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NFL Mock Draft 2020: Chick’s Pick Edition

NFL Mock Draft
Clark County Nevada

This is my first and final official NFL Mock Draft for the 2020 draft. I have explored many scenarios but I think this is the best one I could make. If you disagree, @ me on Twitter at @ChicksTapePod. Also, this is a no-trade mock draft, I still there could be at least 4 trades in the first round. But simply going by draft order, this is what I came up with. Our site has done a blogger edition of a mock draft as well, you should check that out as well! Without further ado, let’s get into my mock draft.

Picks #1-7

Alex Chick III’s Mock Draft Picks #1-7

The first three picks are pretty much set in stone in this mock draft. Granted, this is a no-trade mock, but I can definitely see the Lions trading down to a team that wants to pick a QB at 3 (*Cough Tua Cough*) but Joe Burrow is a Bengal and Chase Young is a Redskin unless something unbelievably drastic happens.

At 4 is when the mock starts getting interesting. For me, the Giants pick the best player available on the board if they don’t trade down, for me that’s Isaiah Simmons.

At 5, the Dolphins address their need for QB with the best one available, Tua Tagovailoa. Tua has arguably the best upside and they continue to be on the lookout for a breakout year.

Chargers have a solid team, you wouldn’t know it by their record last year but they really do have a great roster. While they can’t do anything about their coach, for the time being, they can continue to upgrade the roster. I’m not a firm believer in Tyrod Taylor, so I think they go with Justin Herbert here. It’ll be a good situation for that constant pressure for both QBs to perform.

At 7, the Panthers pick the best defensive lineman off the board in Derrick Brown. The Panthers need talent in lots of places, so doesn’t expect them to compete for the playoffs this year but drafting Brown is a great way to start the process to compete again.

Picks #8-14

Alex Chick III’s Mock Draft Picks #8-14

At 8, the Cardinals make their good offense even better with some offensive line help. There’s a lot of good help at tackle this year and after Wirfs had a good combine, the Cardinals take him first.

At 9, the Jaguars continue to rebuild. After losing Jalen Ramsey, and other key pieces, the Jaguars try to rebuild their stoic defense with the 2nd best corner in the draft in CJ Henderson.

At 10, the Browns shouldn’t even be drafting this high but here we are. The Browns go with some offensive line help and try to figure out what the fuck their problem is. It’s hard to root for the Browns if they just shoot themselves in the foot.

At 11, we finally have a WR come off the board. There’s a lot of talk on who’s the best WR in the draft between Jerry Jeudy and CeeDee Lamb. So, just note that I can see the Jets taking either or to help their stud of a QB in Sam Darnold.

At 12, my beloved Raiders are on the clock. I just mentioned that I put Jerry Jeudy to the Jets, therefore the Raiders take the other great WR in CeeDee Lamb. However, it could end up vice versa for the Raiders, where we get Jeudy and the Jets get CeeDee Lamb, either or floats my boat.

At 13, I see the 49ers taking the 3rd best WR off the board with Henry Ruggs III. Please note that this is a no-trade mock draft, but I can see the 49ers trade up to get a WR like Lamb or Jeudy. But Ruggs III at 13 isn’t the worse thing for them.

At 14, I really want to go with an RB here like De’Andre Swift for the Buccaneers. However, I decided against it, they could still get an RB in the 2nd round. They need to worry about protecting their old ass, noodle arm QB in Tom Brady. Brady is going to get exposed now that he doesn’t have the offensive line he is used to, you’ll see. Hopefully, this selection helps him, better pray that it does.

Picks #15-21

Alex Chick III’s Mock Draft Picks #15-21

At 15, the Broncos add to what should be a scary offense. Drew Lock looked stellar with really only Courtland Sutton to throw to. Now, he has Justin Jefferson and Courtland Sutton to throw to, Melvin Gordon and Philip Lindsay in the backfield, and still a great defense? It’s about to be scary out there.

At 16, the Falcons get the 2nd best DT in the draft in Javon Kinlaw. The Falcons defense hasn’t been at least decent since they blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl, this is a good first step to getting back to that.

We are now halfway through our NFL Mock Draft. At 17, the Cowboys continue to build their defense. Their offense is loaded, while their defense has been just eh for the last couple years, especially the secondary. I can’t knock the front 7 all that much but their secondary could be a lot better. Here, they take Xavier McKinney to start making progress in that secondary.

At 18, the Miami Dolphins pick up some offensive line help for their shiny new QB in Tua that they drafted at #5. Drafting some offensive linemen after taking a QB is a great sign for good things to come.

At 19, my beloved Raiders are back on the clock. Ideally, I don’t like too many options here for the Raiders. I would love to see them trade back from here but this is a no-trade mock. So I like the Raiders to go with Kristian Fulton here. Some probably think Delpit would be better here, I just don’t think the Raiders need another safety. Another young corner to lineup with Trayvon Mullen seems to be the move at 19.

At 20, Grant Delpit does go to the Jaguars. The Jags double down on fixing their secondary and go with CJ Henderson and Grant Delpit in their 2 first-round draft picks.

At 21, the Eagles go with a corner after everyone thrashed their CBs last year. Really the Eagles could have gone with LB, CB, or WR here, I think Carson Wentz can make it work with anyone, the corners are slim pickings but if you see the Eagles taking an LB, I definitely see it.

Picks #22-28

Alex Chick III’s Mock Draft Picks #22-28

At 22, the Vikings take one of the best edge rushers off the board. The Vikings have a couple of holes to fix this draft and this is one of them. Still, I can’t see the Vikings being that bad.

At 23, Patriots get a much-needed QB in Jordan Love. Probably not the QB I would go here, but if the Patriots can coach him up, which they have done with lots of other players, not just QBs, then it’s not the worst pick. Jordan Love has some serious upside, it just needs to be coached out of him.

At 24, the Saints address their LB need with one of the best in the draft in Patrick Queen. There might be a little bit of a shock that he lasted this long. But there’s a chance that it does, either he or Kenneth Murray at 24 would be great for New Orleans either way, so whatever y’all want the most.

At 25, the Vikings double down on defense because of the WR depth in the draft. I think the Vikings wait on it and get a decent CB while they still can. Free Agency left them depleted at CB, they pick Trevon Diggs to help with that.

At 26, the Dolphins address some needs on defense with AJ Epenesa. They get a solid edge rusher to fight for the title of the AFC East.

At 27, the Seahawks get a DE after probably losing Clowney this free agency. I don’t see the Seahawks re-signing him, and if they pick a DE, it only confirms that Clowney is not coming back.

At 28, the Ravens get a blessing, they get the last great LB in this draft to fall to them. Please note due to my earlier analysis with the Saints at 25, this 28th pick could also be Patrick Queen. Either or, I could see one of the best LBs in the draft dropping to 24 and 28 in this year’s draft.

Picks #29-32

Alex Chick III’s Mock Draft Picks #29-32

At 29, the Titans grab some offensive line help. The Titans were a really good team and to further that, they’re adding more to their offensive side as their defense was stingy last year.

At 30, the Packers get some much-needed WR help. I’ll be waiting for my thank you card from Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams. Davante Adams I’m sure is tired of getting doubled even tripled covered all the time, Pittman will help with that. Still, Adams will face some hard coverage, hopefully, Pittman will relieve that. Aaron Rodgers is the happiest though, he couldn’t really rely on the other WRs if Davante Adams wasn’t available.

At 31, the 49ers address their need at CB. There’s not a lot of CBs left at this point but the 49ers get one of the last decent ones in A.J. Terrell. If we can forget about the championship game where Terrell got repeatedly toasted, then there is still some hope for him.

At 32, the last pick in the draft, it’s a CB galore as the Chiefs work on their defense. That was my biggest knock the Chiefs all season, was their defense and their secondary. Luckily, their offense, mostly Patrick Mahomes, is good enough to not only carry their defense but win a Super Bowl. Now, these Chiefs only get better by addressing their defense. 

This concludes the NFL Mock Draft 2020: Chick’s Picks Edition. If you’re curious of our blogger one, it is below, as well as the total players drafted by position! Till next time.

Total Players Picked By Position:

QB: 4

RB: 0

WR: 5

TE: 0

OL: 5

DE: 4

DT: 2

LB: 3

CB: 7

S: 2


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