Justin Fields Trevor Lawrence
Are we sure Justin Fields isn’t better than Trevor Lawrence? If there’s a gap, it just might be Fields having the upper hand on Lawrence. (Aaron Josefczyk/UPI)

How large is the gap between Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields? We know that Lawrence is going to be the first pick. The odds are that Fields follows him as the number two pick. What if we’re looking at this the wrong way. Forget about the gap. What if Justin Fields is just flat out better than Trevor Lawrence?

I’m not suggesting that’s the case. I’m also not sure it’s wrong. Does anybody understand just how good Fields is? In 2020 through two games, Fields is completing 87.3% of his throws with a rating of 214 and QBR of 97.2. Fields have almost been so good that it’s time to consider whether or not he’s human.

Through a year and two games with the Buckeyes, Fields has 47 touchdowns and three interceptions. He’s also doing this in the Big Ten. Sure, Ohio State has a significant edge in talent, but historically, it’s a conference that plays defense. Fields made Penn State look like Drexel.

There’s so much to like about Fields from a skillset standpoint. For starters, he’s not a small guy. Standing at 6’3, 225 lbs, there are no size concerns at the next level. The completion percentage is a good indicator, but Fields is deadly accurate.

Fields have everything you look for. His feet are on point. Fields appears spry in the pocket when he bounces, and he’s an explosive knee bender. The throwing motion is eerily similar to Russell Wilson’s That high over the shoulder release. The ball placement is A+.

Fields looks like a high-level athlete capable of making any play on the field. The looks like it’s slowing down to him. The Ohio State signal-caller knows what the defense is showing him at all times. When he has to improvise, Fields can make that Deshaun Watson plays too.

What gap? What’s this gap you speak of? Are we sure there isn’t a gap between Fields having the upper hand over Lawrence? Look, I’m with everyone. Lawrence is remarkable, and there’s no denying that. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, passing on Fields on draft day.