NFL Week 13
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Holy crap that was a LONG Week 12, six days!! That’s just nuts. We got to see some Wednesday Afternoon football, the Broncos played without an actual quarterback, welcome to 2020! Let’s get straight into the picks for Week 13 of the 2020 NFL Season.

Week 12: 4-10-1 (Damn you Trace McSorley and your cult following)

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

Detroit +3

Fool me once, shame on me because it was Mitch Trubisky. I am never, EVER, picking Mitch Trubisky to cover EVER again. Trubisky carved up Matt Patricia’s defense, but that Matt’s not there anymore. While it’s hard to see the Lions reprogramming their entire defense, it’s easy to see Trubisky struggling as he did against the Packers.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Miami Dolphins

Miami -10.5

The Bengals are very blowoutable by a competent team, I think we can all agree that the Miami Dolphins are a very competent team. It’s virtually impossible for the Bengals to be anywhere near competitive without Joe Burrow, Dolphins will win comfortably.

Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans

Colts -3

The Colts just got their ass kicked by the Tennessee Titans, they’re getting DeForest Buckner back and are looking to stay in the playoffs against the division rival Houston Texans. The Texans beat the Patriots by 7 points, the same Patriots who have an abysmal offense. The Colts can run the ball, and will run it at will against the Texans. JJ Watt (bringing back JJ Swat) can’t do it all this week.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Minnesota Vikings

Jacksonville +10

Who’s the better team? The Vikings or Browns? The Browns undeniably have the more talented roster, and I’d say the better quarterback. Let me make this clear, Baker Mayfield might be the 3rd best quarterback in his division, but he’s not absolutely terrible, he just gets shit on constantly because he was the first overall pick. Let’s not act like Kirk Cousins is the shit, because he’s actually pretty shit. It’s Week 13 in the NFL and Jacksonville is eliminated from the playoffs, time to play spoiler. If the Jaguars, and Mike Glennon of all people, can play well they’ll cover 10 points.

Las Vegas Raiders @ New York Jets

New York +8

Alex, I’m sorry. I don’t know what the hell happened against the Falcons but it could happen against the Jets because we’ve seen the Raiders do this before. They lost 34-3 to the Jets last year. I love the Raiders and I’m rooting for them, the NFL is a better place when that fan base can be cocky assholes, but the Jets have a chance to outright win, or at least cover.

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

New Orleans -3

Picking against Sean Peyton burned me once, not letting it burn me again. He knows what he’s doing, and while they didn’t throw much against the Broncos they didn’t have to. The Broncos had a wide receiver starting at quarterback, you shouldn’t have to throw to beat that team. The Saints are trying to hold onto the 1-seed in the NFC, they’re not going to let the Falcons boot them off it.

Cleveland Browns @ Tennessee Titans

Cleveland +5.5

Myles Garrett is back, hell will be raised against the Titans. Baker Mayfield doesn’t need to be lights out, he just has to be solid to win. If the Browns can stop Derrick Henry, they will win this game.

New York Giants @ Seattle Seahawks

Seattle -10.5

With Daniel Jones doubtful and only practiced on Friday (was limited) this game will be a Seattle blowout. Russell Wilson is still that dude, the Giants still stink.

Los Angeles Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

Rams -2.5

The 49ers just find ways to beat the Rams, I can’t explain it. The Cardinals have started to slip a since their Hail Murray, the slip up against the Patriots is honestly fairly concerning. The Rams have a great defense, and Sean McVay finally ripping on Goff a bit might motivate the quarterback to get his act together. The Rams will win on the road.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Green Bay Packers

Philadelphia +9

Are we just going to forget that the Eagles ran all over the Packers last year? The same Packers that did nothing to help their run defense, if Doug Pederson has half a brain cell he’ll turn to Jordan Howard, Miles Sanders and Boston Scott. If he does anything other than that, he’s not making it to the plane back home.

New England Patriots @ Los Angeles Chargers

New England +1.5

This is one of those games where Bill Belichick will remind us all why he’s the greatest coach of all time. He’ll find a way to scheme Justin Herbert into mistakes, Belichick is always great against young quarterbacks, this week won’t be an exception.

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City -13.5

The Kansas City Chiefs demolished the Broncos earlier in the season, now the Broncos and their quarterbacks are pissed off about the whole “playing without a quarterback situation.” Congratulations, that’s not going to do a damn thing. Kansas City is still going to blow out Denver, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it.

Washington Football Team @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh -7

A Week 12 issue screws up another NFL game in Week 13 no matter, the Steelers train will continue to roll. Big Ben may be questionable, but we all know he’s going to play. Let’s be serious here, he’s not going to miss this game. The Pittsburgh Steelers have the next man up mentality that won’t let them slip. Alex Highsmith was considered Bud Dupree insurance coming into the season and it’s time to make a claim. Oh and TJ Watt is still a thing, so is Minkah Fitzpatrick.

Buffalo Bills @ San Francisco 49ers

Buffalo +1

I have no clue how or why the Bills are not favourites, but they’re winning this game. The 49ers are still banged up, the Bills are almost entirely healthy. Buffalo will win comfortably.

Dallas Cowboys @ Baltimore Ravens

Dallas +7.5

Time for some more Tuesday night football, is there a better way to end Week 13 of the NFL season? Well, probably. Right now with the uncertainty around Lamar Jackson, it’s hard to buy into Trace McSorely and easier to buy into Andy Dalton. Now I reserve my right to change this pick if Lamar Jackson comes off the Covid-19 list. So if Lamar is playing it’s Ravens -7.5, otherwise I’m taking the Dallas Cowboys.


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