Aaron Rodgers
(Jay Biggerstaff/USA TODAY Sports)

First off, thank you to Aaron Rodgers for taking over NFL Twitter just after it was reported that Tim Tebow wanted to make a return. The reigning NFL MVP has apparently told people within the Packers organization that he wants out, can we really blame him? I mean seriously, do the Packers even want to win a Super Bowl?

This is hilarious. How did it get to this point? Why does Aaron Rodgers want out? It’s simple, the Green Bay Packers have done absolutely nothing to show us they want to compete. They traded up in the first round to draft Jordan Love, and Aaron Rodgers gives them an MVP performance and led them to the NFC Championship Game AGAIN! Then coach Matt LaFleur decided to kick a field goal instead of going for it on 4th down. The only thing that field goal did was piss off Aaron Rodgers in a bad way.

The Green Bay Packers have done literally nothing in free agency, literally nothing. They resigned a running back after spending a second-round pick on one in the 2020 NFL Draft. They let the best center in the NFL leave and sign with the Chargers, they resigned Kevin King. Allow me to remind you, Kevin King got lit up like a Christmas tree in the playoffs. Green Bay thought it was a good idea to bring back THAT GUY, instead of resigning their best offensive linemen. This front office is starting to piss me off more and more each day.

The Green Bay Packers have given us every indication that they do not give a single damn about winning a Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers. Trade him, go with the quarterback you traded up to select. Do something good for Aaron Rodgers and give him a chance to win elsewhere.

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