Who are the worst buys on SimBull after the conclusion of the 2021 NFL Draft? Here are five teams you should sell stock on. (Charles LeClaire/USA TODAY Sports)

Worst SimBull Buys After The 2021 NFL Draft

Now that the 2021 NFL Draft has concluded, we have a clear idea of what the season should look like roster wise. After analyzing the markets, which teams are the absolute worst buys in the NFL on SimBull after the draft?

Honorable Mention: Buccaneers

The Bucs are the third highest priced team at $42.54. Yes, this roster is loaded but at some point, the wheels on this Tom Brady thing is going to fall off, right? How many high end years will the Bucs be at the top? Don’t hang on to this puppy too long or you’re surely going to sell at a loss.

For the record, I gave the Bucs an F for their draft. I didn’t get what they were trying to accomplish.

5: Seahawks

Russell Wilson is the only thing holding this franchise together. With only three picks and a depleted roster as is, it’s hard to stay bullish on Seattle long term. Especially as Russell Wilson ages.

The Jamal Adams trade was a disaster from jump street.

Pete Carroll should realistically be on the hot seat. His defense’s have gone down the toilet.

Worse yet, this division is a gauntlet. Is Wilson enough to keep them afloat by himself? It may be time to jump ship.

4: Ravens

I’m a Ravens fan for the record. Anyone that has a brain knows this Lamar Jackson thing is a gimmick. There’s maybe one more decent year left here.

The entire world has been conned and it’s sad. It’s eerily similar to the Colin Kaepernick years. An athletic quarterback that wasn’t accurate enough and thrived during a short period of time because of creative coaching. Kaepernick never had ability. He had a Harbaugh and Greg Roman. Ditto for Lamar.

The idea that the Ravens are $37 a share is crazy. We’ve seen the best of this iteration of them. The Cleveland Browns have a significantly better roster too.

This is a team that lost Matthew Judon and Yannick Ngakoue in free agency. They replaced them with a project in Odafe Oweh who had zero sacks in 2020 at Penn State and played. Total project. I did not have Rashod Bateman as a first round player. He’s held hostage anyway by this gimmick offense. It’s hard to be in love with this draft class.

Sell, Sell, and then Sell again. It’s the Kaepernick 49ers. One day you’re in the Super Bowl. The next day Chip Kelly is benching you for Blaine Gabbert. It’s coming.

3: Packers

Yikes. Aaron Rodgers is not happy, Jordan Love has way too much bust potential, and the Packers just failed another draft. I gave them a solid D for their 2021 NFL Draft haul. It’s not good. Especially with Justin Fields being picked within the division.

I can’t justify them at $37.40. The future looks bleak at best.

2: Lions

Detroit Sports. Do I really have to say anything else? Have the Lions ever been serious contenders? I don’t care how low the price gets ($28.40 and still somehow more expensive than Carolina) why would you ever invest in the Lions? Especially now. Jared Goff is being paired with running back coach Anthony Lynn. Does anyone realize how big of a trainwreck that’s going to be?

1: Bengals

Karl just did a lengthy article on this but he hit the nail on the head. The Bengals are the hot new thing with Joe Burrow. I get it. Who’s buying them at $53.08? They’re the most expensive NFL team by a good amount. How many games are they really going to win this year? 5? 6?

I did actually like the Bengals 2021 NFL Draft class. Not the point. This is a franchise that hasn’t won a playoff game since 1991. Now I’m supposed to believe this is the most expensive team on the market? NOPE.

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