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2023 NFL Scouting Combine: Quarterback Notes

2023 NFL Scouting Combine

2023 NFL Scouting Combine
Who stood out for the quarterbacks at the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine? Check out all of our notes here! (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

2023 NFL Scouting Combine: Quarterback Notes

Quarterback notes are here for the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine. Come get them while they’re hot.


When watching the quarterbacks during the combine I am more concerned with arm strength and footwork rather than focusing on completions. During the drills, you may notice the timing may be off with unfamiliar receivers. However, I pay more attention to how much zip a quarterback has on the ball and how he is able to shuffle his feet. Does the quarterback repeat his mechanics? How does the ball come out? Is there a quick release? Does the quarterback really drive the ball off his back foot? Does he have natural knee bend? Those are the things I’m looking for in watching these workouts. The feet usually tell the story with most of these guys anyway.

Group 1

Tyson Bagent has already been crossed out at the Senior Bowl. Truth be told, he looks like a worse version of Bennett who went right after him in the drills. Wasn’t as fast. Not as explosive with the foot in the ground. Throws down the field he had a lot of misses. Short area was fine. Lacks juice on deep throws. You can see on these go balls this is all he has and it falls short of the others.

Thought Stetson Bennett looked capable actually. Athletic traits have always been underrated. Ran a good time and wasn’t even full blast. Had more than enough juice to throw the out routes. Actually had the same MPH on the throw power as Levis (59 MPH). Eye test during the drills itself indicates that to be the case too. The arm strength might have a been a tad underrated coming into today. Man aired it out on deep balls. Real argument he had the best day by a mile in the first group.

Malik Cunningham is never going to be a functional quarterback. Accuracy is a D. Out routes threw behind all of them that otherwise would have been undercut. Arm talent isn’t really there either. Not egregious arm strength but it kind dies down the field. Not a real quarterback and never will be.

Max Duggan didn’t impress me. His touch accuracy is not good. Really bad misses on layups. It’s concerning because he was doing the same thing at the Senior Bowl. Easily the worst accuracy of the group. Forget about driving the ball through a keyhole. Man couldn’t hit the door half the time. Arm strength not blowing you away.

Jake Haener was the best quarterback at the Senior Bowl. Torched Duggan on slant routes. Has some Josh Dobbs fling of the arm. He’s gotten the most of what he has. Very conscious of using the lower half. Very self aware of who he is and maximizes it. Quick release but gimmicky.

Not interested in Jaren Hall. Not going to get into it because I already have. Not wasting any time. Only quarterback to not complete a single deep ball on the go routes.

No 40 for Will Levis. Arm strength is easy. It’s significantly better than anyone in the group. Not even a close second. Needs work mechanically. Throws cross body and opens himself up for bad throws. Not driving off the back foot. Leaving balls up for grabs and not leading guys toward the sidelines on out routes. He would have way more juice but he’s a total mess. Total arm thrower. The ball jumps and his accuracy isn’t terrible but the flaws are very obvious. Accuracy on throws over the middle were significantly better than throws toward either sideline. Needs extra emphasis on that. Throws to his left or right were VERY inaccurate.

Group 2

Tanner McKee. Big recruit but from watching he’s got bad mobility. Arm looks good not great. No surprise he didn’t run. Accuracy is piss poor. Really upright. Knee bend concerning. Tall but feels very Brock Osweiler. Air mailing plenty. Not light on feet.

Aidan O’Connell can throw. Not an A-arm but has some zip. Sets up really well. Didn’t run and you can tell he’s comfortable if he’s unmoved off his spot. Gets a bit straight legged if he needs to get a ball there. Overhanded lumper. Looks as though he’s trying to hit a 3 rather than throw. O’Connell feels similar to McKee except more functional athletically. Deep ball is his strength.

Anthony Richardson has juice. Arm strength overstated but it more than clears. Footwork isn’t terrible. Is conscious on trying even if it’s not 100 percent perfect. Accuracy is far from it. Bad misses on the sidelines. Testing numbers were freaking which needs to evaluate some things. Cam Newton now feels disrespectful from athletic standpoint. 4.43 is stupid good. Jumping numbers broke records. Very encouraged he’s bending his knees but it feels a tad robotic. It’s there just not natural. Going to have to live with the fact that every 5th throw is a mystery ball. Dropping balls in buckets deep. Wants to be light on his feet.

CJ Stroud really good short area. Knee bend is good and under control. Would have loved to see him run cause we didn’t see it enough in college. Throwing complete darts. Accuracy is standing out early. Footwork is an A. Starting to establish a floor to where it feels like he won’t totally fail even if he’s not Mahomes. He’s nailing everything. Touch is great. Can’t stress how good the feet are. Never crossing his legs. Never off balance. Transfers weight and gets the ball to the right spot. Deep balls are good. Solid B+ arm strength. Has every bit of what Richardson has. Loft on the deep ball is there. Hard to ignore after what he did in the Georgia game.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson won the MPH race. 62 MPH. Might have too much zip sometimes. Wish he would take a hair off. Mobility isn’t a concern. Ran fast. Opposite touch of Stroud. Hammering balls but misses are there. Dirts balls despite the horse power. Opposite of McKee. Solid day overall but clear misses. Deep balls ugly but improved.

Clayton Tune does his best to be Jake Haener except more athletic and slightly less accurate. Knows his limitations and makes the most of it.

Vendetta Sports Post 2023 NFL Scouting Combine QB Rankings

1. CJ Stroud (Ohio State)

2. Bryce Young (Alabama)

3. Anthony Richardson (Florida)

4. Hendon Hooker (Tennessee)

5. Will Levis (Kentucky)


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