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2022 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings

2022 NFL Draft
Kenny Pickett enters the 2022 NFL Draft as my top rated quarterback. Check out the rest of the rankings for the position! (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

2022 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings

Let’s just be honest here; this quarterback class stinks. We’re close to throwing darts with almost all of these guys. It’s a QB class full of risk and very little reward. Good luck navigating this shit show. Let’s take a look at the Vendetta quarterback rankings for the 2022 NFL Draft.

1. Kenny Pickett (Pittsburgh)

I’ve long been a fan of Kenny Pickett. The famous Cheese episode all of the interns watch, Josh Taylor and I were in agreement before this season ever started. Pickett could play. I’m not sure he’s a third round pick but this guy can play. Well, the Pitt quarterback blew up during the season and now we’re here.

Pickett is now the all-time leading passer at Pitt shattering Dan Marino’s touchdown record. After four years of average production, Pickett lit the world on fire throwing for 42 touchdowns and seven picks during his redshirt senior season.

There are a lot of pros when it comes to Pickett’s game. He’s really accurate. Probably the most accurate thrower of the football in this class. Throw the completion percentage stuff aside, Pickett throws a good ball on time and in rhythm. He’s also got a ton of collegiate starts which is only going to help his cause.

He’s also more mobile than he gets credit for. The fake slide will live on in infamy. A 4.73 – 40 time is more than good enough. I’m not sure he’s the best off platform thrower, but Pickett has enough mobility to his game. He won’t be a Matt Ryan statue at the next level.

Pickett is no can’t miss guy either. The pure arm talent is okay. The Senior Bowl outing was below average. The hand size thing is a real concern despite what Chickster thinks. It matters. Not sure he’s got great touch on the deep ball. Only one year of elite production. Is he just a one year wonder that popped because he was older than everyone else?

Best Case: Derek Carr

Worst Case: Bad Andy Dalton

2. Matt Corral (Ole Miss)

During the year, I actually thought Matt Corral was going to be taken with the first pick in the draft. After a quiet finish to the season, Corral kinda finds himself in a weird spot. Nobody is talking about him despite the fact that he probably is the safest prospect out of any of these guys.

Corral was a real phenom and was part of the Elite 11 camps. The last two years, Corral has had a really high completion percentage and takes plenty of shots down the field. Honestly, it feels like getting hurt in the Bowl game and not doing anything at the Combine is hurting his stock. Not sure it’s fair.

Corral has good enough size at 6-foot-2. He’s just a little thin and tries to carve out rushing yards more than he should. Corral can make the throws but there are times when he’s really reckless. He’s going to have one of those games where he throws four picks and looks awful. Accept it cause it will happen.

Again, Corral is far from perfect. That’s what is going to make this class fun and impossible to project. Corral doesn’t have Pickett’s short throw accuracy and there are times it looks like he’s trying to shot put a throw. He doesn’t have a howitzer like Willis. I also think it’s possible he stinks and Lane Kiffin really helped him with the play calling. There’s a chance he’s just way better than everyone else.

What you love about Corral is he has something the others don’t. He’s got those fast twitch muscle fibers. He can really set his feet up and fire rockets down the field. I don’t think the Ole Miss receivers did him any favors either. Dontario Drummond is horrible. He’s got more than enough horse power and can really look good in those off platform throws. His decison making is hit and miss but he gets the ball out fast with a quick release.

Best Case: What everyone hopes Zach Wilson can become. AKA Poor Man Aaron Rodgers.

Worst Case: Sam Darnold. The Bad kind.

3. Sam Howell (North Carolina)

I already kind of did a lengthy write up on Howell so I’ll keep this semi brief. His rushing numbers are stupid. Probably won’t translate. Has some uncle Rico to his game. More of an arm thrower than a footwork guy. Bigger recruit. Thick but way shorter than you would like. Throws a pretty deep ball. Not so much everywhere else.

Out of all of these guys, I think I have the best feel for what Howell will be.

Best Case: Better Baker Mayfield

Worst Case: Worse Baker Mayfield

4. Malik Willis (Liberty)

I’m just not taking Malik Willis anywhere inside the top three rounds of this draft. I’m not doing it.

Willis has some things going for him. He’s got the best pure arm talent in the class. He’s also the most athletic. It’s to the point where he’s going to rival some of the best rushing quarterbacks in the league. While short, Willis is thick in the lower half and you feel he’s going to be durable for a while.

The red flags are more than a handful. Character concerns are real. Willis had to leave Auburn and ended up finishing at Liberty. His accuracy is downright awful. He was barely 61% playing against inferior competition almost every week. The one week they played a real team in Ole Miss, Willis looked undraftable bad.

The problem I have is the decison making is bad too. So many times you have no idea why the guy tries to make the throws that he does. It’s one thing to make some bad calls. When you combine it with the fact that there are just too many times where he misses layups, it’s hard to grab your arms around this guy.

Best Case: Shorter Lamar Jackson (I’m not a Lamar Jackson fan. He’s not a franchise quarterback. If you think differently, you’re just not smart).

Worst Case: Steve Slaton

5. Aqeel Glass (Alabama A&M)

Aqeel Glass is a weird one to watch. He’s mobile but had some good numbers at the lower collegiate level. If the guy never makes it, I wouldn’t be shocked. If he turns into a weird back up that carves out some wins, I wouldn’t be surprised either. I just find the frisbees this guy throws amusing. Those bucket throws over the top, he’s weirdly good at.

Best Case: Tyler Huntley

Worst Case: Cut Before Week 1

6. Carson Strong (Nevada)

I’m out on Carson Strong. I’ve talked about this already but his lower half is too broken for me to seriously consider him. The pure arm is good. Everything else is a mess. Strong shouldn’t be considered a project at this point. He should be considered a camp arm.

Best Case: Brock Osweiler

Worst Case: Paxton Lynch

7. Cole Kelley (Southeastern Louisiana)

I don’t know anything about this guy. He makes the list purely based on what he did at the combine. I have a media company to run. Sorry, I didn’t have time to scout a guy at Southeastern Louisiana. I can only do so much.

8. Bailey Zappe (Western Kentucky)

Water pistol city. He’s Mike White. He’s whoever you want to name as a 6th round back up that usually does nothing at the NFL level. We get it.

9. Chris Oladuokun (South Dakota State)

The South Dakota State stuff is interesting. Check it out when you have a chance. Guy throws some seeds. Small school obviously but another weird guy like Glass that can kind of make plays in a multitude of ways.

10. Jack Coan (Notre Dame)

I needed a name. He’s done enough to be slotted at 10. You never get a draft where 10 guys make it. There is nothing interesting about him. He just doesn’t always suck which is more than I can say about the others.


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