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Best SimBull Buys After The 2021 NFL Draft

The Carolina Panthers are the best NFL buy on SimBull and it’s not close. Who else should you invest in after the 2021 NFL Draft? (Gerry Broome / AP Photo)

Best SimBull Buys After The 2021 NFL Draft

After finishing up my 2021 NFL Draft grades, it’s time to take a look at how it impacted the market. Our partners over at SimBull are terrific and there’s quite a few teams that are too juicy to pass up at this point. Which five teams should you buy on SimBull after the 2021 NFL Draft?

Honorable Mention: New York Jets:

The Jets had a solid draft and seem more functional than the Adam Gase years. For $26.50 a share? Buy some Jets stock.

5: Arizona Cardinals

I didn’t even necessarily love the Cardinals draft but… WOW. You’re telling me I can get the Cardinals for $28 a share? Arizona is the 6th lowest price team on the market. For the record, I gave the Cards the second highest draft grade in the division. Trey Lance likely won’t help San Francisco this year either.

The NFC West, as far as I’m concerned, is a total crap shoot. The Cardinals could easily win this division. Kyler Murray is exploding, year two of DeAndre Hopkins, and the addition of JJ Watt. Think long and hard about this one. Are you sure Arizona can’t win this division? Are you positive?

Rondale Moore? Oh, god he’s going to make this offense fun.

4: New York Giants

Talk about another team. Dirt cheap with a chance to win the division. The Giants are the 10th lowest priced team on SimBull which is outrageous for a team that can easily win the NFC East.

Joe Judge has proven he can coach and takes over his second year with the team. Talk about the draft Dave Gettleman just had? To collect a future first rounder from Chicago while picking up Kadarius Toney, Azeez Ojulari, and Aaron Robinson? It was a great day for the G-Men.

Look, I’m not sold on Daniel Jones but it’s a bad division and a roster that’s becoming sneaky good. Hard not to love it.

3: Chicago Bears

I love Justin Fields. I don’t know how you couldn’t. I think he’s the Deshaun Watson of the draft. Drops for absolutely no reason. Fields is the best quarterback by a mile the Bears have ever had. Best of all, they have a ready made defense.

Ryan Pace doesn’t deserve to keep his job but the man redeemed himself. I don’t care what anybody says, Matt Nagy is a hell of a play caller. It’s a miracle he took Mitch Trubisky to the playoffs. Miracle. Trubisky was a 6th round prospect. This isn’t on Nagy. The guy can coach.

The Bears are really undervalued.

2: Jacksonville Jaguars

The price of $33.97 isn’t quite a steal but the Jaguars did really well during the 2021 NFL Draft (minus the Travis Etienne pick). The Texans are a sinking ship, the Titans are totally irrelevant, and I can’t take Chris Ballard seriously until he actually wins a division title.

Jacksonville could easily win 5, 6, 7, or even 8 games this year. Long term? They’re going to control this division for a long time.

1: Carolina Panthers

I’ve been saying this for months. The Carolina Panthers are by far the best bet on SimBull. This is a playoff team. You can book that. Carolina had 8 one score losses a year ago. They upgrade at quarterback in a big way. Sam Darnold is a stud. I’d trade Lamar Jackson for him straight up and not think twice. Some guy named Christian McCaffrey basically didn’t play all year either.

Matt Rhule is so smart. His 2021 NFL Draft proves just that. Picking up Jaycee Horn is one thing. To flood the draft class with numerous trade downs while picking Terrace Marshall at pick 59 is ridiculous.

Again, I said this a while ago. Matt Rhule is a program builder. We knew he wasn’t going to win this past year. That’s the track record. Barring major injuries, the playoffs are a lock. I think Carolina has an outside chance to win this division.

Signing up with SimBull also helps us too! Use our link – with the promo code “vendetta” for a $10 deposit bonus.

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