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2021 NFL Mock Draft

(Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports)

Vendetta Sports 2021 NFL Mock Draft: Blogger Edition

2021 NFL Mock Draft
Vendetta Sports Media puts together its 2021 NFL Mock Draft where each blogger is responsible for making picks. Which Vendetta personality had the best draft? (Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports)

Vendetta Sports 2021 NFL Mock Draft: Blogger Edition

Welcome to the Vendetta Sports 2021 NFL Mock Draft – Blogger edition. Do you think you can draft better than NFL general managers? We put our bloggers to the test. A handful of Vendetta personalities take control of each NFL team and will be tasked with drafting the best players possible. We are drafting players based on what we would do. NOT what we believe each team will do.

We did this last year, of course, where you can see our results. Some Vendetta personalities drafted better than others. Let’s just say that. The man, the myth, the legend himself Jackson Law also ran a Madden simulation that was scary accurate based on our draft picks.

Let’s get right into the results. We also streamed the draft live so you could watch along before you scroll through every pick.

1: Jacksonville Jaguars (Trey Daubert) – Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson

“It didn’t take too long to turn the card in here. Trevor Lawrence is the pick. We know the deal on Lawrence. Yes, I assigned myself the Jaguars. Deal with it. It’s realistic. I’d never take a general manager job unless this was the sort of situation I was walking into. It’s called having self awareness.

Trevor Lawrence is the pick. Now it’s my job to build a Super Bowl winning roster.” – Trey Daubert

2: New York Jets (Adam Krieger) – Zach Wilson, QB, BYU

“I am going to take Wilson, my reason: despite the fact that he played a cupcake schedule at BYU, but that theory has kind of been debunked with Josh Allen. I cannot in good faith draft an Ohio State QB, It most likely won’t end up mattering because they will fail because it is the Jets.” – Adam Krieger

3: San Francisco 49ers (Adam Ramirez) – Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State

“Passing on Fields would be a mistake that can only compare to the fall of Mahomes and Watson in 2017. San Francisco’s run-heavy offense is a perfect developmental system for Fields. Whether Garoppolo stays or leaves, this is the right decision.” – Adam Ramirez

4: Atlanta Falcons (Chad Bauman) – Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida

“Julio Jones is aging but the Falcons still have a good young receiving core. They lack tight end talent. Pitts will be a fantastic young tight end that will be a great security blanket once they find their quarterback.” – Chad Bauman

5: Cincinnati Bengals (Karl Heiser) – Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon

“Word on the street is that Joe Burrow would be happy if the Bengals took Ja’Marr Chase here. If I’m Cincy, I don’t care about keeping Joe Burrow happy, I want to keep him healthy. He could have DHop and Julio on either side, but it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have any time to throw. Burrow hasn’t earned the right to make personnel decisions yet anyway. Get him the protection he needs and worry about the weapons after that. Plus, Sewell might help the run game after a season where Joe Mixon was a non-factor.” – Karl Heiser

6: Miami Dolphins (Jackson Law) – Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU

“Easy choice. With Kyle Pitts off the board, Chase was the next best skill position player available and is arguably the best receiver in the class. Drafting Chase and signing Will Fuller in the offseason should give Tua plenty of weapons to work with.” – Jackson Law

7: Detroit Lions (Kam Moos) – Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama

“Goff may not necessarily be their first choice at quarterback, but if they want to give him any sort of a fighting chance they must give him some weapons. Signing Tyrell Williams and Breshad Perriman are not the long term answers. Waddle has elite speed and is an incredible separator. He will step into the slot and be the best lions receiver since Calvin Johnson.” – Kam Moos

8: Carolina Panthers (Trey Daubert) – Patrick Surtain, CB, Alabama

“We went best player available and that Patrick Surtain. There’s no miss here. It fits a big need too because outside of Donte Jackson, there’s no confidence in our cornerback room. We believe Surtain gives us a number one cornerback on a defense that’s building something dangerous. Teams refused to ball in the direction of Surtain. We feel pretty good here. I know we will get a quality offensive lineman in the second round.” – Trey Daubert

9: Denver Broncos (Garrett Burroughs) – Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State

“The Broncos selected Micah Parsons at nine because Parsons gives us the best chance to compete now with the roster we have. With the moves we made in the offseason and the development of Drew Lock going into his 3rd year, we are excited on where this team is going.” – Garrett Burroughs

10: Dallas Cowboys (Alex Chick) – Jaycee Horn, CB, South Carolina

“Cowboys needed some serious help in the secondary. The Cowboys really hoped that Surtain would be here but Trey and the Panthers fucked us here.” – Alex Chick

11: New York Giants (Alex Jacobs) – Jaelan Phillips, DE, Miami

“This fills a need. Having a young gun alongside freshly re-signed Leonard Williams is a huge plus.” – Alex Jacobs

12: Philadelphia Eagles (Chad Bauman) – DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama

“The Eagles don’t trust Jalen Hurts but after failing to move up in the draft for Wilson they are stuck with him. They tried to move the 12th pick to Minnesota for a first round swap a three this year and a one next year. No go. They do the next logical thing and take the best deep threat in the draft” – Chad Bauman

13: Los Angeles Chargers (Adam Ramirez) – Rashawn Slater, OT, Northwestern

“Rashawn Slater is capable of playing any position on the offensive line. Los Angeles needs to protect its prized QB. Slater goes a long way towards making that happen.” – Adam Ramirez

14: Minnesota Vikings (Garrett Burroughs) – Alijah Vera-Tucker, OT, USC

“The Vikings are taking Alijah Vera-Tucker here with our pick. Our plan is to sure up the interior of our offensive line to make way for our all-pro talent at RB in Dalvin Cook.” – Garrett Burroughs

15: New England Patriots (Scott Logush) – Mac Jones, QB, Alabama

“My highest-graded QB still on the board. He’s ready to step in now behind a solid offensive line and he can help us to compete now and for years to come. I love his accuracy, we can put him on the move and he throws a beautiful ball. QB was an obvious need with Cam Newton’s contract expiring after this season we’re preparing for the immediate future. #DadBodJonesToTheMoon” – Scott Logush

16: Arizona Cardinals (Garrett Burroughs) – Greg Newsome, CB, Northwestern

“With the loss of Patrick Peterson this offseason, we had a glaring need at CB. Greg Newsome II is a great scheme fit for what we want to do here in Arizona. Our secondary gets a clear upgrade here” – Garrett Burroughs

17: Las Vegas Raiders (Alex Chick) – Jeremiah Owusu-Karomoah, LB, Notre Dame

“It’s no secret that the Raiders need help on the defensive side of the ball. Originally, I thought Micah Parsons would drop this far but he went way earlier than I thought. I’m slightly skeptical of taking a Notre Dame LB after Manti Te’o. I’ll be on suicide watch if this doesn’t work out.” – Alex Chick

18: Miami Dolphins (Jackson Law) – Azeez Ojulari, LB, Georgia

“I went back and forth between EDGE and OL on this one. The Dolphins have a solid defense, so why not add a nice pass rusher in Ojulari? Picking him at 18 is good value and can contribute the second he hits the field.” – Jackson Law

19: Washington Football Team (Karl Heiser) – Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota Sate

“I didn’t think this was a decision I would have to make, but I really was planning on taking Rashod Bateman before Lance fell all the way to 19. Washington needs a QB for the future after striking out on Haskins. Fitzpatrick has always been a transitional guy, and taking Lance gives the WFT what could be their new franchise guy. The defense will still be nasty next year, so it’s now just a question of whether they can pick up another wide receiver to take attention off Terry McLaurin.” – Karl Heiser

20: Chicago Bears (Scott Logush) – Teven Jenkins, OT, Oklahoma State

“I was sprinting to announce this pick. Teven Jenkins was my favorite player to watch in the 2021 NFL Draft. His physicality was top-notch. I had him as my No.2 overall tackle, behind only Penei Sewell. His footwork is amazing, he plays with incredible strength and he dominated Joseph Ossai with ease. Jenkins flattened Ossai multiple times and drove him into the Texas bench, and no that’s not an exaggeration. Turn on any game and he’s an absolute powerhouse at right tackle. His skill and technique are wonderful to watch. Jenkins plays the position like he has a vendetta against every defensive player, and that’s the type of attitude we need in Chicago.” – Scott Logush

21: Indianapolis Colts (Chad Bauman) – Asante Samuel Jr, CB, Florida State

“Sure the colts are lacking a stud wide out but this class deep in the first 2 rounds. They need to sure up their defense. Just like his pops Samuel jr is a true ball hawk. Expect him to help take an already good Colts defense to the next level.” – Chad Bauman

22: Tennessee Titans (Alex Chick) – Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota

“GET. AJ. BROWN. SOME. HELP. Corey Davis isn’t there anymore, the Titans will get more dangerous with Batemon here. AJ Brown, Batemon, Derrick Henry is enough to put some scare in any defense.” – Alex Chick

23: New York Jets (Adam Krieger) – Jamin Davis, LB, Kentucky

“A 4.4 linebacker just shows raw potential and athleticism. Having a young guy Saleh can get his hands and potentially mold is a chance I’ll take” – Adam Krieger

24: Pittsburgh Steelers (Bryan Tann) – Creed Humphrey, C, Oklahoma

“This kid has the attitude the Steelers offensive line needs. He’s undersized, scrappy, and has something to prove. With the retirement of Maurkice Pouncey, they need someone with an attitude to anchor the middle of that offensive line. This kid, coupled with the return of Zach Banner can allow for this offense to be more than just a one trick pony.” – Bryan Tann

25: Jacksonville Jaguars (Trey Daubert) – Eric Stokes, CB, Georgia

“I would have preferred to trade down a few spots, but Stokes was the best player remaining on my board. I think Stokes can develop into an elite level corner. He’s super physical, has rare speed, and comes with ball skills. We’re excited about the cornerback room we can build with Stokes, Shaq Griffin, and CJ Henderson moving forward” – Trey Daubert

26: Cleveland Browns (Kam Moos) – Christian Barmore, DT, Alabama

“The Browns don’t have many holes on their roster. They bolstered their secondary in free agency, but recently cut defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson. With his departure there is a hole on the interior of the line. Barmore is the best defensive lineman in the draft and will form the best pass rush in the league alongside Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney” – Kam Moos

27: Baltimore Ravens (Karl Heiser) – Kwity Paye, DE, Michigan

“After Bateman got selected, there weren’t really any high-level WR prospects left. Baltimore needs an edge rusher, and Paye has all the tools to become an elite NFL player. He’s extremely quick and powerful off the line, and he’s fantastic at disrupting the run. Paye has shown flashes of being a good pash rusher although that is one area he needs to work on a little more.” – Karl Heiser

28: New Orleans Saints (Jackson Law) – Elijah Moore, WR, Ole Miss

“The Saints have so many problems with a rebuild on the horizon. Moore gives whomever the Saints QB will be a nice secondary target besides Thomas. It’s a great receiver class, go out and grab one.” – Jackson Law

29: Green Bay Packers (Kam Moos) – Terrace Marshall, WR, LSU

“Terrace Marshall packers- Elijah Moore was sniped just before this pick. Without a doubt I wanted Green Bay to take him but I settle for Marshall instead. He’s more raw than other receiving prospects but his upside is among the best. Getting another weapon outside of Davante Adams for Aaron Rodgers is a priority for this team.” – Kam Moos

30: Buffalo Bills (Jackson Law) – Najee Harris, RB, Alabama

“Harris is arguably the best running back in this class. Adding him to that Buffalo offense is nasty. As a Dolphins fan, I’m scared of this actually happening. Bills could maybe use a pass rusher, but that defense is already one of the best in the league. Secure your weakest position and grab a prospect pass rusher in the second or third round.” – Jackson Law

31: Kansas City Chiefs (Adam Ramirez) – Zaven Collins, LB, Tulsa

“The Chiefs need help rushing the passer. Zaven Collins is listed as an EDGE, but he can also fly around as a linebacker. This flexibility is crucial for the KC defense.” – Adam Ramirez

32: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Scott Logush) – Landon Dickerson, C, Alabama

“This roster is so complete, there’s no hole or need. I decided to beef up the offensive line and prepare for the future, since there’s almost nothing this draft could do for the Buccaneers in 2021. Landon Dickerson is my No.1 interior offensive linemen in this draft. Although his injury history is concerning, his ability as a player is undeniable. He could start immediately at guard or start in 2022 when Alex Cappa hits free agency.” – Scott Logush

I would also like the record to show that Jacksonville would have taken Rondale Moore at pick 33 but we only did one round.

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