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Why Mitchell Trubisky Is Destined To Fail In The NFL

Mitchell Trubisky

(Matt Rourke/AP Photo)

Mitchell Trubisky
Mitchell Trubisky is a bust waiting to happen. Read why he is destined to fail in the NFL (Matt Rourke/AP)

Last year I told you Jared Goff was going to stink, and I was right. Now I’m here to tell you why another top quarterback prospect is destined to fail. By selecting Mitchell Trubisky, the Chicago Bears just ruined their franchise for the next five years. Chicago stunned the NFL world by selecting Mitchell Trubisky 2nd overall in the 2017 NFL Draft. Not only did the Bears select him 2nd overall, they also moved up one pick by trading valuable draft capital to do so. Head coach John Fox and General Manager Ryan Pace can likely kiss their jobs goodbye because they made the most egregious decision of the entire draft.

Coming into the 2017 NFL Draft, Trubisky was my 8th ranked quarterback prospect. Below is an excerpt from that article.

“I’m not sure where to start with Trubisky considering he is the darling at the quarterback position according to many draft experts. The fact is I probably wouldn’t draft him until the 6th round. Trubisky doesn’t have the elite arm strength that is required for cold weather playoff games. UNC’s offense relied on the short passing game which is why his completion percentage was inflated, not to mention that he has multiple weapons heading to the NFL as well. Poor arm strength for a bigger bodied quarterback isn’t a good sign and was a similar knock I had against Jared Goff a year ago. Mechanically, Trubisky doesn’t measure up either. Trubisky is a locked legged thrower that doesn’t generate much zip from his lower body. That likely is the reason why his arm strength isn’t apparent because he is pretty built for the position. You will notice in my combine notes that mechanics just aren’t there. (watch his back foot in the video portion of the article). Going into the NFL as a one-year starter also screams red flag. Four quarterbacks have been picked in the first round (where Trubisky is mistakenly projected to be selected) have been one-year starters. Those 4 are Akili Smith, Mark Sanchez, Ryan Tannehill, and Cam Newton. Let’s be honest how refined of a passer is Cam Newton? Coaches aren’t going to take the 2-3 years to sit a first round quarterbacks where the goal in taking one in the first round is to eventually win a Super Bowl out of the gate. Here’s the real question; If Trubisky is so good why couldn’t he beat out Marquise Williams for the starting job in 2015? Williams went undrafted in 2016 by the way and is out of the NFL entirely.”

The comparison I made to Trubisky was Jake Locker. Similarly to Locker, scouts are falling in love with Trubisky’s athleticism as he is a fairly built quarterback prospect. Of course, we know now that Locker became a bust and fizzled out of the league fairly quickly.  Let’s take a more in-depth look of why Trubisky is destined to fail before he ever takes the field.

Mitchell Trubisky
Mitchell Trubisky’s combine was one of the worst quarterback workouts I’ve ever seen (Joe Robbins-Getty Images)

The Mechanics:

I believe there is a right way to do everything. In every part of life, your body was designed to move a certain way from a biological standpoint. Whether it’s shooting a basketball, throwing a football, or just brushing your teeth there is a right way to do things. Ray Allen shoots the ball with perfect form. That translated into the best 3 point shooter in NBA history. Lonzo Ball’s shot, well, that’s a story for another day but it isn’t pretty. Now there are certain exceptions to everyone. Often times in pro sports the only time athletes can get away with an unorthodox form is if they have elite traits. Chris Sale throwing mechanics are tough to watch but he’s a 6’6″ left-hander that throws 98 MPH. There isn’t a coach in the world that would teach someone to throw like that but boy is it tough to pick up coming out of his hand. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have the best form either but he has the best arm talent the NFL has ever seen so he can get away with it. Mitchell Trubisky is not a transcended type of talent. Let’s put it lightly; the mechanics aren’t pretty. When I watch Trubisky throw I notice a few potential problems when he transitions to the NFL. One of those problems is hize size at only 6’2″.

The new Bears signal caller is a locked leg thrower. That means his front plant foot is completely stiff with virtually no knee bend. The problem with that is he creates uncertainty with his accuracy moving forward. The ball often times comes out with a low angle delivery that can cause passes to get swatted down at the line of scrimmage. He also does not push the ball off his back foot. Without the proper footwork to transition and push the ball off his back foot, I saw a lack of arm strength with Trubisky. Instead of using his lower body to throw, Trubisky is much more of an arm thrower. The problem is he isn’t just an arm thrower, but he often times tries to push the ball forward instead of complete the full throwing motion. You can see when you watch him moving forward that his deep balls lose a ton of energy. That was on display at the combine when he recorded a below average velocity on his throws. His deep balls sort of just hang in the air instead of being able to throw downhill strikes to receivers. When you watch him play there is just far too many times where he tries to make a throw falling away from the target. In two clips I have recorded from the combine, you will be able to see exactly what I am talking about. I’ll let you in on a little secret, when it comes to quarterbacks, the feet tell the story. Mitchell Trubisky’s story, well, isn’t very good.

A Losing Culture:

The Bears were hoodwinked, robbed, and deceived by a first-year general manager John Lynch. The 49ers didn’t just move back one spot, they got two 3rd round picks and an extra fourth to do so and got the player they wanted all along. That move only gave Trubisky less of a chance to succeed. With fewer picks to work with, the Bears won’t be able to fill all of the holes on their porous roster. Chicago has needs at just about every position on the field with one of the worst rosters in the entire NFL.

Trubisky didn’t just get stuck with a bad supporting cast, he got stuck with a defensive head coach and an offensive coordinator that has no pedigree. Dowell Loggains is the Bears offensive coordinator and is a former quarterback coach. Chicago simply doesn’t have an elite play caller in house that can possibly transcend Trubisky’s talent. The opposite is true of Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes’ new head coach. Gosh, wouldn’t you rather have Andy Reid or Bill O’Brien on your side? Coaching alone only decreases Trubisky’s slim chances of making an NFL impact. The worst part of this who situation is apparently the head coach didn’t even know the plan to draft Trubisky until an hour before the Draft! This franchise is the definition of dysfunctional and will likely replace the brain trust within the year.

Mitch Trubisky
The Bears gave Mike Glennon $45 million this offseason. I’m not sure Chicago even knows what they are doing. (Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune)

The Bears also created a weird dynamic here that no one is talking about. Who gets the practice reps! Don’t forget, the Bears also gave Mike Glennon a lucrative deal this offseason. Glennon doesn’t know the offense and will need a big portion of the practice reps. With Trubisky also coming to town, there are too many mouths to feed. For example in Houston, Tom Savage knows the system. The Texans can keep a closer eye on Watson. In Kansas City, Alex Smith knows the system so they can take their time with Patrick Mahomes. The Bears have two guys that have no knowledge of the offense. This is just a disaster waiting to happen where Bear fans will be calling for Trubisky far earlier than when he is ready.

Did everyone just forget that Trubisky will now be playing in a cold weather city? Bad arm strength in a cold weather city just doesn’t work. Just ask Andy Dalton why he can’t win late in the season, it’s because he has a noodle arm. Do you trust Mitchell Trubisky to go win games in the snow? I certainly don’t. Good luck going against Aaron Rodgers twice a year too. All the pressure in the world is on this kid. Oh did I mention Chicago’s offensive line is trash too?

The Moxy:

There is more to just being a quarterback than putting up numbers in college. Does he have the alpha dog mentality? Does he put in the work when no one is watching? Does he make good judgment choices off the field? Does he simply find ways to win football games? The quick answer to all of those questions with Mitchell Trubisky is a no. First of all, when you just examine Trubisky’s college numbers, most of those stats are predicated on the short passing game similar to the Sam Bradford effect which is way his completion percentage is inflated. When the game mattered most, Trubisky didn’t get it done. The two games I watched of his were against Georgia and Virginia Tech, Two teams are known for having quality defenses. He threw for 156 yards against Georgia and 58 yards against Virginia Tech with 0 touchdowns. No thanks!

When you watch him Trubisky is not an alpha that will rally the troops. If you watched the combine, you may have noticed how Deshaun Watson constantly glared at Trubisky because he knew how ridiculous the hype was. All I know is Deshaun Watson went 33-3 in college and started all four years. All I know is Davis Webb showed up to the Senior Bowl two days early to work and has a rocket arm at 6’5″. What is there to fall in love with about Mitchell Trubisky? Well, maybe he has a good character? Try again.

Mitch Trubisky
Does this post resonate what a franchise quarterback is supposed to do? (Twitter)

Ask yourself would Tom Brady post something like this on social media? I want my quarterback to have the self-awareness to not be an idiot. I want my quarterback to be the first one in the building. If this is the example my quarterback is setting, what does that message say to the rest of the team? Sure maybe it’s a harmless post but it makes you wonder what else he is doing behind the scenes. Be smarter people!

There’s also a common sense factor when you talk about quarterbacks. Taking Trubisky this high in the draft doesn’t correlate the common sense factor. He had a decent year at UNC with 68 percent completion, 30 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions but is only a one-year starter. There have only been 4 one year starters drafted in the first round in recent memory that include Mark Sanchez, Ryan Tannehill, Akili Smith, and Cam Newton. Let’s be honest here as talented as Cam is he is the furthest thing away from a polished passer. He needs more college starts and at the very least probably needs 2 or 3 years to sit and learn. Here’s all year need to know about Mitchell Trubisky; He couldn’t beat out Marquise Williams for the starting quarterback job in 2015. Williams didn’t get drafted and is out of the NFL entirely. Trubisky went 8-5 this year for UNC but people don’t realize that their team is super talented with two running backs and 3 receivers at the combine. In fact, North Carolina had 4 of his teammates drafted this year which is 1 more than the national championship Clemson team. Deshaun Watson took his college team to another level. Trubisky simply didn’t. The narrative that Watson had the better talent frankly isn’t true. So let me get this straight, you mean to tell me the Bears took the quarterback who doesn’t have an elite arm, has flawed mechanics, only started one year in college, and couldn’t beat out an undrafted quarterback? Something isn’t adding up here.

So let me get this straight, you mean to tell me the Bears took the quarterback who doesn’t have an elite arm, has flawed mechanics, only started one year in college, and couldn’t beat out an undrafted quarterback? Something isn’t adding up here. Mitchell Trubisky doesn’t have a prayer of making it in the NFL. Even if I’m wrong ask yourself this question. Can Mitchell Trubisky win a Super Bowl for the Chicago Bears? If the answer is no (which it obviously is) then the Bears made a colossal mistake drafting him. This business is about winning championships. If your quarterback can’t put you into Super Bowl contention, then it’s time to find a different one. Congrats Chicago, you just ruined the franchise for the next five years.

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