2020 NFL Draft
10 days until the 2020 NFL Draft! Let’s go over the mailbag for this week. Alien vs Predator. Isaiah Simmons vs Chase Young.

It’s officially 10 days until the 2020 NFL Draft. We have two more mailbags to go over. This being the second to last edition. No questions this week so we will jump right into the rant.

A: I made a mistake. I should have put the header as Alien vs Predator. That’s how I feel about Isaiah Simmons and Chase Young.

Isaiah Simmons truly is an alien. I’ve never seen anything like him. There is no player comparison. He can play every position on the field. Linebacker, defensive end, safety, nickel corner, it doesn’t matter. Never been a player like Simmons.

Chase Young is the predator. He will kill you. That’s the story. 6-foot-5, 265, coming off a 16.5 season. He’s the Barry Bonds of the draft. Most teams double him the whole game. Then they make one mistake and leave him one on one. Young always hits that pitch out of the part and turns it into a strip sack.

B: So who is the better pro prospect? I would say 70 percent Chase Young – 30 percent Isaiah Simmons. I still think Young is a better overall player and fear that some teams may use Simmons wrong. Simmons should be a chess piece and moved around. He may depend on a creative defensive coordinator.

Then there’s a chance Young isn’t quite as dominant. He’s not the hand technician that Nick Bosa is. Simmons could be something the NFL has never seen before. Regardless, it will be an interesting storyline to follow over the coming years for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Send in your pick for who you think will have the better career!