Teven Jenkins
Teven Jenkins was a grown-ass man at Oklahoma State. (Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports)

Teven Jenkins 2021 NFL Draft Profile: He’s A Grown-Ass Man

Teven Jenkins played like a straight-up bully on the offensive line for Oklahoma State. He played like he had a personal vendetta against every single defensive player this year, and it was beautiful to watch. Jenkins was an absolute stud this year, and he will be in the NFL as well.

Watching offensive line tape can be pretty boring at times, sitting through constant snaps of blocking trying to find some takeaways. With Jenkins, it was clear as day he was a grown-ass man taking care of business upfront. Jenkins is a violent finisher, he has great footwork, plays with amazing power, and has a great anchor. If you need examples, turn on the Texas game. Jenkins flat out embarrassed Joseph Ossai. Jenkins put Ossai in the turf numerous times and even drove Ossai into his own bench and that is not an exaggeration.

Teven Jenkins is great in pass protection and run blocking, it’s difficult to find a snap when he gets pushed back. In pass protection, he’s great at using his hands and it’ll take much more than one move to get by him. Jenkins has the power to back it up too, he just doesn’t get pushed back. His defender rarely ever makes plays in the pass game, sure he allowed a sack during the Texas game but if you actually watched the play that sack was on the quarterback, not Jenkins.

Jenkins also has the measurables as well, he came in just under 6’6, weighing in at 317 pounds. He has an 81-inch wingspan with 33 1/2-inch arms. Length might be a concern to some, but it doesn’t concern me one bit. I didn’t see it become an issue on tape, and Jenkins is so technically sound that I don’t see it becoming an issue in the future. Overall, Jenkins has a RAS score of 9.73 at tackle, which is 31st out of 1129 offensive tackles from 1987 to 2021. Jenkins is athletic.

There aren’t any sexy stats because stats simply don’t exist for offensive linemen. Teven Jenkins is a starting caliber NFL tackle right now, any team that gets him in the first round would be beyond ecstatic.

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