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2023 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings

2023 NFL Draft

(David Petkiewicz,

2023 NFL Draft
Here are your official 2023 NFL Draft quarterback rankings. Do you agree or disagree with the rankings? Where does your guy fall? (David Petkiewicz,

2023 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings

After hitting the running backs, it’s time to rank the quarterbacks in the 2023 NFL Draft. The QB class this year is stronger than it was a year ago but it’s still filled with a lot of question marks. Let’s not waste any time and get right into it. Here are your official Vendetta Sports 2023 NFL Draft quarterback rankings!

15: Tanner Morgan (Minnesota)

The floor and the ceiling feel almost identical here. Will we see Tanner Morgan next year at the combine as one of the throwing quarterbacks? That feels like the outcome here. Maybe Morgan is the next great backup story but I wouldn’t count on it.

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14: Sean Clifford (Penn State)

Sean Clifford comes in the long line of Penn State quarterbacks that kinda all look like Trace McSorley. Clifford will try to be a notch better. Isn’t a terrible runner but probably not much here.

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13: Malik Cunningham (Louisville)

I think I already mentioned this in his draft profile but other than dirt poor Lamar Jackson, I’m not sure what you’re looking for here. Malik Cunningham was actually drafted in the USFL. What does that tell you?

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12: Clayton Tune (Houston)

JAG man! He’s there and he’s kinda productive? What does it mean? That’s for you to figure out. We’re finally entering possible Bailey Zappe territory if that means anything at all.

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11: Max Duggan (TCU)

Guy is a gamer. Have just started coming around to the idea that unique circumstances probably propped Max Duggan up to a spot he doesn’t belong. I saw accuracy issues and a limited ceiling as a quarterback. Feels like more mobile Baker Mayfield is the best case scenario which is fine but not franchise QB level.

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10: Tanner McKee (Stanford)

Carson Strong 2.0 checks in at number ten. The pure arm might be something but he’s dead in the lower half. Just wouldn’t get too excited. We have seen crazier things happen but the mobility is so bad I just don’t see how Tanner McKee clears.

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9: Aidan O’Connell (Purdue)

I have Aidan O’Connell as the better version of McKee. Not as good of an arm but tall and way more active in the lower half. On the older side but had production and can drop balls in buckets.

Link to draft profile! *This one was done by Garrett.*

8: Jake Haener (Fresno State)

We’re working our way up to functional backup range at this point. Ball comes out quick and gets the ball to where it needs to go. Have Jake Haener as a mix between Josh Dobbs and Teddy Bridgewater.

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7: Stetson Bennett (Georgia)

People can say what they want but the arm strength is pretty good and so is the mobility. Big time overachiever but why can’t good things continue? Obviously, I don’t expect the world but back-to-back national titles aren’t exactly a fluke, are they? Bennett simply makes the most sense as the next Brock Purdy success story even if the pure ceiling isn’t super high.

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6: Dorian Thompson-Robinson (UCLA)

If anybody is going to replicate Jalen Hurts, it’s DTR. The UCLA product isn’t as refined as Hurts was coming out or even close to as accomplished. However, a lot of the tools are there even if he’s way skinnier. I can definitely see DTR becoming a really quality backup / low end starter. Maybe the modern Tyrod Taylor?

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5: Will Levis (Kentucky)

5-3 range is wildcard territory. Not guaranteed hits but chances to become real franchise quarterbacks. Levis has tools but there are a lot of red flags here and the production at Kentucky isn’t exactly overwhelming. Landing spots always matter with these type of guys.

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4: Hendon Hooker (Tennessee)

I’m going to do a post on this eventually but how much credit does Josh Heupal get for the Hendon Hooker ascension? That’s the real question. The arm strength is actually really good. So is the mobility. It was an insane breakout year but how much of it was coaching? Now we have an injury that could maybe hinder things. On the older side. I don’t mind taking the shot here in the third round but know what you’re signing up for.

Link to draft profile! *This one was done by Garrett.*

3: Anthony Richardson (Florida)

The upside is impossible to ignore. The production is also impossible to ignore in a more negative connotation. Has more tools than Cam Newton but not nearly as productive. The range of outcomes here feel as wide as any quarterback that I can ever remember. The safe projection feels Jacoby Brissett except way more juiced up. Which is still a good quarterback. Just not a total freakshow like Josh Allen. Not sure how you sleep well at night turning the card in but the Chinese farmer always says maybe.

Link to draft profile! *This one was done by Garrett.*

2: Bryce Young (Alabama)

I feel very confident that you’re getting a quality starter here. Highest floor of any quarterback in the class. It’s really just a matter of how good he is and if injury gets in the way. Do you like Tua. I do and maybe you should be realistic with what’s to come. Just saying.

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1: CJ Stroud (Ohio State)

I’ve come around on CJ Stroud more of late but how can you not. The Georgia game happened. The consistent level of accuracy is impossible to ignore. He won the Elite 11 camp and keeps getting better and better. Just feels very on point for what the modern successful quarterback will become. The size and mobility is the separator for me.

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