Matt Nagy Mitch Trubisky
Matt Nagy has taken Mitch Trubisky as far as he can go (Nam Y. Huh/Associated Press)

After the Bears were humiliated on opening night by division rival Green Bay, the biggest of the night had to be just how bad Mitch Trubisky was. Trubisky ended the night 26/45 for 228 yards, 0 touchdowns, and 1 interception. Chicago scored 3 points the whole night and it came on a drive where the offense starting field position came at the Packers 36 yard line. The Bears longest drive of the night was 7 plays. Trubisky averaged 5 yards a pass. It was UGLY.

Of course, the narrative around the league is whether Trubisky is a franchise quarterback? That’s what pathetic ESPN wrote today. It was a terrible article with no real insight. If you have been following me for a while, you already knew what Trubisky was years ago. I graded him out at a 6th round prospect coming out of North Carolina and told you he basically he was destined to be a bust for numerous reasons. I compared him to Jake Locker coming out of college. He looks more like Blake Bortles -1.0 with an Andy Reid disciple as the playcaller. Tomato – Tomato. Speaking of the playcaller, Matt Nagy, it’s become clear that the smoke and mirrors are no longer viable. Nagy has taken Trubisky as far as he can go. Chicago needs to start looking for a new quarterback NOW or let the best defense in football go to waste.

I know, it was just one game. Don’t overreact, right? The problem is that’s who Trubisky is. That’s how teams around the league view him. Smoke and mirrors. This is what Tramon Williams had to say about Trubisky after the game. Keep in mind, this is the oldest defensive back in football. He’s seen it all. This was not a rookie speaking out of turn. This is Tramon Williams who grinded his way from Louisiana Tech and is still balling at the age of 36 in the secondary.

“We wanted Mitch to play quarterback” That’s how teams feel who watch film and prepare for the Bears. He can’t do the quarterback thing. Contain the weapons, don’t fall the tricks, and we win this game. After having a full offseason to prepare for the smoke and mirrors offense, Trubisky has no answers. This was NEVER a sustainable offense. It’s why I picked Green Bay to win last night and the division.

Before the start of the season, I got some grips about my quarterback tiers. Trubisky was at the bottom of the list in the total garbage tier. It couldn’t be more accurate. That’s who he was last year and that’s who he is right now. There’s a reason why PFF had him ranked as the 34th best quarterback last year. I don’t love PFF but there’s not even room for interpretation there. Trubisky is ass. There’s no way around it.

Don’t blame Matt Nagy either for the bad play of Mitch Trubisky. He’s doing everything he can. That same play that went for 20 yards last year is now incomplete. Nagy can only come up with so many tricks. Defenses had a full offseason to prepare. He’s proven to be a brilliant coach. He won 12 games with what is probably the worst starting quarterback in the league. That’s not easy to do. Especially in 2019. You can’t Trent Dilfer your way to a Super Bowl anymore. Doug Pederson is having success with the Eagles. Nagy is running on fumes trying to call plays because he doesn’t have a real quarterback. Both Nagy and Pederson are Andy Reid disciples. Reid most likely has the best coaching tree ever. This is not Matt Nagy’s fault. If anything, Nagy has helped Trubisky without question. He just can’t take him any further. There’s no more ability to squeeze out.

Look, Bears fans can get mad all you want. Just remember, I’m on your side. I’m trying to help you. I know what this pain feels like. For years and years, I watched the Ravens trot out a Super Bowl caliber defense only to be countered with the likes of Kyle Boller, Troy Banks, Elvis Grbac, Anthony Wright, Jeff Blake, and Chris Redman. I feel your pain. It sucks. I would pick your team to win the Super Bowl if they had Matt Stafford. That’s how great this defense is. The problem is your quarterback is Mitch Trubisky and he’s totally screwed the franchise. It’s clear (if he wasn’t going to be clear months ago) the tricks aren’t going to keep working. Matt Nagy can’t squeeze any more juice out of Trubisky.