Kyle Pitts
Kyle Pitts is the best player in the 2021 NFL Draft but what does he bring to the table? Read his draft profile here! (Brad McClenny-USA TODAY NETWORK)

Kyle Pitts 2021 NFL Draft Profile

It’s time to talk about the best player in the 2021 NFL Draft. That’s right, I said it. That man is University of Florida tight end, Kyle Pitts. The only difference is, I was on this bandwagon much, much sooner than the rest of you. Let’s dive into the Kyle Pitts 2021 NFL Draft Profile.

Pitts is the most unguardable force in college football. A 50-50 ball becomes an 80-20. Pitts is unlike any tight end prospect the NFL has ever seen. The Gators tight end checks in at 6′ 5 5/8″, 245 lbs, and just ran a 4.44. Tight ends like that don’t exist. It’s just Pitts. He’s in a world of his own.

Nobody can guard Pitts. That’s just the bottom line. You think a linebacker or a safety can managing guarding Pitts? Forget about it. Want to throw your top corner on him? Good luck!

Patrick Surtain? Ate him for lunch. Jaycee Horn? Keep dreaming.

Pitts saw 24 targets this season alone lined up against cornerbacks as a true receiver. The results? 17 receptions for 250 yards. Pitts dominated in the toughest conference that exits posting elite production along the way. In eight games as a junior, he reeled in 43 receptions for 770 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Pitts might be a great receiver, but he’s functional in line at tight end. You’re not drafting Pitts because he can block but it’s nice to know he’s not a liability on that end. He allowed a total of just seven pressures across 105 pass-blocking snaps. I’ll take that stat line all day long in the SEC. Pitts won’t kill you during times he has to get his nose dirty.

The bottom line is, we’ve never seen a tight end with this sort of profile. Nobody is that big and that fast at the position. What does a very rich man’s version of Darren Waller look like in the NFL? We’re about to find out. Have I mentioned that crazy wingspan? Pitts’ catch radius is flat out ridiculous.

Pitts almost feels like a cheat code in a video game. You ever use Kylian Mbappe in FIFA and just cheese your way with the through ball? Well, when you pick up Madden this year the red zone fades will just magically work with Pitts. He’s just a cheat code in a video game. Only way to describe him.

Kyle Pitts
Good luck guarding him. This is 6 all day however you slice it.

One thing that needs to be stated is that Pitts is just a nightmare in the open field. He looks like a gazelle gliding on the field. Pitts isn’t just fast. He’s a separator with explosive movement skills. Forget about the height and speed for a second. Pitts gets open as well as any gifted receiver in general.

I don’t know what more you want. He’s the best player in the draft. He’s the most unguardable force in college football. It feels a hell of a lot like Quenton Nelson coming out of Notre Dame. He’s the best player in the draft who cares that he’s a guard (or in this case a tight end). There’s not much else to say. We’ve never seen a tight end that looks like this. Pitts is the Hall of Famer in the draft.

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