Trade Julio Jones
It’s time for the Falcons to trade Julio Jones. Dealing Julio could expedite the rebuild and his value will only decline from here. (Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Julio Jones was the best wide receiver for a very long time. At his best when healthy, that still might even be the case. The problem is the Falcons are in full-on rebuild mode, and they know it. It’s time for the Falcons to wave the white flag and trade, Julio Jones.

When you fire your head coach and general manager, your team is ready to start over. That doesn’t even include what team owner Arthur Blank said. The door is open for the Falcons to move on from Matt Ryan. If Ryan has one foot out the door, then Julio should too.

Wide receivers have never been easier to find. Think about all the great young talents entering the league? DK Metcalf, Deebo Samuel, AJ Brown, Marquise Brown, CeeDee Lamb, and Jerry Jeudy are just a handful of examples. There are plenty of other premier names I could list, and that’s only in the last two drafts. Replacing Julio has never been easier.

Furthermore, the Falcons already have Calvin Ridley. You know, a much cheaper and younger option. Ridley is a baller and one of the best route runners in the NFL. Ridley, 25, has 485 receiving yards and four touchdowns in five games this season. He’s been better than Julio this year…

This is likely the last year you can sell Julio for a premium pick. Otherwise, this will be an AJ Green situation, stuck with a Hall of Fame receiver on a sharp decline attached to an expensive contract. Injuries have plagued Jones in 2020 and could only continue as he starts to age into his mid to late ’30s.

Furthermore, the Falcons aren’t ready to win. There’s no denying that Jones is a premier talent. What good is Julio in Atlanta if he’s out of his prime when the Falcons are ready to win again? That’s going to take at least another season depending on IF the Falcons land someone like Trevor Lawrence. Matt Ryan isn’t taking this team to the Super Bowl anymore.

The decision to trade Julio Jones is something that could expedite this rebuild. By no means is this a dreadful roster, but they need help on defense. If someone offers you a first-round pick for Julio, you’re really going to say no? Last year, the Falcons acquired a second-round pick for Mohamed Sanu. They can easily get a second-rounder and then some by trading Julio.