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SimBull NFL: What Is The Best Team To Buy In The NFC South In 2021?

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SimBull NFL: What Is The Best Team To Buy In The NFC South In 2021?

The 2021 NFL Draft has just ended. It’s now time to get ready for the 2021 NFL season. That also means you can make some money this season on SimBull NFL. With SimBull being as much of a short-term game as it is a long-term game. We need to find the healthy middle with teams that will bring you success this year and future years while still being avoidable. We’re analyzing the NFC South. This consists of the Falcons, the Saints, the Panthers, and the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Buccaneers.

#4 New Orleans Saints $33.75

The Saints are currently the 2nd highest team in the NFC South in terms of price. They’re also in cap hell and with no clear direction at QB. I don’t know how any of this is promising and making you think this is the team to invest in. It might be a while before they can get their cap situation fixed and their roster will suffer at some point. It’s better to avoid them until that happens.

#3 Atlanta Falcons $33.24

If you were a Saints fan and were mad that the Saints were below the Falcons, just know that it was a coin flip on who would be last. The only 2 things that put the Falcons over the Saints was the Saints cap hell and Kyle Pitts. This Falcons offense will be solid just with the trio of Calvin Ridley, Julio Jones, and Kyle Pitts. There are questions with QB as Matt Ryan is getting older and looking more average by the day. However, their weapons will make it seem any QB can play there. If they get their defense just better. it looks a lot better. However, I wouldn’t invest in either the Saints or the Falcons on SimBull NFL.

#2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers $42.54

Remember when I said affordable in the 1st paragraph? That is where this comes into play here. Tampa Bay obviously just won the Super Bowl, but their price makes it hard to invest in them again. Do not get me wrong, they’re in a better position than the other two NFC South teams below this, I can’t put them at the top though. Tom Brady will retire EVENTUALLY. The Bucs defense and their offensive weapons were stupendous. After he retires, the team will be fine, but at $42, this isn’t the best choice to invest in long-term on SimBull NFL.

#1 Carolina Panthers $26.31

This is absolutely the best investment in the NFC South. It might be trending towards the whole league considering the price. They are the 3rd cheapest on SimBull and have one of the biggest upsides right now. The Panthers made an upgrade at QB by trading for Sam Darnold. If you still doubt his talent, I will pray for you to never reproduce cause the guy can play. It must also be noted that Christian McCaffrey was injured most of last season. This offense with Sam Darnold and now CMC back will be roaring. The Panthers’ defense got better with the selection of Jaycee Horn. This is absolutely the best investment right now because the Panthers may make the playoffs this year and will win the division when Tom Brady retires. INVEST NOW.




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