Grant Delpit
Be very careful about passing on Grant Delpit. The LSU safety is one of the few rockstars in the 2020 NFL Draft. He comes with a one of a kind skillset. (Andy Altenburger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images )

One of the things that I never really understand is that narratives start forming before the NFL Draft. Good players will drop on the rankings for no reason. Bad players rise for zero reason. I don’t know what it happens. Gossip maybe? One of the players that somehow is no longer a first round lock is Grant Delpit. It’s maybe the dumbest slide of all time. You better be very careful about passing on Delpit. He’s one of the few rockstars in the 2020 NFL Draft.

How many safeties bring what Grant Delpit brings to the table? Delpit is lights out in coverage and is the best true centerfielder to come out of the draft in a long time. Delpit is the full package. Think of it like this. Take Tyrann Mathieu’s skillset and then add 6 inches. That’s Grant Delpit. I’m not passing on that. Are you?

Ball production, ball production, ball production. It’s a direct correlation to NFL success. I knew Jabrill Peppers wasn’t going to be any good in the NFL. Why? Guy never found the ball. Jamal Adams has been a very good player. He’s not an elite player. No ball production. Earl Thomas had 10 picks in 2 years. Tyrann Mathieu had 4 picks and 11 forced fumbles in 2 years. Ed Reed had 21 picks in 4 years at Miami. Even a guy like Eddie Jackson taken in a later round. Big time ball production. Don’t even bother drafting a safety if he doesn’t have production. That’s not a concern with Grant Delpit. The LSU safety had 8 interceptions in 3 years. Good enough for me.

Delpit is elite at everything you want in a centerfielder. Range, speed, ball production. Check, check, check. Here’s the other thing. How many NFL safeties are 6-foot-3? Delpit has no issues in one on one coverage. How many teams have a weapon they can deploy on the lethal tight ends in the NFL? Right here is one. You sure you want to pass on that?

What’s the downside to Delpit? Well, he’s the opposite of Jamal Adams. Delpit is going to miss tackles. So he’s not a great box safety? You live with the bad and recognize that you’re getting an elite coverage guy in the backend. Figure it out. Get your linebackers to defend the run better. It’s hard to find coverage guys like this. Delpit also dealt with an ankle injury early in the season and tackled very well the last 3 games of the year.

Grant Delpit is not only the best safety in the 2020 NFL Draft, but he should also be a bonafide first round pick. I’m not sure it’s a question. Who are you going to take Xavier McKinney instead? Good luck with that. Nick Saban has sapped every ounce of talent out of Xavier McKinney. He’s basically a linebacker anyway. Do you want Landon Collins or a tall version of Tyrann Mathieu? There’s only one answer.