Daubert's NFL Draft Mailbag
Which 2021 NFL Draft prospects hurt their stock by opting out of the season? That’s the topic on hand for Daubert’s 2021 NFL Draft Mailbag this week. (Amanda Aylmer/ Vendetta Sports Media Image)

Daubert’s 2021 NFL Draft Mailbag: Opt-Out Flops

Late turn around to this one but Daubert’s 2021 NFL Draft Mailbag returns. Only one question this week, but that’s okay. The question that came in is an important one that needs to be talked about. Let’s not waste any time and get right into it.

There are certain players that I don’t care if they opted out. Ja’Marr Chase is the best example of this. There was nothing that guy was going to do this year in college to improve his stock. He went out on top. Respect.

I think three players really do need to be singled out. Look, if you want to opt-out, that’s your priority. No judgment here. I just think it was foolish in these three instances.

Number one is Jamie Newman. He was given the silver platter of a way to work his way up the draft board. Promising career at Wake Forest, plus mobility, and rocket arm. Newman was set to transfer to Georgia and had the perfect opportunity to show just how good he is with a better supporting cast playing in the SEC.

Newman had the world by the balls and blew it. Worse yet, he showed up to the Senior Bowl and looked like he would have been better off lighting himself on fire. He was that bad. I’m not sure he’s draftable anymore. That’s how bad he blew it.

Sage Surratt opted out but I don’t even care. He was a wide receiver that couldn’t run before he opted out. He’s still a wide receiver that can’t run after he opted out. Wake me up when he can. I’ll be asleep for a while.

I really wanted to see Caleb Farley. I’m just not sure how you can take him over some of these SEC battle tested corners. Farley has limited experience at the position and now a lengthy injury history. A strong 2020 season would have went a long way in what is a deep cornerback class.

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