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Justyn Ross

(Ken Ruinard / staff)

Justyn Ross 2022 NFL Draft Profile

Justyn Ross
It’s time to run Justyn Ross through the 2022 NFL Draft profile series. What should we make of the former Clemson wide receiver? (Ken Ruinard / staff)

Justyn Ross 2022 NFL Draft Profile

Clemson wide receiver Justyn Ross might be one of the most interesting prospects heading into the 2022 NFL Draft. Once thought of as a sure fire first round pick is no longer the case. Ross certainly has talent but the mystery remains about what the former Clemson WR is bringing to the table in the pros? Here is his official Vendetta Draft profile!

First, I just want to say I’m a fan of Ross. I would have no issues throwing a third or fourth round pick on him if he’s still on the board. The upside on Ross that late in the draft is too good to pass on.

They don’t make guys like this on trees. 6-foot-4, runs like a gazelle (you know, closer to the Mike Evans tall guy that can actually run) and has big game experience. He was the best wide out on the field as a freshman when Clemson won the National Title over Alabama. That means something, right?

As a freshman in 2018, Ross reeled in 1,000 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. He was set for stardom. Ross wasn’t quite as good as a sophomore but still gave us everything we could have asked for. Then the injury…

Ross missed the 2020 season because of a spinal condition that required surgery. It’s a rare condition that Ross was born with. He’s gotten the issue taken care of but this was something that required a lengthy recovery period. It’s a miracle Ross even played at all this past year. He didn’t look fantastic but certainly understand why.

What’s the comp here for Ross? It’s easy to go with some of the big body guys at Clemson from the past. For some reason, the Mike Williams one is being used on Drake London. I’ve already covered London and can’t fathom another team would willingly draft a Mike Williams again too high but that’s a story for another day.

I think Ross likens to a Tee Higgins. In fact, he may be a better version. Once upon a time, I wrote a column saying Ross could be the best wide receiver to ever attend Clemson. He’s that good. I think more so than anything, it’s about the medical. There is no point in using any of his tape from anything past 2019.

Ross is a tricky eval but as a former five star guy who wowed on the biggest stage, it’s hard to not justify picking him.

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