Week 9
Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group

It’s time for Chick’s Picks for Week 9! Last week, I went 11-4! It was a good week last week and there were a couple of games that I almost picked right. I was right on the money for the Chargers-Bears game last week. As the score I predicted was 17-16 Chargers and it was exactly that. Going into this week, I look to try to keep this up after a rough couple of weeks.

49ers @ Cardinals

The San Francisco 49ers (7-0) are being hosted by the Arizona Cardinals (3-4-1) in the Week 9 Thursday Night Football game. The San Francisco 49ers are not to be messed with. The Panthers were coming off a bye week and were playing convincingly well before the bye. The 49ers dismantled them, easily. It wasn’t even close. With Jimmy G at the helm, who’s been compared to Aaron Rodgers, the 49ers always have a shot. 49ers have made their case for the best team in the NFC, no wait, in the NFL. They’re among one of the best in the NFL, I don’t care who they’ve faced 7-0 is still 7-0, and they’ve beaten teams easily all year. On the other side of the spectrum, we have the Cardinals. The Cardinals have exceeded my expectations already. I didn’t expect more than 3 wins out of the team and so far that’s the case. Kyler Murray is promising though. He’s been playing well, but nowhere close enough to beat the Herculean 49ers.

Final Prediction: San Francisco 49ers 35, Arizona Cardinals 21

Texans @ Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars (4-4) are hosting the Houston Texans
(5-2) this week. This is a game in London that starts at 9:30 AM ET (set your fantasy lineups). The Texans and the Colts are the teams to beat in the AFC South, and unfortunately, that’s what the Jags need to do to even have a chance at the playoffs. A statement win here would show that the Jaguars are gonna do this thing. I don’t think the Jaguars have enough talent to do that though, Fournette has been playing better, Minshew is average at least, and the defense is still playing well. If those 3 things are clicking for the Jaguars, they can hang with almost everyone, if not, I don’t see how they can win. The Texans are playing well with their elite QB, Deshaun Watson. This football team really isn’t that good, but Watson is so great that he can carry this team. Watson rightfully so tore up the Raiders secondary last week, he’ll face a harder defense next week but not as good as of an offense. Deshaun Watson will put up points with his number 1 DeAndre Hopkins, or his TEs. Jaguars can’t keep up with the Texans here, no playoff berth for them.

Final Prediction: Houston Texans 23, Jacksonville Jaguars 17

Colts @ Steelers

The Indianapolis Colts (5-2) are traveling to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers (3-4) in this matchup. The Steelers got a scare last week. I’ll be really impressed by the Steelers one week, and the next they almost lose to the Dolphins. While their playoff hopes are slowly dying, it’s becoming evident that Mason Rudolph is not their QB of the future. The Steelers now face a question they don’t know the answer to yet: who’s the QB after Ben? The Steelers Defense has been showing they are a great young group. The Steelers needn’t put that to waste finding a QB, they need a replacement fast. The Colts are silently one of the most underrated teams in the NFL, they’ve beaten the Chiefs and the Texans, but no one is batting an eye. Y’all better start putting some RESPECT on the Colts. They’re something serious. Colts should win this one.

Final Prediction: Indianapolis Colts 31, Pittsburgh Steelers 23

Bears @ Eagles

The Chicago Bears (3-4) are being hosted by the Philadelphia Eagles (4-4) in this matchup. Here with the Eagles and the Bears, we have polar opposites. The Eagles can score on almost anyone with Carson Wentz at the helm. The Bears defense can stop almost anyone on offense. Conversely, the Eagles cannot stop a lot on defense, they struggle mightily in their secondary. Luckily, Mitch Trubisky is terrible. I say it every week. But even Mitch can look good against this secondary. I personally will be watching this because it’s going to be good watching polar opposites go at it. For me, I’m taking the Eagles, Mitch will fail you, Wentz will not.

Final Prediction: Philadelphia Eagles 21, Chicago Bears 16

Jets @ Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins (0-7) are hosting the New York Jets (1-6) in this AFC East week 9 matchup. This is part 1 of my snoozefests of the week. I’m disappointed, I thought the Jets were better than this coming into the season but alas they’re not. The Jets are terrible other than Sam Darnold. They’ll probably tank for the rest of the year for the best draft pick they can. I don’t think they can out-tank the master tankers in the Miami Dolphins. After the Dolphins traded Drake, you know it’s a complete rebuild. The Dolphins might not be good for another 5 years trying to build a roster. Don’t bother watching this game, you might die of boredom, Jets win though.

Final Prediction: New York Jets 26, Miami Dolphins 17

Vikings @ Chiefs

The Minnesota Vikings (6-2) are traveling to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs (5-3). I will say that Matt Moore has impressed me. On that note, I’m less impressed with Patrick Mahomes. I earlier called him the most talented QB in the NFL, but that might not be the case. The Chiefs offense has barely taken a step back despite losing their star QB. Props to Andy Reid on that one. The Chiefs defense stays horrible though and is still their biggest flaw. The Vikings are rolling right now. After there was doubt about them with the Kirk Cousins and Stefon Diggs tension. The Vikings have been nearly perfect ever since. A lot of that offense can be associated with the NFL’s leading rusher, Dalvin Cook. The Viking are rolling and against the Mahomes-less Chiefs, I like the Vikings chances to win. I’ll be watching this game

Final Prediction: Minnesota Vikings 34, Kansas City Chiefs 28

Titans @ Panthers

The Tennessee Titans (4-4) are being hosted by the Carolina Panthers (4-3) in this game. What a terrible way to come off the bye. The Panthers came off the bye and faced the 49ers and got spanked. After playing well for a few weeks by getting 4 wins in a row, the 49ers said they ain’t shit. The Panthers need to clear their minds of that bad loss. They have a chance to do that this week against the Titans. The one-man offense in Christian McCaffrey is almost unstoppable, expect the Panthers to keep going through him. The Titans are also playing better with Tannehill at the helm, but he’s still not that good of a QB. The Titans offense is just Derrick Henry. If the Panthers can stop that, this is their game to lose.

Final Prediction: Carolina Panthers 17, Tennessee Titans 16

Redskins @ Bills

The Buffalo Bills (5-2) are hosting the Washington Redskins (1-7) in this game. The Bills had a bad loss last week against the Eagles. Despite having a stout defense, the Eagles put up 31 points. Against the Eagles porous secondary, the Bills also only put up 13 points. This was a bad game for them all around. Luckily they have a chance to gain some confidence back as they face the Redskins. The Redskins are bad, there’s no other way to put it. It doesn’t matter who plays QB, they won’t win. The only bright spot they have is Terry McLaurin, hopefully, they get him some help soon. Bills handle this one easily.

Final Prediction: Buffalo Bills 24, Washington Redskins 13

Buccaneers @ Seahawks

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-5) are traveling to Seattle to take on the Seahawks (6-2) in this Week 9 NFC matchup. The Buccaneers need to do something with Jameis Winston, he’s a bust. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin’s talent is being wasted. The Buccaneers need to look for a new QB as a start to being a good team again. They can’t rely on Winston. Unfortunately, the Bucs have a tough matchup with the Seahawks this week, the Seahawks are one of the best teams in the NFC. With their MVP candidate QB, Russell Wilson. Their team is good and should handle the Bucs. Unless Winston magically figures out how to be good, expect the Seahawks to dominate. 

Final Prediction: Seattle Seahawks 27, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20

Packers @ Chargers

The Green Bay Packers (7-1) are being hosted by the Los Angeles Chargers (3-5). Green Bay has had a lucky string of events lately. They get 2 bad calls against the Lions to win that game, the Raiders porous defense and mistakes, facing a Mahomes-less Chiefs, and now face a struggling Chargers team. The Chargers just fired their Offensive Coordinator the other day after it has been stagnant all year despite the talent on the offense. I’m not sure what will change in terms of their offense but the Packers defense has been good enough for me to pick against the Chargers. Aaron Rodgers proves he can win with anyone really. I mean imagine a guy who’s last name is Valdes-Scantling being your best receiver and still kicking ass and taking names. I can rave at how good Aaron Rodgers is, but just expect him to tear up the Chargers.

Final Prediction: Green Bay Packers 27, Los Angeles Chargers 16

Browns @ Broncos

The Denver Broncos (2-6) are hosting the Cleveland Browns (2-5) in the other snoozefest game of the week. These teams are not good. One team, I expected to be bad, and the other is a total surprise to me. When the Broncos got Joe Flacco, there was a lot of overreaction, but I knew he really wasn’t going to be anything special. Denver fans thought he was going to be the next Peyton Manning for the Broncos but that wasn’t the case. The Browns are bad, for no reason really. The talent is there but for some reason, they still play like trash. Blame it on Baker Mayfield, blame it on Freddie Kitchens, I don’t know, but something needs to change. I’d fire Kitchens first and give Baker one more year, if he doesn’t pan out, give him the boot. The Broncos are starting Brandon Allen this week and after trading Emmanuel Sanders last week to the 49ers, this team isn’t poised to win any games. I do believe in Denver’s defense just not enough of their offense. The Browns win a barn burner in Denver

Final Prediction: Cleveland Browns 16, Denver Broncos 13

Lions @ Raiders

The Detroit Lions (3-3-1) are traveling to Oakland to take on the Raiders (3-4) in the Raider’s first home game in Oakland in 2 months. Sigh, being a Raiders fan is hard. The Raiders put up a great effort against the Texans last week, but their defense failed them once again. The defensive line is young and has potential but their secondary is horrible. The Raiders offense consists of Darren Waller, a personal favorite of mine and the best TE you’ve probably never heard of, and Josh Jacobs, future Offensive Rookie of the Year. I’ve said it week after week if you shut down both of these guys, the Raiders offense is stagnant. But usually one of them will have a good game to keep the Raiders in the game, if not both. The Raider’s defense will get tore up again as they face Matthew Stafford. Matthew Stafford alone always scared me, but he has competent receivers in Marvin Jones Jr. and Kenny Golladay. The Lions don’t seem to have a run game as Kerryon Johnson is injured. Unfortunately for the Raiders, the Lions could not call a single run this game and still win. I’m tired of losing as a fan, I think the Raiders have a legit shot to win and that’s what I’m going with, bias or not.

Final Prediction: Oakland Raiders 24. Detroit Lions 21

Patriots @ Ravens

The New England Patriots (8-0) are being hosted by the Baltimore Ravens (5-2) in our week 9 Sunday Night Football matchup. I’ll keep saying it the Ravens are overrated. Lamar Jackson is overrated. Overrated overrated overrated. The Patriots are about to shit on the Ravens and bring the Ravens and their fans down a notch. Lamar Jackson is not a good QB, he’s a good football player, just not a good QB. The Patriots defense is a good as they come and will handle all the Ravens weapons. Other than Marcus Peters, the Patriots needn’t worry about this Ravens defense. With all the weapons they have, the Patriots should be able to score on this defense easily. Although on paper this looks like a great game to watch, but I’m thinking it’s going to be more boring than what you’re expecting. Patriots handle the Ravens easily.

Final Prediction: New England PAtriots 31, Baltimore Ravens 20

Cowboys @ Giants

The New York Giants are hosting the Dallas Cowboys in our week 9 Monday Night Football matchup. The Dallas Cowboys are coming off a bye in week 8 to handle the Giant. They shouldn’t have any problems other than the generational talent that is Saquon Barkley, seeing how they handled it in week 1. Although the Giants have Daniel “Danny Dimes” Jones this time around instead of Eli Manning, the Cowboys shouldn’t worry too much. The Cowboys had an extra week to prepare for this matchup. The Giants will have their hands full trying to contain the offensive weapons on the Cowboys offense. They’ll need to try to stop Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and their QB Dak Prescott. I don’t think the Giants have a chance but Danny Dimes may surprise this team, I don’t know, I doubt it. Cowboys beat the Giants here.

Final Prediction: Dallas Cowboys 27, New York Giants 17

Teams on Bye

The Los Angeles Rams (5-3) go into week 9 on a bye week. They sit currently at 5-3 and are on the outside looking in terms of a playoff berth. As the 49ers look to win against the Cardinals, the Rams are looking for a wild card spot. They’ll be watching the Chiefs & Vikings game rooting for the Chiefs to win, and they’ll be watching the Seahawks & Buccaneers, hoping for a miraculous upset by the Bucs.

The New Orleans Saints (7-1) are going into week 9 on the bye. Drew Brees is finally back and the Saints are tied for the 2nd best record in the NFC. They shouldn’t really be worrying about any games, but if they are looking for the first-round bye, they need some teams to look, every loss helps. If the 49ers somehow lost (won’t happen), or the Packers somehow lost (also unlikely) they would put them at the top at the NFC. They’ll be hoping for the Panthers to lose against the Titans somehow to help secure that playoff berth as soon as possible.

The Atlanta Falcons (1-7) go into week 9 on a bye week. The Falcons are hoping for everyone with a bad record to win. I mean if you’re not going to the playoffs, you might as well tank. Falcons are looking at a top 5 pick, they’ll want to better their chances with all the bad teams winning this week.

Speaking of bad teams, the Cincinnati Bengals (0-8) go into week 9 on the bye. The Bengals are also going to be hoping that every bad team wins this week. I really don’t think the Bengals are as bad as their record says. But if you’re 0-8, hell you want the best draft pick you want. I think this team should have 2 wins, and they would look better in some light, but that’s not either here nor there.