2021 NFL Draft
How does Ryan Pace still have a job? Nobody knows! Let’s head inside the Chicago Bears 2021 NFL Draft War Room to see who they might pick! (Clay Jackson /Herald Review via AP)

Nobody quite knows how Ryan Pace is still employed, yet here we are. Once again, Pace will run a Bears draft that will likely end up in disaster. The 2021 NFL Draft War Room for Chicago will feel a lot like the great depression. No end in sight. The only thing that awaits us is pain. Here we go.

  • Round 1 – 20th overall
  • Round 2 – 52nd overall
  • Round 3 – 83rd overall
  • Round 5 – 164th overall
  • Round 6 – 204th overall
  • Round 6 – 208th overall
  • Round 6 – 221st overall
  • Round 6 – 228 overall

Let’s just say the Robert Quinn deal hasn’t work. That’s fair, right? Would Ryan Pace try to win the day by drafting Jaelan Phillips? The Miami transfer has gotten a lot of buzz as a former big time recruit. Phillips opposite of Khalil Mack could be something? Listen, it’s not easy to try to predict what Ryan Pace will do…

Would the Bears double down on receiver in the second round? More so I mean double down on gadget players to help spark the offense? Kadarius Toney would be a pseudo Tarik Cohen in the offense. Adding another speedster would theoretically make the offense more dangerous. Allen Robinson is still intact too.

I’ll be honest; this article was a chore. Does anybody care about this current iteration of the Bears? Do the Andy Dalton Bears tickle your fancy? I’m done with this.

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