Kirk Cousins
I’m tired of the Kirk Cousins thing. It’s time for the Vikings to move on. There’s no point in having him as your starting quarterback. It’s the worst place to be. (Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports)

Am I the only one tired of the Kirk Cousins thing? The Minnesota Vikings have been stuck in purgatory since they signed Cousins. It’s the same spot over and over again. Good enough to win a playoff game but never good enough to be a contender.

2020 hasn’t been kind to the Vikings. The defense isn’t quite the same, and every year, there’s an influx of new quarterback talent. Trying to squeak out wins with Cousins is no longer good enough. The Vikings are 1-5, so does that mean they’re going to move off Cousins?

There is no point in having Cousins as your starting quarterback. He’s good enough to prevent you from landing a top tier quarterback and not good enough ever to get you over the top. He’s very much the Andy Dalton for the Vikings. It’s a complete waste of time and total snoozefest.

Cousins isn’t playing well in 2020. The former Michigan State product has an 11-10 TD to INT ratio with plenty of help on offense. We saw what happened last week. Please make no mistake about it, Dalvin Cook is the heartbeat of this offense.

What was the reason to hand Cousins an extension in the offseason? Why are people obsessed with this guy? Kyle Shanahan is foaming at the mouth to get him in San Francisco. WHY??? I don’t get it for a second.

I’ve seen enough of the Kirk Cousins thing. He’s not unique in any game area and can’t carry the Vikings to serious contention. Cut the cord and move on.