LB. Expect the Raiders to take one of those guys. But please God, please let Micah Parson be a Raider, I beg of you.

#18 Miami Dolphins Select RB Najee Harris

I don’t care what you say, this is my mock draft and you can’t take this away from me. Could the Dolphins obviously go OL here? Yes. Should they? Eh, maybe not. I know what people say about taking a RB in the first round, I just simply don’t care. The Dolphins needed more offensive firepower last year, so fuck it, let’s double down on the firepower. Go Ja’Marr Chase, and then take the best RB in this class in Najee Harris. You can fill other needs later, but this way, you’re taking two of the best offensive weapons this year. It’s go time in Miami.

#19 Washington Football Team (still funny) Selects LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koromoah

If you think I am typing that out again you’re smoking dick. JOK will be always known as JOK to me. If you don’t like it, go sniff my JOK strap. There are some rumblings that the WFT needs to go offensive here. Normally, I would agree. They could take a WR here, that is who I was really flip-flopping with here. There’s no QB that is worth going here now that the top 5 are off the board. As well as any Tackles, I am not thrilled with them here at #19. This way the WFT defense gets even better with the LB from Notre Dame. I am still skeptical of LBs from Notre Dame since the Manti Te’o conundrum, I will make an exception this one time for JOK here.

#20 Chicago Bears Select CB Greg Newsome II

With Kyle Fuller gone for the Bears, these leaves an obvious need for CB here. Much like the WFT, they have a serious need at QB (they’re WILLINGLY trotting out Andy Dalton out there), but there is no one worth taking for QB in the 1st round right now. This way they get one of the better CBs in the draft and I guess address their offensive struggles in the later round.

#21 Indianapolis Colts Select WR Rashod Batemon

I understand that the Colts defense has some holes. However, the Colts offense is holding them back. They can address those needs later on. Now they have reunited Carson Wentz and Frank Reich, let’s get him some more weapons to play with. T.Y. Hilton is declining with age, Michael Pittman Jr. is just now coming around, let’s add Rashod Bateman and get this offense clicking. The Colts RBs were great last year, this offense has potential to be one of the best. We can worry about the defense later on.

#22 Tennessee Titans Select WR Terrace Marshall

The Titans are hating their division rival because they picked the WR that they wanted to go with. However, Terrace Marshall ain’t no scrub either. LSU was not that good this year but Terrace Marshall was. At 6’3, he can be a big body for the Titans lining up on the other side of stud AJ Brown. Derrick Henry, AJ Brown, and now Terrace Marshall? That’s a trio that would scare any defense in the NFL.

#23 New York Jets Select OT Teven Jenkins

Taking care of Sam Darnold should have been their priority years ago, but at least they are doing it now for their new QB in Zach Wilson. This Jets team is so far off from being competitive, but starting with the line will help the rookie out and maybe eventually, this team can go back to competing. We have a long way to go before that happens though.

#24 The Pittsburgh Steelers Select OC Creed Humphrey

We are now three-fourths through with this 2021 NFL Mock Draft (I’m a math teacher) and we have the Steelers going with some OL here. The retirement of Mike Pouncey was too big to ignore here. There are some rumblings that the Steelers should go RB here and I don’t necessarily agree. I may be a little too hyperactive with Najee Harris going at 18 to the Dolphins, he may very well be here at 24, which I think the Steelers pull the trigger on Najee Harris. Still, this is under the assumption that he is off the board. The Steelers go offensive line if that happens, my guess is Creed Humphrey but it could be a toss-up of many options.

#25 The Jacksonville Jaguars Select S Trevon Moehrig

After getting the best college QB prospect maybe ever in Trevor Lawrence, the Jaguars get the best safety off the board in Trevon Moehrig. He can cover all over the Jaguars secondary, making him the best pick at the moment for the Jaguars. This Jaguars team is in need of more talent all around, but Moehrig puts them in the best position to win in the secondary.

#26 The Cleveland Browns Select CB Asante Samuel Jr.

The Browns biggest needs were EDGE and Corner. However, the Browns did sign Jadeveon Clowney, making help in the secondary a more dire need. Our very own draft expert and scout Trey Daubert loves Asante Samuel Jr. and that is good enough for me. He might be better than most of the CBs in this class. The Browns are looking scary next year to win the division.

#27 Baltimore Ravens Select WR Rondale Moore

Is it cruel for me to have Rondale Moore, a player that Trey Daubert loves, go to Daubert’s most hated team? (The team he claims) Possibly. However, the Ravens do need some WR help. Something tells me that Hollywood Brown and Sammy Watkins won’t be enough for the Ravens. Ideally, the Ravens hoped Terrace Marshall would be here, but the Titans took him. We’ll see if Lamar Jackson can actually play QB rather than just a poor man’s wildcat.

#28 The New Orleans Saints Select LB Zaven Collins

The Saints are in cap hell. That was evident when they released some high-quality Free Agents this offseason. The Saints now have a need at LB and what better way to fill that need with a thumper from Tulsa. The Saints will desperately try to stay relevant in the NFC South but with their cap hell, it’ll be hard. Still Collins will be solid for years to come.

#29 The Green Bay Packers Select WR Elijah Moore

The Green Bay Packers can go with a lot of options here. But, there’s no question that the lack of WR talent is glaring. Davante Adams simply can’t do it all for them. Here, they take one of the better Slots in this draft and call it a day. The Packers erroneously chose QB Jordan Love last year’s draft, they don’t make nearly the same monumental mistake this year.

#30 The Buffalo Bills Select DT Christian Barmore

The talent of DT is scarce this year. However, getting a defensive player from Alabama is always a sure thing. The Bills are looking scary to go to the Super Bowl this year. I wouldn’t sleep on them. They get a solid piece on the defensive line to help them make that jump to go to the Super Bowl and hopefully win.

#31 The Kansas City Chiefs Select OT Samuel Cosmi

The Kansas City Chiefs get another Tackle after their rollercoaster this offseason with that position. With Cosmi having a handful of experience in terms of pass-blocking, his fit works well here as he will be in one of the most pass heavy offenses in the NFL with the Chiefs.

#32 The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select EDGE Kwity Paye

For the last pick in this 2021 NFL Mock Draft, we have the defending Super Bowl Champions. There’s a huge possibility that the first EDGE comes off the board way before this. However, there’s a lot of sense in the picks before. I am just not sold on this EDGE class. I don’t think this class just screams 1st round talent to me. There’s a possibility I could be wrong and an EDGE can go way before this, but that would be a mistake. Here is a good spot. The Bucs really don’t have any dire needs, especially coming off a Super Bowl win, but getting ready with some young talent surely can’t hurt their chances to repeat here.

That concludes this 2021 NFL Mock Draft by me. Please tell me what you think on Twitter. Follow the site @media_vendetta or follow me @DADDYCH1CK. Also, look out for me on draft night posting videos of me taking shots for every pick I get wrong.




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