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2020 NFL Scouting Combine: Safety Notes

2020 NFL Scouting Combine
Final article from the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. Safeties finished off the day. Check out our notes on the position at the combine! Who won the day? (Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports)

The final day at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine is here. It’s time for the defensive back. Safety notes are on the way. Overall I don’t think it’s the greatest group but two of the best guys didn’t workout. Let’s take a look at our safety notes for the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. Who stood out for better or worse?

*Grant Delpit Did Not Workout. Not like I need to see anything. He’s too good in coverage to not be the number one safety in this draft.

*Xavier McKinney ran his first 40 and cramped up. That was all we saw out of him. His 40 time of 4.63 wasn’t surprising. More of a box safety that plays closer to the line of scrimmage.

Terrell Burgess ran a 4.46 and called it a day. At this point after 4 days I’m dead so maybe I somehow missed him but I don’t think I totally lost it yet.


Kyle Dugger of Lenoir–Rhyne started out his day jumping out of the gym. 42 inch vert and 11-2 broad is off the charts good. You could see the talent at the Senior Bowl. Not the greatest going backward but you can see the power he carries. Speed isn’t elite but 4.49 at his size is a great time. To be 6-foot-1, 220, I thought he looked pretty, pretty good. I saw him drop a ball too. True boom or bust pick.


Jalen Elliott ran a really slow time. 4.80 is not good. However, I thought he looked ok in the drills given how bad his time was. He’s another guy who got stuck on his heels.

Antoine Brooks had a nice day. Brooks is more of a box safety but had no issues dropping backward in coverage. He’s built like a banger but he did a really good job. Stayed a bit high but going up for the ball, Brooks high pointed it no problem.

Top Tier

JR Reed looked incredible. If you put in the corner group, you wouldn’ have been able to tell. Low to the ground and great knee bend. Change of direction was easy. Was a pro turning the corner and made it look effortless tracking the ball. You can see the range he has in the back end. 4.54 time works for me too.

Antoine Winfield has great ball production with 7 INT’s this past year. I thought he had a really great day. Winfield looks like a tank out there. Really well put together and tracked the ball perfectly. His instincts are off the charts. Loved the way he used his arms in the drills. Great technique and under control. Eyes up and reads the ball. Winfield was the one guy in the group who had some juice to his step. Real twitched up athlete. I was blown away. How about that 4.45 – 40 time for a safety!?!

Ball Skills?

K’Von Wallace is a baller. Didn’t think it was the greatest day. Lost two balls in the air. Other than that, I thought Wallace moved really well. Open up his hips and fired out of breaks. 4.53 speed is good. 18 bench press reps is good too. Concerning that he struggled to read the ball in the air but movement skills were great. Couldn’t catch the ball either. Surprising because he had ball production at Clemson.

I’m In

I don’t know what Myles Bryant is but I like him. 5-foot-8 shot guy who can battle. I liked him in the drills. Able to stay low and attack. In the nickel drill he did outstanding. He’s going to dominate in the slot. Small but really quick feet. Quicker than fast. 4.62 is just ok.

Jordan Fuller sign me up. Speed not the greatest at 4.67 but that’s good enough. Little bit more of a thumper but I think he can do it all. You can see how well coached he is. Under control able to read and react.

Jeremy Chinn put together some measurables, man. He jumped out of the gym. Probably the most impressive guy high pointing the ball. Oily hips and opened up beautifully. Not the greatest knee bend or quickest feet but remember, these guys are safeties. Serious explosion with this guy. 11-6 broad, 41 vert, and 4.45 – 40 time. Dude had a great day.

I like this Jaylin Hawkins too. I would have loved to know what he would have run because he looked really quick. Footwork was really on point and fast. Why didn’t he run? Makes you think.

Other Notes

L’Jarius Snead was really fast at 4.37. Not sure how quick he is. Also, had some drop problems.

Josh Metellus got stuck on his heels a bunch. I thought he didn’t look right. That’s a bad sign. He’s going to struggle covering anyone with speed. I thought it was a horrendous workout. Stuck in the mud and couldn’t get anywhere.

Nevelle Clark struggled. Way too high in the drills and struggled reacting when he had to change directions. Bad knee bend.

Daniel Thomas looked lost. Anytime he had to open up his hips, he had to kick his knees way up. Really bad hips.

Alohi Gilman is interesting. Not an uber athlete but you can see how tough he is and competes.

Tanner Muse too. It was a solid workout. He’s a burner too with a time of

Vendetta Big Board

1: Grant Delpit

2: Antoine Winfield Jr

3: JR Reed

4: Xavier McKinney

5: Terrell Burgess


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