Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence is a lock to become the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft but what does he bring to the table? Here’s an in depth profile on the Clemson quarterback. (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)

Trevor Lawrence 2021 NFL Draft Profile

We have known that Trevor Lawrence was going to be the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft since his parents gave birth to him. Lawrence is every coach’s dream and has all the tools you want in a generational quarterback prospect. He’s so good, Urban Meyer came out of retirement just for this. What does the Clemson quarterback bring to the table? Let’s dive into the Trevor Lawrence 2021 NFL Draft profile.

6-foot-6, 220, rocket arm, and a full head of hair; Trevor Lawrence is the man heading into this draft. There are really no red flags here but I can try to make one up if you’d like. Is Lawrence too tall? We’ve seen a lot of big goofy quarterbacks miss in the league like Brock Osweiler, Mike Glennon, and Paxton Lynch. Of course, Lawrence has a significantly better track record and is uber athletic for his size.

The term winner gets throw around a lot. You have to credit Lawrence for his leadership and on the field demeanor. Clemson lost two football games during his entire three year career. Lawrence won the National title over Alabama as a true freshman and DOMINATED.

I also love the fact that Lawrence improved statistically every single year at Clemson. Lawrence upped his completion percentage, yards per attempt, and quarterback rating every single year. Truthfully, the 2020 season was the least talented supporting cast Lawrence had around him too. I’m not sure any of his teammates get drafted outside of Travis Etienne and Jackson Carmen. Lawrence has a 90-17 TD to INT ratio for his career in college.

I said this before in a previous stock report post, but everything looks so easy for Lawrence. Rotisserie chicken alert. Set it and forget it. Lawrence will make your play caller look smarter than he really is. There’s such a high twitch element to his game. He unlocks his hips and fires darts that 99% of quarterbacks couldn’t dream of doing.

Lawrence isn’t just a big quarterback who can let it fly. His deep ball accuracy is bananas. There are no accuracy concerns here. The knee bend is on point and can execute those tight window throws. You love the fact that Lawrence pushes the ball down the field with ease. He has no problem taking smart calculated shots. Even in the pocket, Lawrence has proven he can step up, go through his reads, and make the right play.

Lawrence is such an underrated athlete. He might be even straight line fast. He’s proven over his college career, he can even take option hand offs for chunk yardage. We don’t have an official 40 time on Lawrence but who cares. He might easily be a 4.5 guy. He’s a fantastic athlete. That part isn’t a question. Mobility is zero concern.

You also have to love the personality of Lawrence. He fought to play when college football was in trouble because of COVID. He never had to either. Would have been the first pick regardless. Lawrence also appears humble, hard working, and intelligent. He’s about as pro ready as it gets and has been since he was in high school.

There’s not much more to say here. Trevor Lawrence is the generational quarterback prospect of the 2021 NFL Draft. Lawrence has a chance to lift multiple Lombardi’s in what will likely be a Hall of Fame career.

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