Joe Burrow Bengals
Adam Schefter Guarantees The Bengals Will Draft, Joe Burrow. (Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Joe Burrow is expected to become the first overall pick of the 2020 NFL Draft when the Cincinnati Bengals officially hand in the card. There have been some silly rumors about how the Bengals are shopping the pick or how Burrow could maybe land with another team. Adam Schefter hopefully put that to rest so we don’t have to spend months talking about nonsense. Schefter has guaranteed that the Bengals will draft Joe Burrow.

“I’m telling you, they’re holding onto the pick, and they’re going to pick Joe Burrow at No. 1,” Schefter said on the show.

This is actually a really cool story. Joe Burrow grows up in a poor area of Ohio, Then becomes underrecruited but signs on with Ohio State. Eventually gets forced to transfer to LSU. After a bad 2018 season, Burrow catches fire and wins the National Title the next year. Now he will become the number one pick and return to his home state. Sounds like a pretty good movie.

I guess it can’t be the perfect movie. Burrow doesn’t like skyline chili. Then again, who the hell does? It’s not like Schefter said anything crazy. This is what is expected to happen. I’m just hopeful that we don’t have to talk about who is going to draft Joe Burrow 70 hours in a row while spending zero time on the guys who can make an impact in the 3rd round. Joe Burrow is going to the Bengals. Just a matter of time now.

Now, Burrow isn’t the guy I would draft. I would still take Tua Tagovailoa. You don’t pass on those kind of guys. Hold me to it. What Schefter did not mention is anything about Andy Dalton who is still under contract for one more year. Will the Bengals trade him or hold him hostage on the roster? That remains to be seen.