Rondale Moore
Rondale Moore is a special player heading into the 2021 NFL Draft. Read up on his draft profile to see how he translates to the next level. (Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)

One of my favorite players in the 2021 NFL Draft is Purdue wide receiver, Rondale Moore. This isn’t the first or last time I’ll write about Moore in the NFL. There will be a lot of receivers that get their name called before Moore and a lot of them won’t be nearly as good. Here is your 2021 NFL Draft profile on Rondale Moore.

There was a running joke that last time I wrote something on Moore. The “draft experts” I have no respect for continued to crown bums as the next Deebo Samuel. Guys like Laviska Shenault and Devin Duvernay were hyped up as possible Samuel players in the league. The smart people know they were never the correct answer.

If you’re looking for the next Deebo, the answer was always Rondale Moore at Purdue. He’s truly the only player that can recreate what Samuel brings to the table. Moore is a weapon on offense that can do a little of everything.

Moore had his Pro Day today. It was no surprise he rocked it. Moore ran a 4.29 – 40 time. Yes, Pro Day times are shaky but there’s no question this dude can fly. He’s just a powerful, explosive rock. That’s the only way to describe him. Moore also jumped a 42.5 inch vertical and benched 24 reps for 225.

Rondale Moore is what the kids say “built different”. He’s on the short side at 5-foot-7 but 180 pounds of steel. It’s not the typical wide receiver size, but that’s not who he is either. He can take snaps at running back even and has in the past. If you draft Moore, you’re hoping for a better version of Percy Harvin. For the record, I think that’s what you’re getting too.

Moore creates a ton of separation. He is an elite knee bender and can hit the home run on any given play. His ability to create yards after the catch is what puts Moore over the top. The Boilermakers wide out broke 47 tackles on 178 catches in his college career. 37 of those came during his true freshman year which is the real measuring stick.

Rondale Moore

Moore wasn’t healthy as a sophomore and junior. You shouldn’t hold that against him. Moore is short but he sure isn’t small. I wouldn’t worry about him breaking down. Given the broken tackle rate, I’m not sure it’s because he’s not built to last.

Another thing antagonists will point to his his lack of a route tree. It has nothing to do with having an ability to do it. They just don’t like the routes he actually ran in college. I don’t have to go much further but it’s a terrible way to scout. What you should look at is his low center of gravity and his ability to change directions in a heart beat.

Moore also did not drop a pass in 44 catchable targets this past year. Take that for what it’s worth. Furthermore, can you even name Purdue’s quarterback? Remember when they had David Blough? Good god that guy stinks. Moore was dominating with inferior talent around him in a tough Conference.

Rondale Moore

The fact of the matter is, Rondale Moore was the most dangerous man with the football in his hands. You can’t catch or tackle him. The speed, quickness, and broken tackle ability Moore has is rare. Forget about being at Purdue, he’s done it against the best competition. As a freshman, Moore had 12 catches for 170 yards and two scores here against Ohio State and primarily responsible for the upset win.

Be careful about passing on Rondale Moore. This is a special dude. One that’s hard to replicate.

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