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The SimBengals Are Ridiculously Overpriced

I was scrolling through the SimBull NFL market today to see if there were any value buys following the 2021 NFL Draft. When I saw the price for the SimBengals, my jaw hit the floor – and not in a good way. As of this writing, the SimBengals are priced at $53.08 per share. That’s not just the most expensive NFL team share price, it’s the most expensive share price on the entire SimBull market period.

The only other teams with a share price above $40 are the SimBucs and SimChiefs, who were both just in the Super Bowl. It’s inexplicable why the Bengals, a team that went 4-11-1 last season, should cost $7 more than a team that has Patrick Mahomes and two Super Bowl appearances in two years. It could be worse, too. On April 30, the SimBengals peaked at $64.87 a share. That’s absolutely absurd. Based on where the rest of the market is right now, you would think the Bengals are making the next 10 Super Bowls and winning 14 games a year.

The thing is, it’s not like the Cincinnati Bengals had a fantastic 2021 NFL Draft. Trey was pretty high on it, but the general consensus puts them around 20th in the league for draft grades. Also, Joe Burrow is coming off injury. Is he really expected to be significantly better in his second year right off a torn ACL? His protection got better, sure, but honestly how many games do we expect this team to win next season? Best case scenario, like six or seven?

Sell the SimBengals While You Can

I wish I could tell you all what is driving the SimBengals price up so much, but I legitimately have zero idea. There’s so many reasons why this share price is destined to collapse. If you own a SimBengals share, sell it now and thank me later.


Disclaimer: I want to clearly communicate that this is all my opinion and my individual assessment of value. I am not a financial advisor. Be smart with how you invest your money.

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