Josh Rosen
(Gary A. Vasquez/USA TODAY Sports)

UCLA head coach Jim Mora was recently on the Rich Eisen Show to discuss a number of topics including his freshman star quarterback Josh Rosen. While Rosen was ineligible for the draft due to being a true freshman, Mora believes his signal caller would have been picked first this past year had he been eligible.

“I’m going to say (he would’ve been picked first) publicly because I believe it, but with this disclaimer: Unless he continues to work hard, unless he makes good decisions, unless he dedicates himself the way guys like Tom Brady and Drew Brees and Peyton Manning have, then it’s a pipe dream,” Mora said. “And I’ve asked him this. I said ‘Who do you want to be? Do you want to be Johnny Manziel or do you want to be Tom Brady? And you need to make that decision right now and you need to start working in the direction that you want to work in.’”

Interestingly enough Rosen won’t even be eligible for the 2017 NFL Draft because he will only be a true sophomore. Having said all of that I would have to agree with Mora’s assessment. Rosen is a once in a generation type of talent who could have Super Bowl rings in his future. Want to know how talented this guy is? Aside from being the number one high school quarterback recruit in the country he was also the top tennis recruit in the country! Rosen will certainly be a name to watch in the future. UCLA’s battle with Davis Webb and Cal on November 26th will be a must see quarterback battle.