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Jameson Williams
(Cedric Mason Touchdown Alabama Magazine)

Jameson Williams 2022 NFL Draft Profile

Jameson Williams
It’s time to check out the 2022 NFL Draft Profile on Jameson Williams. Would you pull the trigger selecting the Alabama WR on draft day? (Cedric Mason Touchdown Alabama Magazine)

Jameson Williams 2022 NFL Draft Profile

It’s another stacked receiver class! What a shock! One of the names on that list is Alabama wide out Jameson Williams. Yes, Williams is expected to hear his name called early during the 2022 NFL Draft, but what else should you know about the former Ohio State transfer? Let’s check out the draft profile!

Let’s just get this off the record now. I love Jameson Williams. Big fan. Would have zero reservations picking him. To me, it’s about justifying how high you’re willing to go there with Williams? He’s going to find his name in the first round. We’re just unsure what order the wider receivers will go. Given the fact that Williams is quickly recovering from his ACL injury, there is still a shot he’s the first one off the board.

It was a crazy final season for Williams. After failing to make an impact with the Buckeyes, Williams cashed in on a 79 catch, 15,72 yards, and 15 touchdowns. The IMPACT part of it wasn’t hard to see. When Williams left the National Championship Game, the air went out of the building for the Crimson Tide. Williams was the juice this Bama offense needed.

Any of these smaller receivers, you worry about if they can really turn into a team’s number one. Is DeSean Jackson really good enough? I actually like Williams more than Jackson as a prospect which is saying something. Williams is less rail thin and actually checks in at a good size (6-foot-2, 179 pounds).

The speed is obviously off the charts good. We don’t have a 40 time because of the injury but we also don’t need one. This dude can FLY. There is just another level of explosion with Williams. His gear takes him up a notch. There is something about his long speed that prevents corners from sniffing him.

You feel confident about Williams making it at the NFL level despite only one year of strong production. He’s an easy separator. Williams set the FBS mark this season of 11 touchdowns of 30 plus yards or more. Williams can not only hit the home run, but he also creates so much separation on his routes. He’s a big chunk play guy all day at the NFL level.

Williams isn’t perfect. Maybe he could work on becoming stronger to win more of those contested catch situations. He’s also a big of a lanky strider and could be more compact in his route running. We know what Williams is and he’s going to work. It’s just a matter of how good this guy becomes by ironing the other parts of his game.

I think it’s safe to say Williams is better than John Metchie at this point. It’s just really about those fast twitch fibers. Williams just has another gear. A gear that I’m not sure anybody else has in this class.

My comp for Jameson Williams heading into the draft is maybe a less alien version of Jaylen Waddle. That’s what Waddle was… an alien. Williams has similar movement skills. I’m just not sure he’s as tough and compact while being able to move like something that isn’t human. Williams is going to be a big threat at the NFL level. I’m in. Are you?

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