Cincinnati Bengals Were a Cover Machine

The Cincinnati Bengals were a cover machine. That all changed this past Sunday when Joe Burrow got hurt. The Bengals hold a 6-5 record against the spread which is in the top five of the NFL.

However, there is no need to panic. I have a solution that will get some much-needed wins against the books going forward.

The Cincinnati Bengals Cover Machine Plan B.

First, The Bengals are what I like to call the anti-cover machine without Burrow. Backup quarterback Ryan Finley showed me all I need to see. Finley is horrible he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn on Sunday. It’s clear that without Burrow there’s no way this team is winning another game. So bet against them in every game for the remainder of the season.

The Giants and Steelers are Kings Against the Spread.

Second, The New York Giants are a covering powerhouse. The Giants are 7-3 against the spread thus far this season. Which ranks them second against the spread among the NFL teams this season. The books continue to doubt the Giants and that’s good for us. The Giants are a scrappy team and one in which nobody wants to play. They have had close games all year this year and being underdogs in just about all of them is good for the spread. Bet the Giants every week the rest of the season.

Third, The Pittsburgh Steelers are the 2020 Kings against the spread. Sitting at 9-2 against the spread the Steelers should be bet on every week. If you haven’t been betting the Steelers start doing so right now. They consistently are double-digit favorites which I never like. However, they continue to cover so they must be taken every week.

The Bengals without Burrow are going to be a sloppy mess. Bet against them every week in order to recoup some losses from the season. If you are feeling really froggy take whoever is playing the Bengals along with the Giants and Steelers in a parlay. The top against the spread teams combined with a team that can’t hope to cover makes for the best chance at payouts.