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2022 NFL Draft

(AP Photo/Jim Rassol)
SOURCE: Jim Rassol

2022 NFL Draft Running Back Rankings

2022 NFL Draft
The 2022 NFL Draft running back rankings are here. Which running backs should you get to know with the draft coming up? (AP Photo/Jim Rassol) SOURCE: Jim Rassol

2022 NFL Draft Running Back Rankings

We keep trucking along with the 2022 NFL Draft positional rankings. After hitting the quarterbacks and tight ends, it’s time to dive into the running back class. Overall, I actually think it’s a really strong group. A lot of guys in this group that can really bring it. Let’s go over the top ten running backs in the 2022 NFL Draft.

1. James Cook (Georgia)

Call me crazy, I don’t care. First, I had to beg people just to notice Dalvin Cook’s brother for some reason. The draft community came around to that one. They’re still too low.

James Cook is the best receiving running back in the 2022 NFL Draft and I just think that matters more than anything else. This guy is a playmaker. He’s a weapon all over the field. The combine was really encouraging. He’s faster than Dalvin. Just a little bit more thin.

Again, I don’t think he’s Dalvin but 95% of him is the best running back in this draft. I’ll take that chance.

2. Isaiah Spiller (Texas A&M)

Spiller led my preseason top RB list heading into the 2022 NFL Draft. It feels like he’s hanging around in that second round area. Should be a productive starter in the league. Can read more here with the full draft profile.

3. Breece Hall (Iowa State)

Hall is usually found at the top of most running back boards. Feels like there is a chance he actually goes round one. Just don’t love the decision making and short area quickness all the time. Should be a feature back in the pros. Remains to be seen just how good. Can read more with the full draft profile here.

4. Kenneth Walker (Michigan State)

Kenneth Walker is a success story of the transfer portal. Didn’t really know who the guy was at Wake Forest. Sure as hell can’t ignore him now. Guy had a big year at Michigan State. Was too productive to fail. Feels like this year’s version of Jevonte Williams.

Serious speed. 4.39 is legit. Good ball security. Feels like the pros, pro. Should be an easy second-third round pick. Hard to see how he doesn’t contribute as a rookie right away.

5. Tyler Goodson (Iowa)

Goodson feels like the X-Factor of the class. If this guy pops, we look back at this running back class as really good. Really good speed. Shorts area quickness is a wow. Had a hell of a combine. Bit on the smaller side but serious 4.42 speed. Is a force in the passing game and can run legit routes. If anyone becomes the Austin Ekeler of this class, it’s Goodson.

6. Jerrion Ealy (Ole Miss)

I love Jerrion Ealy. Not as productive as we hoped for but this feels like a Cam Akers situation. Ealy won’t go as high but he was a monster recruit that kinda felt like he was more than just a running back. The guy got drafted by the Diamondbacks. Usually a pretty good sign.

Don’t think he got as much run as he should have. Not blazing speed but more than enough. Just on the smaller side too. Think he can do multiple different things too. Good at returning kicks. Just a playmaker that needs the ball in his hands more.

7. Brian Robinson (Alabama)

If you like Kenyan Drake, Brian Robinson is your guy. I’ve actually come around to thinking Robinson will be even better. I think he’s way tougher too. Earned his way to a job at Alabama and thrived at it. Wasn’t the most talented Bama team either that we have seen in years past. Not a ton of tread on the tires either which is rare.

Sneaky size at 6-foot-2, 225. Build really well. Not a guy that has multiple gears. Can do it in the passing game. I think he’s going to work at some degree.

8. Zamir White (Georgia)

If James Cook is the lightning, Zamir White is the thunder. Big bruising back. Huge recruit. Can hit the home run and has underrated speed. Tough as nails. You can read more on White by reading his 2022 NFL Draft profile!

9. Pierre Strong (South Dakota State)

Would be lying if I said I watched enough of Pierre Strong to properly evaluate him. Looked really good at the combine to the point where this feels like a good spot. Awesome in the movement drills. 4.37 speed at 207 pounds is promising.

10. Zonovan Knight (NC State)

Another good combine guy. Real production in the ACC. Underrated shiftiness. Can wiggle. Really consistent throughout his career. Wasn’t run into the ground. Looks like a real player.

Side Note: I think it’s going to be a really good and deep running back draft.


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