Sam Darnold
The New York Jets are lost without Sam Darnold. It’s time to recognize just how good he is. (Bill Kostroun/New York Post)

Often times we confuse the word “valuable”. What does it mean to you? In sports, it should be pretty simple. What does your team look like with you. What does your team look like without you? The New York Jets have been without Sam Darnold for a few weeks after he contracted mono. New York was supposed to be on the upswing in Darnold’s 2nd year. Instead, the Jets look totally lost without him. Before you talk smack on Darnold. Just remember, the Jets might be the worst team in football without him.

Sam Darnold
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This Jets team stinks. Trust me, I know. I’ve been using them in Madden and they need a lot of work. They’re also strapped with bad contracts. Yes, I know the Jets are on their third quarterback. However, the problems stem much further than that. The offensive line is a mess. Le’Veon Bell is a bum. Quincy Enunwa has a bad neck. Robby Anderson is a nice deep threat but not much else. This team is god awful. They’re somehow borderline worse than the Dolphins without Darnold.

Forget being competitive. The Jets literally cannot move the ball without Darnold. The Jets have 1 offensive touchdown in 3 weeks without Darnold. They have more defensive-special teams touchdowns in that stretch. That’s bringing that points per game average up. The Jets scored 14 against the Patriots. 7 came via a Jamal Adams pick 6. 7 came off a muffed punt. The offense CAN’T MOVE THE BALL. Yes, Darnold is that good. He’s saving the franchise from being the Dolphins

The Jets need Darnold back now. I don’t want to hear another word about how he’s overrated. Watch them without him. The Jets had the Bills beat in Week 1 if CJ Mosley never got hurt. He was the most productive quarterback in football during the last 4 weeks of the 2018 season according to PFF. The man has talent. He’s the youngest starting quarterback ever with a very high ceiling. The Jets need their starting quarterback back more than a lot of other teams do. They’re lifeless without him.