Dallas Cowboys
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It’s time, to be honest, and the truth hurts sometimes. But this will definitely leave a mark in the hearts of Cowboys fans. Right now, this Dallas Cowboys team isn’t winning a Super Bowl, or even going to the Super Bowl. The Cowboys are RIGHT there, they just need to change a couple of things. Things that they need to do but they don’t want to do. Things that will, however, make them a Super Bowl contender, no, make them a Super Bowl Champion.

Dak Prescott

I’ve said it time and time again. Dak Prescott isn’t a top 10 QB. He’s average at best. I do hate on him a lot, part of that reason is the stupidly high pedestal that Cowboy fans put him on. I am simply Newton’s Third Law of that praise. You can throw stats at me, you can show me the win-loss record, you can do everything to make your case about Dak. But as Trey and I said in a podcast months ago, is he going to win you a Super Bowl? The answer is no. In all honesty, Dak is painfully limited. In that link, it shows how the offensive gameplan around Dak is so basic and predictable because of Dak’s play style. You can weep all you want, Dak isn’t winning the Dallas Cowboys a Super Bowl, the truth hurts.

Jason Garrett

Fine fine, let’s say we keep Dak Prescott, Jason Garrett NEEDS to go. If I haven’t lost Cowboys fans yet, then this paragraph should make them hate me a little less. I know Cowboy fans HATE Garrett, and I don’t blame them. He’s part of the reason why the Dallas Cowboys haven’t won yet, the playcalling sometimes is just a head-scratcher. When the Cowboys have all that talent and it doesn’t translate to playoff success, you’re wondering why the hell not? They’ve reached the playoffs 3 times under his tenure, only securing a win twice. They’ve never got past the divisional round. It’s been 10 years, 2 playoff wins just doesn’t cut it, coaches have been fired for less, so why not Garrett? Cut the cord, get rid of him. Get someone that allows Dak to throw deep, while also opens up the run game for Ezekiel Elliott. Dak is physically talented, no reason why he can’t lead them to a Super Bowl. The offense needs to run through Zeke, and when it’s not clicking, the Cowboys offense needs to be able to move the chains still. That just doesn’t happen in Jason Garrett’s offense. When Zeke is shut down, the Cowboys are helpless. The truth doesn’t hurt so bad on this one. 

Jerry Jones

*Cracks fingers* This is where it gets fun. I’m not sure the general consensus is on Jerry Jones amongst Dallas Cowboy fans, BUT I will say as a Raiders fan, our situations were identical. As a Raiders fan, Al Davis was detrimental to the team coming to his last days, he was trying to do a win-now situation like it’s a get quick rich scheme, without doing a proper rebuild. Along with that, he was IN YOUR BUSINESS about how the team was run, much like Jerry Jones. Running a team is like soap, the more you control it and squeeze it, the more you drop it and get…nevermind, you get my point. The coach needs to do his job without the boss always breathing down his neck. Unfortunately, Jerry Jones won’t stop doing that, nor will he sell the team. Cowboy fans are stuck with him whether they like it or not. The truth might hurt you on this one. But until one of these things happens, I can’t see the team winning a Super Bowl, no matter who’s on the roster. It goes without saying that their chances increase exponentially the more of these improvements they do. It starts from the top and works itself down. I’d start with the owner (won’t happen), Garrett is the next improvement, get a better coach. If those two don’t work, then I’d worry about a new QB. I did say Dak Prescott was average, which means there are QBs I rather have, but I rather have him than a lot of QBs. It’s a good thing they haven’t given him a new contract especially at the 40 million he asked for. He doesn’t deserve it. This doesn’t include Amari Cooper wanting a new deal either. Until these things happen Cowboy fans, nothing is going to change. The truth hurts, I know, but it’s what y’all needed to hear.