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Vendetta Media Official 2018 NFL Mock Draft

2018 NFL Mock Draft
Who will the Browns take number one overall. My 2018 NFL Mock Draft has Josh Allen at the top. (Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports)

It’s finally here, DRAFT DAY. My dream job has always been to be a general manager of a sports team. The draft is the ultimate building block to building a championship contender. Howie Roseman has proved what a great general manager can do for a team. Trading up for Carson Wentz, dealing Sam Bradford for Derek Barnett, and even finding undrafted gems like Corey Clement is why the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl.

2018, however, is a new year. I want to make one thing very clear before I get started; This mock draft is based on projections for what I think each team will do, not what I would do with the pick. If I did it based off of my opinion, I would never get through the mock because everything would be a trade down but that’s just me. My mock draft will feature prior draft history, general manager/coaching philosophies, and team needs. I plan on getting all 32 picks correct so get ready for the best mock draft you will ever see. No click bait! I only do one for a reason. Vendetta Media presents the 2018 NFL Mock Draft!

1). Cleveland Browns: Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming

Josh Allen is the biggest wildcard in the entire draft. Nobody knows for sure whether he will turn into the next Carson Wentz or Jamarcus Russell but his range of outcomes swings that far. John Dorsey took a similar player with the Chiefs in the form of Pat Mahomes and loves the big arm. He was also an advocate for trading for another gunslinger Brett Favre back with the Packers. Allen has the biggest arm in the draft. He also might be the best athlete of any quarterback and has some Big Ben in him in the fact that he’s really tough to bring down. The physical tools are undeniable. Dorsey may have even tipped his hand when he said that Hand size was a big deal when it came to drafting quarterbacks. The problem is drafting a quarterback who can’t complete 60 percent of his throws in college is a serious red flag. Christian Hackenberg, DeShone Kizer, Jake Locker, and so on have failed because of accuracy issues and also couldn’t reach that 60 percent mark in college. Allen seems like a smart guy and scored the highest Wonderlic score of all the quarterbacks which will help. His footwork is impressive and could lead to accuracy improvements. Coaching may ultimately decide his fate and Cleveland will likely find a way to screw up no matter who they take but my bet is that Allen is their guy. Could he be the next Carson Wentz or Jamarcus Russell? Nobody knows for sure and that’s the beauty of the draft.

Josh Allen Believes He Will Be Much More Accurate In The NFL

2). New York Giants: Saquon Barkley, HB, Penn State

There’s no secret that general manager Dave Gettleman wants a hall of fame level prospect. It’s also no secret that this organization is also paralyzed to Eli Manning. Surrounding Eli Manning with the “can’t miss” prospect in the draft, Saquon Barkley, seems like the direction the Giants will go. Don’t forget, this is the same guy who took Christian McCaffrey in the first-round a year ago and isn’t afraid of pulling the trigger on a running back in the top 10. I’ve been on record for saying that Barkley is closer to Reggie Bush than an Ezekiel Elliot because he often times doesn’t run with that ferocity between the tackles which is worrisome. Barkley’s real value in the NFL could come as a matchup nightmare in the receiving game and can catch the ball really well. This pick should either be Barkley or Bradley Chubb and we really don’t know for sure which way the Giants are leaning. Taking a quarterback seems like the obvious pick (AND IT SHOULD) but we don’t really know how Pat Shurmur feels about Davis Webb who shouldn’t be overlooked in this process.

Why Saquon Barkley Is Closer To Reggie Bush Than Ezekiel Elliot

3). New York Jets via Colts: Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma

I believe the Jets have had their eyes on Baker Mayfield the entire time. How could a franchise trade up from 6 to 3 without knowing which quarterbacks will be off the board? It makes zero sense. The Jets traded up for one reason, to guarantee themselves that they land Baker Mayfield. The Oklahoma quarterback is expected to be the fourth quarterback off the board so moving up to three ensures the Jets get their guy. I’ve talked about this many times. His high end is Case Keenum but the chances that he ends up as a spitting image of Johnny Manziel are very high. I’m not sure what there is to like about Mayfield but you can find more on his NFL chances in my quarterback rankings below.

2018 NFL Scouting Combine: Offensive Line Notes

4). Cleveland Browns via Texans:

PROJECTED TRADE – New England Patriots Trade 23rd pick, 31st pick, 2019 1st, and 2019 3rd round pick to Cleveland for the 4th overall pick.

New England Patriots: Sam Darnold, QB, USC

Everyone seems to think that the Bills and Cardinals are the most desperate team to find a quarterback. People seem to forget that New England is quietly stockpiling picks and has no succession plan to 41-year-old Tom Brady. People also don’t seem to understand that the 2019 quarterback class really stinks. New England could be plotting their move to get their next quarterback and no one is really talking about it. False reports have come out that maybe Mayfield is their target or even Lamar Jackson. Don’t believe that hogwash. If Josh Rosen or Sam Darnold slide to a certain point, don’t be shocked if the Pats go quarterback.

Sam Darnold is the top quarterback on my board and it’s really hard to see any scenario in which he fails. The USC quarterback had one of the best pro days I’ve ever seen and really blows you away in every facet. His red flag according to most are his turnovers but that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Brett Favre threw a lot of picks and he won a Super Bowl. Darnold could be a mix of Favre, Luck, and Rodgers if everything pans out.

Meet Sam Darnold, The 2018 First Overall NFL Draft Pick

5). Denver Broncos: Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

John Elway claims that it doesn’t matter how many times he swings and misses at the quarterback position, he’s going to keep taking hacks. If Rosen is on the board at five, it’s tough to see them passing on the UCLA product. Rosen has been a polarizing prospect during the process where you either find yourself loving or hating him. Rich kid from California that thinks he’s smarter than you. That sounds a lot like Elway who refused to play for the Colts on draft night coming out of Stanford.

Rosen’s high end is Peyton Manning and is a really mechanical quarterback that also comes with a brilliant mind. Elway last won a Super Bowl with Manning which is an odd parallel. His low end is Eli Manning but has some Sam Bradford injury concerns. Rosen could end up being the best quarterback in the class and is a former top tennis protege. I like Rosen a lot but injury concerns and escapability could be his downfall.

Way Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Quarterback Big Board

6). Indianapolis Colts via Jets: Bradley Chubb, EDGE, NC State

How smart will Chris Ballard look after he lands Bradley Chubb with the 6th pick and landing three additional second-round picks in the process? Chubb is the best pass rusher in a draft where there aren’t a whole lot of edge rushers to pick from. Chubb isn’t a twitchy pass rusher like Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney who beats you with pure athleticism. He’s closer to the Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack who is really technical and can beat you with an array of moves. Chubb is a 4.6 guy and can excel in a 4-3 or 3-4. The Colts were at their best when Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney dominated off the edge for a decade. Chubb will be one piece of that puzzle who should be a perennial pro bowl player for years to come.

2018 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 9

7). Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Derwin James, S, Florida State

NFL teams will have to figure out whether James is a really good football player or a great athlete that just gets by because of that at the collegiate level but isn’t really a superior football player. His versatility will help make him turn into a good player. James can do it all but really might be best served as a box safety that has great range. His pure man on man coverage skills are questionable but there’s no denying James’ top end could be excellent. Tampa Bay could round out their secondary in a nice way with the Derwin pick. Vernon Hargreaves, Brent Grimes, and Justin Evans would round out a nice group. This team already has a ton of talent but needs direction. Adding another elite athlete to go with Gerald McCoy, Levonte David, Kwon Alexander, and Noah Spence get Tampa closer to contention then we might think if Dirk Koetter shows that he has any idea what he’s doing as an NFL head coach.

2018 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 6

8). Chicago Bears: Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame

Getting Mitchell Trubisky help seems to be the prerogative in Chicago. A boatload of receiving help was brought in with the offseason additions of Allen Robinson and Trey Burton. The running back duo is also solid with Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen. Building the offensive line seems to be the move. With the new Matt Nagy offense being installed, taking an elite guard that can pull seems like a perfect fit. Nelson also plays with a nasty edge to him that this Chicago team is in dire need of. Sliding Nelson in between Cody Whitehair and Kyle Long might give the Bears the best interior offensive line unit in the NFL, no joke. If Trubisky has any shot at making it, protecting him needs to be high on the priority list. By the way, Trubisky has no shot at becoming a franchise quarterback but that’s a story for another day. Nelson is the pick in Chicago.

2018 NFL Scouting Combine: Offensive Line Notes

9). San Francisco 49ers: Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia

The 49ers are building something special. They already have a solid defensive line group that is very underrated. The 49ers are missing a leader at the linebacker spot. Reuben Foster was supposed to be that guy but it looks like he’s going to jail for a long time. Even if that’s not the case, pairing Foster with Roquan Smith would be something to marvel at. It’s hard to see a way Smith fails and has the potential to be an even better version of Deion Jones if that’s even possible. Smith plays like a man on fire and has tremendous range, speed, and instincts. This is a guy who could wind up being the best player in the draft and could be one of the best linebackers in the league day one.

49ers Agree To Contract Extension With Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo

10). Oakland Raiders: Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech

You can already hear Jon Gruden’s voice in the war room; “man I love this guy” Oh wait, sorry, he says that about everyone, nevermind. Edmunds is a true boom or bust guy who is a tremendous athlete but may not be a top end pure football player. The potential is undeniable who is just 19 and is 6-foot-5. Edmunds has some natural edge rush to him as well which boosts his value. This could be a guy who turns into a bigger version of Ryan Shazier but it could take some time. Oakland really needs a middle linebacker more than any other team and Edmunds could be their target.

2018 NFL Scouting Combine: 5 Players Expected To Increase Draft Stock

11). Miami Dolphins:

PROJECTED TRADE: Baltimore Ravens 16th, 3rd, 4th, 6th, To Dolphins for the 11th pick.

Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

The Baltimore Ravens leapfrog the Bills and the Cardinals to land the last first-round quarterback. There seems to be something weird happening with the Ravens. Did they sign Robert Griffin III to be a possible mentor to Lamar Jackson? The Ravens may have tipped their hands because If Flacco goes down, they won’t have to change their offense whether Jackson or Griffin gets slotted into the game. Baltimore also has Greg Roman on the coaching staff who worked wonders with Colin Kaepernick. I think the Ravens might shock people and become aggressive in search for a new quarterback. Baltimore also drafted Tyrod Taylor and has no quarrels taking a running quarterback.

The problem is running quarterbacks aren’t sustainable. Jackson never completed 60 percent of his throws in any season as a starting quarterback for Louisville which means he probably has no shot to make it in the NFL. Jackson is a great athlete but oddly enough didn’t want to showcase that because he thinks he is a quarterback. That may not be accurate and could be a better receiver but needs to sit a while if he has any shot to make it as a passer due to the fact that he’s incredibly raw. Baltimore could be the spot that allows him to sit and learn. Ozzie Newsome’s draft track record has gone down the toilet the last five years and makes one last big mistake during his last run as Ravens general manager.

That’s Some Cheese – Episode 13 – 3.13.18

12). Buffalo Bills via Bengals: Mike McGlinchey, T, Notre Dame

So Buffalo misses out on a quarterback but they can’t panic. This regime can’t be dumb enough to pull the trigger on Mason Rudolph or any other quarterback here. Eric Wood retired. So did Richie Incognito. Getting a top tackle probably makes the most sense considering they also moved on from Cordy Glenn. Dion Dawkins did an admirable job at tackle last year but he has the chance to be an all-world guard. McGlinchey is probably comparable to Nate Solder. Both are as tall as skyscrapers but really are overrated pass blockers. Both play well in the run game but can struggle with speed. Buffalo gets their left tackle of the future and build an offensive line that needs help.

2018 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 2

13). Washington Redskins: Vita Vea, DT, Washington

There’s a ton of places the Redskins could go and they are really a tough team to gauge. The Redskins have a nice edge rush with Ryan Kerrigan and Preston Smith but there is no reliable man-eater in the middle of the line. Vita Vea could be just that guy. Vea might just be another Danny Shelton or maybe he is the next Haloti Ngata. The fact that he plays special teams proves that he could be the latter. It’s tough to say that a two-down player is worthy of a first round pick but there’s no question that an elite nose tackle can change the look of your defense. Damon Harrison is a great example of this with the Giants. Brandon Williams another great example. Vea’s the pick here but Washington could go a number of different ways.

Vikings Sign Kirk Cousins To Three-Year Fully Guaranteed Deal

14). Green Bay Packers: Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State

Ward is a fantastic player but weird things happen on draft day. With five quarterbacks off the board, a stud corner falls to Green Bay. Ward is the best cornerback in the draft and has similar upside to Marshon Lattimore from a year ago coming out of the Ohio State program. Ward excels in man coverage and comes with great ball skills. Ward isn’t one of these prototypical “long corners” but he plays the ball so well in the air that his size isn’t a concern. Ward is a stud and instantly becomes the Packers number one corner. That’s good news because Green Bay literally doesn’t have a corner, to begin with.

Aaron Rodgers Wants To Spent Entire Career With Packers

15). Arizona Cardinals: Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State

Let’s be honest, would anyone be surprised if Steve Keim was diagnosed with Ahlzheimers? No one has had a worse offseason than the Cardinals who decided Sam Bradford was worth $20 million for the upcoming season. Then gave even more money to Mike Glennon who also stinks. Throwing money at garbage also cost them Tyrann Mathieu who was cut in order to overhaul the quarterback position. I’m also 60 percent sure their bad offseason caused the Arizona men’s basketball team to lose to Buffalo in the first round of the NCAA tournament. At this point why wouldn’t Arizona take Mason Rudolph just so that I can continue to laugh at them? Rudolph looks like a spitting image of Bryce Petty with less arm strength. Name whoever you want, this is your classic Big 12 quarterback who stinks. Okay moving on, enjoy the cellar, Arizona.


16). Baltimore Ravens:


Miami Dolphins: Leighton Vander Esh, LB, Boise State

Miami is kinda stuck in the middle but has some pieces. The secondary is young and improving. The pass rush is old but has a lot of depth. The linebacker unit, however, needs one last piece. Kiko Alonso is never healthy. Raekwon McMillan has potential but wasn’t healthy last year either. The Dolphins even tried the Lawrence Timmons experiment which turned into a disaster. Taking Leighton Vander Esh while trading down seems too smart to be true for Miami. Vander Esh is a one-year wonder of some sorts but is a really good player with excellent coverage skills. Knowing Miami, they will probably take a bust wide receiver but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt that they chase a position of need.

Re-Drafting the Top 15 Selections of the 2017 NFL Draft

17). Los Angeles Chargers: Minkah Fitzpatrick, S, Alabama

This seems too good to be true for the Chargers. Fitzpatrick is one of the best players in the entire draft but slides for whatever reason. Fitzpatrick will be the ultimate chess piece and can play anywhere in the secondary. Fitzpatrick has the upside of a better Honey Badger, he’s that good. Nick Saban raves about him and is a defensive back coach by trait. With Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram causing havoc, Fitzpatrick gives the Chargers that true centerfielder that they haven’t had since Eric Weddle left town.

Chargers DC: Have To Build Around Joey Bosa

18). Seattle Seahawks: Marcus Davenport, EDGE, San Antonio

This defense is going down the toilet in a hurry. Michael Bennett is one of the players that was shipped out this offseason and Seattle has no answer to replace him. Let’s be honest, no one saw this guy play at UTSA. We did see him at the Senior Bowl. I wasn’t overly impressed but he did a lot of damage actually over the nose and really only has a bull rush move. That fits well with Seattle if they can use Davenport like they did Bennett in their scheme. Move him around as a chess piece on the defensive line and I think there’s a chance he becomes successful.

2018 Reese’s Senior Bowl: Day One – South Team Notes

19). Dallas Cowboys: Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama

I’m not buying these trash reports that Ridley won’t be the first receiver off the board. Ridley has the most important trait that no one seems to be talking about. This is the best route runner in the draft. That’s a skill set that translates. Just ask Cooper Kupp. Route running matters and there is no one better at it than Ridley. Dak Prescott becomes a happy man because Dez Bryant didn’t have a clue how to separate. Ridley’s suddenness on deep route reminds me a lot of Amari Cooper with a tad more top end speed. Dallas needs a number one receiver and Ridley can be that guy. Dak finally gets a nice fit for this offense and showed he’s much more comfortable targeting guys like Cole Beasley who prove they can get open. Ridley to Dallas makes a lot of sense.

2018 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 1

20). Detroit Lions: Harold Landry, EDGE, Boston College

Can we give Ezekiel Ansah a friend? Ansah is a one-man wrecking crew that doesn’t have any help. Landry could fix that problem and is one of the few refined pass rushers available in this draft. Landry has a huge 2016 season but his 2017 was less than desirable. That’s a bit of a mystery in this draft, especially with the sour taste in my mouth watching him get killed against Notre Dame. Landry’s high end reminds me of a spitting image of Vic Beasley. Landry is undersized but can win with speed. With the new hybrid system coming to Detroit, adding pass rushers is important.

2018 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 3

21). Cincinnati Bengals via Bills: Frank Ragnow, C, Arkansas

The Bengals clearly want to shake up their offensive line. This is an organization that isn’t afraid to take them early either. Remember when they drafted Cedric Ogbeuhi and Jake Fisher in the first and second round just to become backups? Cincy already moved down in the first round to add Cordy Glenn from Buffalo. Here comes the center to make this line even better. Ragnow is a stud and has the chance to be an elite center. This guy consistantly produced in the SEC and isn’t getting a ton of hype that he deserves.

Cincinnati Bengals 2018 NFL Draft War Room

22). Buffalo Bills via Chiefs: Will Hernandez, G, UTEP

Buffalo misses out on a quarterback so they continue their theme. If they can’t get a quarterback, it’s best to build on the offensive line so you can protect the future franchise quarterback. McGlinchey and Hernandez revitlizes the Bills offensive line. Hernandez jumps right into the spot vacated by Richie Incognito and brings a similar game. Hernandez is a tough, stout, and mean guard who moves better than advertised. Hernandez was lights out at the Senior Bowl and could develop into an elite guard.

2018 Reese’s Senior Bowl: Day Two – North Team Notes

23). New England Patriots via Rams:


Cleveland Browns: Connor Williams, T, Texas

Joe Thomas retired. In comes Connor Williams who was the top-rated tackle a year ago but fell down draft boards after a bad 2017 season. The issue is Williams was slowed by a knee injury. When Williams loses his quickness, his clunky technique and short arms make him a below average option. Cleveland will try him out at tackle but really should be a guard with his short arms. We really don’t know which guy we’re getting and is one of the most polarizing prospects in the draft. The 2016 guy had the look of a pro bowler. The 2017 guy flat out stinks.

2018 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

24). Carolina Panthers: D.J. Moore, WR, Maryland

Carolina is in a weird place with their receiving core so I wouldn’t be surprised if they go D.J. Moore. Kelvin Benjamin was shipped out of town which was really smart on their part. Devin Funchess is now their jump ball guy with two suito running backs playing in the slot (Curtis Samuel – Christian McCaffrey). Moore has become overhyped in this process and could be the pick for the Panthers. I’ll be honest, I watched Maryland play a few times this year and had no idea who he was coming into the draft process. The program does have a good history of producing wideouts like Stefon Diggs and Torrey Smith so maybe Moore fits that mold. Taking a receiver in the first round isn’t smart but the Panthers have done it before.

2018 Reese’s Senior Bowl: Day Two – South Team Notes

25). Tennessee Titans: Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama

Avery Williamson has signed with the Jets and the Titans need a new head honcho to lead this defense. The Mike Vrabel – Dean Pees hybrid system is coming to town and Evans fits that mold perfectly. Evans has a clear understanding of this system while playing for Nick Saban. Evans also fits well next to Jayon Brown. Brown has great cover skills while Evans is more of the typical linebacker and has some natural edge rush to him. He even excelled as a situational pass rusher before moving to middle linebacker this season. Linebacker has to be a high priority for the Titans.

2018 Reese’s Senior Bowl: Day Three – South Team Notes

26). Atlanta Falcons: Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa

Atlanta shares that Seattle frame of mind and loves long corners. Jackson is exactly that and also comes with elite ball skills. Jackson had 8 picks this year including 3 against Ohio State. Jackson’s movement skills are questionable but there is some real talent here. The same concern was said about Desmond King from Iowa a year ago but is really technically sound. Marcus Trufant is the lone top corner in Atlanta and this secondary needs a bit more help. Also watch out for Taven Bryan here because Dan Quinn loves Florida guys.

2018 Reese’s Senior Bowl: Day Two – North Team Notes

27). New Orleans Saints: Da’Ron Payne, DT, Alabama

The Saints have invested a lot on the defensive side of the ball. Tyeler Davidson and David Onyemata are the current options at defensive tackle. With Sheldon Rankins and Cam Jordan and the edge, it’s time to take care of the middle. Payne is one of the best defensive tackles in the class. Alabama guys are normally safe but Payne really only had two super productive game this year against Clemson and Georgia in the Bowl games. Payne is a much better run defender than pass rusher. New Orleans defense is really on the rise and Payne is just another piece to that puzzle.

2018 Reese’s Senior Bowl: Day One – North Team Notes

28). Pittsburgh Steelers: Dallas Goedert, TE, South Dakota State

This is more of a luxury pick for the Steelers. They could go in a number of different directions and have one of the better rosters in the NFL. With Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, Ju Ju Smith-Schuster, and Martavis Bryant; no team has a better group of weapons in the NFL. The big question has always been at the tight end spot and have never had a game-breaking tight end. Heath Miller? Vance McDonald? Jesse James? No, it’s time to go big. Dallas Goedert is a big game receiving threat. Have I seen him play? No but he is regarded as the top tight end so there’s that.

2018 Reese’s Senior Bowl: Day Three – North Team Notes

29). Jacksonville Jaguars: Hayden Hurst, TE, South Carolina

Blake Bortles needs help. We know Blake Bortles isn’t good but if he’s going to be competent, he needs help. Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns are both gone. Jacksonville also hasn’t had a real tight end in forever. Hayden Hurst is regarded as a first-round tight end. I’m not as high on him because I don’t think he’s uber explosive. He’s also old as a former baseball player. However, in a weak receiver class, Jacksonville may opt for a top tight end instead.

2018 Reese’s Senior Bowl: North Team Game Recap Notes

30). Minnesota Vikings: Isaiah Wynn, G, Georgia

The Vikings have a great team but their offensive line needs help. Dalvin Cook has the look of a special running back but the blocking really hasn’t been great. Nick Easton and Tom Compton are the incumbent guards. That’s not ideal at all. Wynn gives them an elite guard prospect with tackle flexibility. This reminds me of the Dion Dawkins situation a year ago. Dawkins was a more than adequate tackle but has the chance to be an elite guard with great feet. Mike Zimmer has worked wonders in the draft and Wynn would be a great fit. Protecting the new franchise quarterback, Kirk Cousins.

2018 Reese’s Senior Bowl: South Team Game Recap Notes

31). New England Patriots:


Cleveland Browns: Mike Hughes, CB, Central Florida

The Browns defense quietly isn’t terrible. They have some talent but they have zero corners. Are you going to trust EJ Gaines and Jamar Taylor to lock guys down? Mike Hughes is expected to go in the first round range. There’s no question that he has talent. Hughes played his tail off in college. He does have character concerns and left North Carolina because of that. Cleveland just needs to keep adding bodies and Hughes does that with the trade down.


32). Philadelphia Eagles: Malik Jefferson, LB, Texas

Philly doesn’t have a lot of holes but Howie Roseman hates Mychal Kendricks. Roseman wants to trade him every single year. With Jordan Hicks coming back, maybe Kendricks gets dealt this year after the Eagles make this pick. Hicks was a smash hitting coming from Texas so maybe they hit this well again. Jefferson has some great athleticism and has the upside to be an elite player. The tape doesn’t always show up but the talent is there as a former 5-star guy. Jefferson also has some natural edge rush and can really get after the quarterback. Philly has the most complete roster in the league and really could go in a thousand different directions. Trading down also looks like a strong possibility because they have no second or third round pick.


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