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Bryce Young 2023 NFL Draft Profile

Bryce Young
It’s time to talk about Bryce Young. Check out the official 2023 NFL Draft profile for the Alabama quarterback. (AP Photo/Vasha Hunt, File)

Bryce Young 2023 NFL Draft Profile

He’s magic. It’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Bryce Young. Will the size ruin it? Will people become unreasonably toxic if he’s the next Tua? That’s what I fear. Without going too much further, let’s go over the 2023 NFL Draft profile for Bryce Young!

There is just something about him. Can we just start there? The Texas game was a perfect example. There are just a lot of “how did he do that” moments with Young. He bails you out when you need it most and that right there is the epitome of any franchise quarterback.

Yes, we know the size is the concern. 5-foot-10 and 207 at the combine. We also know that Bama listed him at 194 and he probably drank eight gallons of water before weighing in at Indy. It is what it is. Young also had a shoulder injury this year and it makes you wonder how he will hold up at the NFL level.

The production is obviously off the charts. He won the Heisman in 2022 in a season that included 47 touchdowns and seven interceptions. By the time we got to 2023, all of his weapons were gone. It’s JaCorey Brooks and a bag of parts. A far cry from John Metchie and Jameson Williams the year prior. The numbers came down but Young was still productive and capped off the year with an incredible Sugar Bowl performance.

For his size, the arm strength is really good. It’s not as drastic as Kyler Murray, but he’s got enough juice to make throws deep down the field. A certain step up in this aspect from Tua. He might even have more juice on his throws but sometimes he’s a bit too upright and doesn’t drive through the ball.

In terms of laying the ball and finding the open guy, this is where Young thrives. He’s better at CJ Stroud at this area. Making reads and avoiding safeties looking to cash in at easy interceptions. Young is the top guy in the draft at this trait. Ball comes out quick. Compact and looks off defenders. A true artist with the ball in his hands.

Young does have a bit of an Aaron Rodgers quality in that he’s a great adaptor. Athletically he’s on another tier in terms of running ability. Throwing wise, he’s really good at being off-platform and making the correct decision. Maybe it’s part of his magician quality. Mid-play you will often see Young work his way to the point where he’s getting his receivers to adapt on the fly and makes a completed strike to them. Very few guys can do that and get away with it for a sustainable period of time.

I have Bryce Young as a round one franchise quarterback. I’ve often compared him to Tua and people will get mad at that but that’s your problem. If you don’t get that Tua is a hit by now, that’s also your problem. Young has all the intangibles to become a franchise quarterback at the NFL level. Does he have enough juice to become one of the top guys in the league or does the size become a deterrent? Landing spots usually have something to do with that scope.

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