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2022 NFL Draft Wide Receiver Rankings

2022 NFL Draft
The 2022 NFL Draft wide receiver rankings are officially here. Check out which players make the top ten list. (Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

2022 NFL Draft Wide Receiver Rankings

We’re rounding out the skill position rankings for the 2022 NFL Draft. After hitting the running backs and tight ends, it’s time to go over the wide receivers. More and more of these game changing weapons are entering the league each year. Let’s not mess around and get right to the list!

1. George Pickens (Georgia)

WR1. Okay, maybe this is up for debate but I love George Pickens. In terms of size, weight, speed, etc. this is the guy. He’s the highest ceiling guy in the draft. Super elite hands. I don’t think he’s Julio Jones but I do think an AJ Green route is possible. Especially if Pickens gets better QB play at the NFL level than Andy Dalton. I have more on Pickens if you want to read his full draft profile here!

2. Chris Olave (Ohio State)

I just think this dude is so, so smooth. His hands are awesome. Makes crazy circus catches. I just believe he’s a 4.39 guy. Stupid fast. Route running is unreal. I just think he’s more complete than Wilson. The other Ohio State receiver probably has more hops and giddy up but Olave is just a well crafted machine. Faster Marvin Harrison incoming? I think he could be that good.

3. Garrett Wilson (Ohio State)

All these Ohio State guys are freaks. How stupid talented do they have to be for Jameson Williams to not see the field? Wilson is going to work. He’s so fast. Catches the ball well. Just makes plays. CJ Stroud doesn’t look this good without those two guys. Not the biggest guy in the world but he’s going to be a weapon. Way more well rounded than a Henry Ruggs guy. More physical than he gets credit for.

4. Jameson Williams (Alabama)

This dude just pops. Williams put on a show at Alabama. I’m not sure what his 40 would have been but his play speed is crazy. Just has an extra gear to him. I’m not sure exactly who you want to compare him too but he’s going to be one of those take the top off the defense kind of guys. I think he’s a serious talent. To the point where I think he’s way closer to Stefon Diggs than DeSean Jackson. For more read the profile here.

5. John Metchie (Alabama)

None of these Bama guys are failing. They all have major ability. John Metchie is another one of those dudes. The fact that he even saw the field as a freshman is remarkable. Not sure why there is so little hype on him but this dude can certainly play. I also have a profile done on Metchie.

6. Treylon Burks (Arkansas)

You know, I had Treylon Burks on my to do list for the draft profile series. That may still get done. However, I think the old man kind of hit the nail on the head here. Once upon a time, Burks was considered a top ten pick. Even first round consideration seems crazy.

He’s not a route runner at all. He can beat you over the top and has some wiggle to him but how much can he really help you right now? There is a lot of development work that really needs to be done here. I just don’t think he has the skillset these other top guys have. There is a real chance he pops but very boom or bust. Could totally fail.

7. Justyn Ross (Clemson)

Justyn Ross is below Burks only because of the health concerns. Normally I think the health concerns coming into drafts are a little overblown but in this case it’s hard not to be. Neck injuries are no joke and Ross hasn’t been close to the same player as he was before. Real chance he figures it out and is a still. Absolutely worth the game. I have a profile also done on Ross.

8. Jahan Dotson (Penn State)

We all hope that Jahan Dotson turns out to be what KJ Hamler has been unable to turn out to be, right? Dotson is a similar player to Hamler. Bit thin. Can catch. Can run. Makes plays over the top. Certainly a good athlete. Will Dotson translate to the NFL? For the record, I do believe Dotson is more talented than Hamler but by how much?

9. Christian Watson (North Dakota State)

Really good size. Height, weight, speed demon. Really good showing at the Senior Bowl. Has some issues catching the football. Played at North Dakota State so it’s impossible to know how good the guy really is. I think there is real potential here but far from a guarantee this guy makes it.

10. Calvin Austin (Memphis)

I think it’s time we just start buying stock on any of these Memphis guys. Why can’t Calvin Austin be Tony Pollard? Why can’t he be Kenneth Gainwell? This guy is electric. He can do way more things than just a Tavon Austin. Normally I’m out on the really tiny guys but his redraft process has been great.

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