Jameis Winston
Jameis1of1 will make you a believer in Jameis Winston. Just like I’ve been trying to tell you all along. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

I’ve been a Jameis Winston defender forever. When I watch the games, I see a very gifted quarterback. He makes throws that take my breath away sometimes. Winston also hasn’t been put in the right position to succeed. He was drafted by the worst team in the NFL. He was coached by moron Dirk Koetter for numerous years. Winston has the worst rushing attack in the league making the offense one dimensional. He also has no defense and constantly has to get plugged into shoot outs. I think Jameis Winston is a good quarterback.

You can argue with me all you want. Try arguing with the author of Jameis1of1. The notorious author made an appearance on the Barstool Yak Sirius XM Show. Good luck trying to tell him he’s wrong:

This is his Twitter account:

Jameis1of1 makes some great points. His most accurate point is where he talks about the media. 95 percent of them really are clueless. They worry about the wins and losses for one guy on a 53 man roster. It’s a silly concept. The media is also very locked in on the box score and the result of the play. You don’t scout results. You scout traits. It’s why NFL GM’s continue to miss on quarterbacks year after year. Marcus Mariota was never good. Never. Chip Kelly made him look good. Mitch Trubisky won 12 games last year. That guy blows.

You can tell Jameis1of1 is a really smart guy just by the way he speaks. He’s right about Carson Wentz too. If you have bad things to say about Carson Wentz, seek help. I’m glad I’m on the right side of this one. We look at Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and think Winston has a great team around him. This is a putrid offensive line. Let’s see what half the league looks like with Donovan Smith as their right tackle. How about that joke Ryan Jensen. Lock in on that guy next game. He stinks. Ronald Jones is a total bust. The defense is god awful. Go ahead and keep blaming Jameis. That’s fine. Smart people like me are on the right side of this one. Jameis Winston has a problem off the field, not on it.

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