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Jared Goff Isn’t Unlucky, He Just Sucks

Jared Goff

Jared Goff
Jared Goff isn’t unlucky, he just sucks. How much longer do we have to pretend that Goff is a good quarterback? (Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports)

It’s time for another segment that I like to call – “I’m smarter than Matthew Berry. I’ll document it now so I can share later”. Trademark is pending. This edition features Jared Goff who apparently “was unlucky” last year. It’s the year 2020 and somehow people are still making excuses for the Rams shitty quarterback. Jared Goff isn’t unlucky, he just sucks.

In Berry’s Love, Hate column, this is what he wrote about Goff’s 2020 fantasy outlook:

“Jared Goff may not be great, but he’s not QB20 either, which is where he’s currently going. Last season, he had the fourth-most passing yards per game, the third-most pass attempts per game and the second-most completions per game, and yet he finished 16th in touchdowns. He was incredibly unlucky in that area (3.5% TD rate, compared with 5.7% in 2018 and 5.9% in 2017), so I expect the volume to be there and positive regression for Goff. As my friend Rich Hribar noted on Twitter recently, Goff had his receiver get tackled at the 1-yard line on seven occasions last seasons (most in the NFL) and didn’t throw a TD pass after those plays on any of them.”

A: His stat is a bit misleading. Goff was tied for the league lead in attempts last year. He threw the ball 626 times in 2019. Goff did finish 3rd in yards but still finished as QB 13. Just needed to be pointed out that he threw the ball more than anybody else in 2019 except for being tied with Jameis.

B: I know Scott likes to steal my lines and not give me credit. That’s fine. It should be pointed out that I was the first to say that Sean McVay is running out of ways to mask how bad Jared Goff is. That just needs to be put on the record.

C: How do I know McVay is running out of ways to hide how bad he is?

For those who know me, know I like to shit on PFF. It’s a joke how bad they are. They do have a stat here that can’t be ignored because it’s why my eyes tell me when I watch the games. Jared Goff is the single worst quarterback in football when his first read isn’t open.

If McVay can’t draw up the first read, Goff stinks. He can’t make things happen on his own. It’s a miracle McVay has taken him this far. It was only a matter of time until the bootleg finding a wide open crossing route wasn’t going to work anymore. I said the same thing when he played at Cal. Jared Goff does not have the ability to play fast. When the game speeds up, he struggles.

You see, Berry, Goff just sucks. He’s not unlucky. We’re talking about a guy who threw the ball 626 times and put the ball in the back of the end zone 22 times. That’s not unlucky. That’s called just being bad. I don’t care how many times your guy gets tackled on the 1-yard line. If your touchdown to interception ratio is 22-16 with that many attempts, you stink. Especially if McVay is your coach on a team with plenty of weapons (Robert Woods & Cooper Kupp).

Things are only going to get worse from here, not better. The Rams committed a cardinal sin. They gave a below average quarterback the bag. The Rams got slaughtered in free agency and it’s only getting worse. Les Snead ruined this team. They’re already going to be over the cap next year and need to pay Cooper Kupp and Jalen Ramsey. Good luck with that.

This Jared Goff thing is such a joke. On a points per game basis, Goff finished as QB21. He was only QB13 last year because he was healthy and led the league in attempts. Obviously no guarantee to repeat. Tell ya what Berry, you can have all the Tom Brady and Jared Goff stock you want. Good luck with all of it.

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